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  1. i have nothing to add about the color change just reading but.... does this fish have a small wen???? very intresting!!!
  2. oh! good idea ok, this tank has had in the past several types of in-habitants i used to have snails, shrimps, guppies and a betta, the snails i got tierd of and erraticated (i emptied the tank and scrubbed it to remove all eggs) the shrimp died last summer (i think it was due to my tank cycling becuase they died shortly after being moved into the new tank) the guppies were re-homed with my bf, and my betta was moved into a new tank so i could get cherry shrimp for this tank. as of right now the tank is critter free, jsut plants. there IS duck weed in there and youll prolly end up with some, ill try to rinse it off as best as i can though. but if your intrested send me a PM
  3. I have some water spirite plants for sale, not sure how many exactly. easy to grow,low light floating plants or can be planted. each bunch sold will be about as big in the photo. shipping is roughly about 5.00 asking 3.00 per plant.
  4. thank you Dnalex, i wasnt sure where to post it exactly!
  5. Dont know if i can post this here or not but i designed some doggy shirts specifically for dogs in training, dogs who are nervous, or dogs whom you dont want to be given treats by people and a few more. AND they are MUCH cheaper then the official trainng vests. http://www.zazzle.com/colorbulls/pet+clothing let me know what you guys think! i jsut started designing this zazzle store, its mostly bull terrier stuff
  6. just wanted to share, ever since putting my dog on a Prey model raw diet, i decided to ditch the canned fish for my goldys gel food and try raw fish to see if there was a differance at all. well lemme tell you THERE IS! and its a huge one! normally for protien i would add canned tuna and canned wild caught red or pink salmon, well rinsed. well this last batch i added raw frozen pink salmon thawed, a little less then what comes in a can as it was cheapest fillet size. well, we are about 2 weeks in and Marchello has had a VERY obvious growth spurt,i would guess close to an inch, his tail has begun to get longer and little more flowy, and they both have become 10 times more active and even more freindly towards me! before they would only swim to the front of the tank when i came near, but if i sat down to watch them they would stay in the back of the tank, now i stick my hand it and they are swimming right up to me. DEFF going to be useing raw salmon from now on
  7. @ ashlee- i dunno maybe becuase i take the pics so fast they dont have a chance to flop i net them and leave them in teh tank in the net then set up the camera and have it ready in my other hand, take them out snap drop em back in done in a matter of seconds
  8. Thanks! yeh im really suprised at how much they have grown its insane! just a few days ago i cleaned the tank and took some hand shots and compared them to the hand shots fo when i brought them home Marchello day one (7 months ago) marchello 3 days ago betty minnow day one ( 7 months ago) betty minnow 3 days ago marchello is by passing betty in growth but thats only becuase hes a friggin PIG! seriously hes eating ALL the time he eats the pest snails eggs,he is eating the floating duck weed, and he is always the one to eat the last bit og hunk of gel food. plus he will eat sea weed flakes betty wont.
  9. its been quite a while since ive posted any pictures of my fishies who are doing well Betty minnow has lsot all of her bronze except one spot on her nose and one spot on her chin. Marchello and betty
  10. great video! out of all my guppies i never got to actually "see" one give birth.
  11. wow he looks great! good job with him!
  12. wow lovely! i also love your new fishies!
  13. i wonder if he is just getting old then like i said its nothing very obvious it just seems like he isnt taking food as activly as he did a few weeks ago and hes not coming out to greet us as we walk past the tank like he used to
  14. im wondering if anyone knows the average lifespan of a blue moon gourami? i got mine from wally world little over 5 years ago hes pretty much been an only fish in a 20 gallon i do about 75 percent weekly water changes and he gets tropical flakes (hes picky eater and wont eat nething else) lately hes been a little sluggish nothing obvious hes still eating water prams r good im just wondering if its old age or somthing else?
  15. as some of you might know my 80 gallon tank was bought used when i got it i tried to do the best of cleaning that i could but it still looks very "used" and it is begining to drive me crazy due to all the spots and film and water deposits making for poor looking photos. when i bought the tank the people who had it before me had glued a paper background to both front and back of the tank and some of the glue residue still remains as does some water stains down the back (like white depostits and spots) as well as the front has water stains. when i brought it home i tried to use a razor blade to scrap the depostits and glue off to no avail i tried steel wool didnt work so i tried cleaners i tried windex,bleach,bleach and water,vinigar and water, for the front of the tank ive tried useing windex,bleach,vinigar,rubbing alchol,scrubber pads,razor blade, even one of those MR. clean magic eraser sponges for the outside front of the tank not inside and nothing it still looks as if i havent done a thing im really tierd of it. you dont notice it much untill i take a photograph but it is super annoying! before a photoshoot i always use windex on a paper towel and a scrubber brush and this is what shows up in the photos all these water spots and if you look in the background you can see the water stains in back and some of the glue stains. any advice on this would be much appreciated i have no clue what type of glue they used but it sucks
  16. hope you feel better soon your fishies are sooo cute!
  17. its very difficult in the picture on top the left eye looks as though it has a white puffy ring around it but the right eye in the same picture looks like a tele eye that sticks out how strange.
  18. IMO one big tank would be easier to deal with working alot over several 90 gallons you would only have to deal with the equipment in one tank instead of a bunch of equipment in a bunch of other tanks plus wouldnt be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to deal with the water issues in each tank withone tank you monitour the water in that one alone and can deal with it isntead of oh great water quality issues in 3 or 4 tanks. plus dealing with water changes weekly on one tank as oppose to 4
  19. very cute and chubby! love yur tank set up too very pretty!
  20. thanks everyone for the well wishes i sure hope they work!
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