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  1. thanks! i plan on saving a male or two and a few females from these babies once they grow up and then selling the rest or exghancing them for supplys at the pet shop.

    i used to have like 10 tanks of guppies i was breeding, but it became so over=welming i gave my favorites to my bf then sold the rest, but from the ones i gave him he had babies and his tank was getting over-crowded an i missed having the guppies so i took 2 females and 2 males so these adults where off-spring from my old guppies!

    and guppies can have about 50 fry per litter every month (yup they will give birth every month like clock work ) but normally your more likely to get between 25-30 babies per batch depending on the females age, the older she is the less babies you will get. also take into consideration that most females WILL snack on there young, the reason these females are not is because they live with the fry long enough its like they get sick of eating them (seriously they wont even bother) i had a 20 gallon long with all my pre-hit females and my males i quite taking the females out to have babies and let them have them righti n the tank well after a month ( i had 8 females in that tank) and eight batches later no female was touching the fry so i ended up having to fish out over a hundred babies.

  2. Oppps, sorry im not used to selling things online :/

    ok#1. 11 long x 21/2 tall

    #2. 7 long x 2 tal

    #3. 6long x 1 tall

    #4. 6long x 1 wide

    #5. 4 1/2 long x 1 wide

    #6. 15 long x 2 tall

    #7. 16 long x 3 tall

    #8.11 long x 3 tall

    #9. 12 long x 2 1/2 tall

    #10. 11 long x 3 1/2 tall

    and those are all in inches.

  3. Slate rock decorations. all natural rock deco.

    #1. $5.00


    #2. $5.00




    #4. $3.00


    #5. $3.00


    #6. $15.00-too large for a 10 gallon


    #7. $10.00


    #8. $10.00


    #9. $10.00


    #10. $8.00


    Send me a PM if intrested, shipping is roughly around 12.00 for the larger pieces, all of these (except number 6) was photographed in a 10 gallon show tank.

    i also have slate rock "gravel" for sale, as much as you like, heres some in one of my 10 gallon tanks


    gives a nice "river/ natural" look to a tank.

  4. oh! good idea

    ok, this tank has had in the past several types of in-habitants i used to have snails, shrimps, guppies and a betta, the snails i got tierd of and erraticated (i emptied the tank and scrubbed it to remove all eggs)

    the shrimp died last summer (i think it was due to my tank cycling becuase they died shortly after being moved into the new tank)

    the guppies were re-homed with my bf, and my betta was moved into a new tank so i could get cherry shrimp for this tank. as of right now the tank is critter free, jsut plants.

    there IS duck weed in there and youll prolly end up with some, ill try to rinse it off as best as i can though.

    but if your intrested send me a PM

  5. just wanted to share, ever since putting my dog on a Prey model raw diet, i decided to ditch the canned fish for my goldys gel food and try raw fish to see if there was a differance at all.

    well lemme tell you

    THERE IS! and its a huge one!

    normally for protien i would add canned tuna and canned wild caught red or pink salmon, well rinsed.

    well this last batch i added raw frozen pink salmon thawed, a little less then what comes in a can as it was cheapest fillet size.

    well, we are about 2 weeks in and Marchello has had a VERY obvious growth spurt,i would guess close to an inch, his tail has begun to get longer and little more flowy, and they both have become 10 times more active and even more freindly towards me! before they would only swim to the front of the tank when i came near, but if i sat down to watch them they would stay in the back of the tank, now i stick my hand it and they are swimming right up to me.

    DEFF going to be useing raw salmon from now on

  6. @ ashlee- i dunno maybe becuase i take the pics so fast they dont have a chance to flop i net them and leave them in teh tank in the net then set up the camera and have it ready in my other hand, take them out snap drop em back in done in a matter of seconds

  7. Thanks! yeh im really suprised at how much they have grown its insane!

    just a few days ago i cleaned the tank and took some hand shots

    and compared them to the hand shots fo when i brought them home

    Marchello day one (7 months ago)


    marchello 3 days ago


    betty minnow day one ( 7 months ago)


    betty minnow 3 days ago


    marchello is by passing betty in growth but thats only becuase hes a friggin PIG! seriously hes eating ALL the time he eats the pest snails eggs,he is eating the floating duck weed, and he is always the one to eat the last bit og hunk of gel food. plus he will eat sea weed flakes betty wont.

  8. Ive never seen a resturant with an aquairum in it around here though the hospitol a few cities away has a saltwater tank about 85 gallons excellent condition when my bf broke his collar bone and i was waiting i asked them behind the counter how long it had been there they said they had had the tank set up there for 6 years. i was quite impressed especielly due to it being a saltwater tank.

    also when i got my belly button pierced at the tattoo/piercing parlor they had a HUGE koi in a 55 gallon tank the koi was massive it couldnt turn around it was so huge.

    the guy who pierced me said the owner had rescued to koi from someone who was going to mount it he named her starla and was trying to build her a pond a few weeks later we went back and "Starla" was gone i dont know if she died but im hopeing she got her new pond.

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