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  1. unfortunatly we are having issues with our internet at home and have been for a while now they were doing road construction in front of our house and we have wireless it went out the company told us it was due to the construction and to wait it would come bcak on when they were finished a week later they finished and it still wasnt back on so they are trying to figure out the problem they are saying it may be our computer so im useing my bfs computer and was not able to get on to make a psot about her unfortuantly :(

    im going to keep a close watch on marchello though and if i have to ill call my bf to make a post for me and to keep me updated

  2. Betty Minnow recently passed 2 days ago, i had a feeling something was up but couldnt really find much it began about a week ago i noticed her bottom sitting but i tossed some food in for them and she quickly swam up to eat and was fine so i thought nothing of it but kept watch a few days later i again caught her bottom sitting so i checked the water and tested it before i cleaned, everything was fine no spikes or high readings, even the temps were normal and after a few min she began swimming around again.

    next day she was again bottom sitting so i netted her and gave her a good through once over and seen nothing.

    next day she was bottom sitting and her tummy was quite distended so i put her into QT and she passed shortly after.

    there was nothing new into the tank all water prams were normal no new food, after she died her tummy was quite hard also so im not sure but i took marchello out into a clean plastic tub with fresh clean water while i sanatize the big tank..again

    betty was a lovely lady fish and she will be missed!

    rest in peace betty!

  3. nope, its sitting up on the porch. not buried, okay, ill stick a heater out there for night time then!

    also was wondering, how long should it take the chlorine to dissipitate from the water sitting outdoors in the sun? a week? longer?

  4. okay, so i know its a late start, but weve still got some good weather ahead, but i decided to start a small plastic tub pond (about 30-40 gallons)

    mainly its for guppies, but if its successful this year next year ide like to grow out a few fancys in there for the summer, bring them in in the winter.

    but my question is, i want it to be a green water pond, so NO filtration, just an air pump to create water flow. but my question is

    for guppies, do i need a heater for night time?

    lately has been getting down to between 60-75 degrees

  5. My very first fish was a betta, i was 11,

    now, at the time i knew nothing of fish nor did my mom, only my aunt julie who, didnt know much about bettas other then telling me they dont need much room, and i had to always use water conditioner.

    got him from wal-mart, named him aquarius (thought i was so clever) he lived in one of those critter keeper travel carriers (the clear plastic boxes with lid and handles) when i got him he was already pretty big, never grew, i had him for 3 years, cleaned the tank when i felt like it (when it seemed dirty or my mom would scream it stank)

    he was fed betta pellets and he died one winter when our heat was off and ice formed on the top of his tank.

    looking back i feel awful, put the poor guy thru hell...

  6. How big is the tub? If they are the same size, the tank has the advantage that you see the fish from the side. The fish would probably prefer the tub, particularly if it it opaque -- much less scary. Also the tub probably has a better surface to volume ratio, which is better for fishies.

    Unless it's a big fish, I prefer a ten gallon for quarantine. Water changing is easier and you use less expensive medication. For the truly deluxe quarantine, you could use two ten gallon tanks/tubs and do 100% water changes. You just set up the two tanks at the same time, one with the first salt/prazi/whatever treatment, the other with the second. Put the fish in the first tank, and transfer it to the second the next day, leaving behind any pathogens/parasites it has shed. Then empty the first tank, rinse it out well, and set it up for the next transfer. No filters are needed, but air is good.

    that..is a good idea an i think i will give that a shot, that way i dont have to worry about having to disinfect a filter after-ward, and as for 100 percent water changes daily, thats a no big for me!

  7. This is how my last betta died recently, over the coarse of about 2 weeks he had 3 lumps dvelop on his body one on his check under his neck (got to be about the size of a marble) a small one on his back and one on his side.

    it wasnt long before he stopped eating and passed :(

    im really sorry for your fishy, hopefully itll slow down and his appitite will pick up and he will live a lil longer

  8. i have on hand, three 20 gallons, 2 plastic storage totes, five 10 gallons, and a 55 gallon.

    so yes i can re-house it if anything happens.

    no i miss the giddy-ness of fancies, while the single tails are active and happy they dont have the same kind of happy wiggle the fancys have

  9. Dont get me wrong, i LOVE betty minnow and marchello my single tails, but i miss my slow moving, fat bellied fancys (mostly Ed)

    i have 2 single tails in my 80 gallon tank with one pest snail 9Marchello is in love with snail eggs so no baby snails)

    but i worry about getting a fancy, i was thinking an oranda as ive always heard orandas are a bit fiesty and marchello is quite a fiesty fish when it comes to his dinner.

    my tank is stable, havent had any problems with water quality (did have a brown algea break out a lil while back but its fine now)

    i dunno what do you all think?

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