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  1. nope, its sitting up on the porch. not buried, okay, ill stick a heater out there for night time then! also was wondering, how long should it take the chlorine to dissipitate from the water sitting outdoors in the sun? a week? longer?
  2. okay, so i know its a late start, but weve still got some good weather ahead, but i decided to start a small plastic tub pond (about 30-40 gallons) mainly its for guppies, but if its successful this year next year ide like to grow out a few fancys in there for the summer, bring them in in the winter. but my question is, i want it to be a green water pond, so NO filtration, just an air pump to create water flow. but my question is for guppies, do i need a heater for night time? lately has been getting down to between 60-75 degrees
  3. My very first fish was a betta, i was 11, now, at the time i knew nothing of fish nor did my mom, only my aunt julie who, didnt know much about bettas other then telling me they dont need much room, and i had to always use water conditioner. got him from wal-mart, named him aquarius (thought i was so clever) he lived in one of those critter keeper travel carriers (the clear plastic boxes with lid and handles) when i got him he was already pretty big, never grew, i had him for 3 years, cleaned the tank when i felt like it (when it seemed dirty or my mom would scream it stank) he was fed betta pellets and he died one winter when our heat was off and ice formed on the top of his tank. looking back i feel awful, put the poor guy thru hell...
  4. i have a soft spot for orandas because of my first goldy ED (RIP) he got me into goldfish and i adored him, such personality!!!
  5. that..is a good idea an i think i will give that a shot, that way i dont have to worry about having to disinfect a filter after-ward, and as for 100 percent water changes daily, thats a no big for me!
  6. ok, now another question, which would be the better QT the plastic tub or a 20 gallon tank? i would go with the 55 gallon.....but it needs to be scrubbed out..BAD an im lazy
  7. This is how my last betta died recently, over the coarse of about 2 weeks he had 3 lumps dvelop on his body one on his check under his neck (got to be about the size of a marble) a small one on his back and one on his side. it wasnt long before he stopped eating and passed im really sorry for your fishy, hopefully itll slow down and his appitite will pick up and he will live a lil longer
  8. i have on hand, three 20 gallons, 2 plastic storage totes, five 10 gallons, and a 55 gallon. so yes i can re-house it if anything happens. no i miss the giddy-ness of fancies, while the single tails are active and happy they dont have the same kind of happy wiggle the fancys have
  9. one day, when he and betty outgrow my 80 gallon i shall hopefully find them a wonderful pond to live out the rest of there days in
  10. 80 gallon tank with one other common and 1 pest snail doing 90% weekly water changes and feeding a home made gel food
  11. ohh this encourges me to read, beel acheing for another fancy in my 80 gallon, i reeeally want a tele, but i do NOT want to deal with an eyeless fishy...
  12. Dont get me wrong, i LOVE betty minnow and marchello my single tails, but i miss my slow moving, fat bellied fancys (mostly Ed) i have 2 single tails in my 80 gallon tank with one pest snail 9Marchello is in love with snail eggs so no baby snails) but i worry about getting a fancy, i was thinking an oranda as ive always heard orandas are a bit fiesty and marchello is quite a fiesty fish when it comes to his dinner. my tank is stable, havent had any problems with water quality (did have a brown algea break out a lil while back but its fine now) i dunno what do you all think?
  13. SOOOOOO jelous of you right now!!! thats my fav type of goldy, i ache for one!!!!
  14. Duck weed grows like MAD! if youd like some free duck weed, just pay S+H ill ship you a WHOLE bunch! just PM me if your intrested
  15. gorgeous tank! love how thick and green!
  16. thanks! i plan on saving a male or two and a few females from these babies once they grow up and then selling the rest or exghancing them for supplys at the pet shop. i used to have like 10 tanks of guppies i was breeding, but it became so over=welming i gave my favorites to my bf then sold the rest, but from the ones i gave him he had babies and his tank was getting over-crowded an i missed having the guppies so i took 2 females and 2 males so these adults where off-spring from my old guppies! and guppies can have about 50 fry per litter every month (yup they will give birth every month like clock work ) but normally your more likely to get between 25-30 babies per batch depending on the females age, the older she is the less babies you will get. also take into consideration that most females WILL snack on there young, the reason these females are not is because they live with the fry long enough its like they get sick of eating them (seriously they wont even bother) i had a 20 gallon long with all my pre-hit females and my males i quite taking the females out to have babies and let them have them righti n the tank well after a month ( i had 8 females in that tank) and eight batches later no female was touching the fry so i ended up having to fish out over a hundred babies.
  17. heres a short video of my 20 gallon guppy tank i have had set up for... about 3 months now i would say, have 2 females and 2 males, the females have both given birth to 2 litters each ,as you can see i got ALOT of babies...
  18. Oppps, sorry im not used to selling things online :/ ok#1. 11 long x 21/2 tall #2. 7 long x 2 tal #3. 6long x 1 tall #4. 6long x 1 wide #5. 4 1/2 long x 1 wide #6. 15 long x 2 tall #7. 16 long x 3 tall #8.11 long x 3 tall #9. 12 long x 2 1/2 tall #10. 11 long x 3 1/2 tall and those are all in inches.
  19. Slate rock decorations. all natural rock deco. #1. $5.00 #2. $5.00 #3.$5.00 #4. $3.00 #5. $3.00 #6. $15.00-too large for a 10 gallon #7. $10.00 #8. $10.00 #9. $10.00 #10. $8.00 Send me a PM if intrested, shipping is roughly around 12.00 for the larger pieces, all of these (except number 6) was photographed in a 10 gallon show tank. i also have slate rock "gravel" for sale, as much as you like, heres some in one of my 10 gallon tanks gives a nice "river/ natural" look to a tank.
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