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  1. How tiny and cute!! (Is he completely out of the water? oO )

    yes i took him out becuase while he was swimming it lookedl ike he had white cotton fungus on his side in a tiny patch but i couldnt get a close enough look so i took him out to get a good look no fungus just a white patch of scales on the orange then i decided i had best get a picture of him.

    ive really never thought about getting a common i always thought they were a bit "plain" but then i seen so many adorable and beautiful single tails on here and went for it :) i also plan on starting a green water tub and this litle one will be the first to try it out hopefully he grows big and gorgeous!

  2. he is so awsome!! i just love shrimp i actually wanted shrimp BEFORE fish. i did have 5 amanos in my guppy tank lived about a year but i think when we moved then the tank got a huge leak in it and drained itself beforei was able to notice was too much stress for them and they died. i really want a cherry shrimp tank but want my plants to grow better before i add any

  3. while i went to the LPS and got a new goldy i also had to swing by wally world to get my water conditioner and sadly i found all there bettas in cups pushed back behind the tank deco becuase of this no one seen them and there was about 10 of them there water was so nasty you couldnt hardly see them thru the cups :( i HAD to take a few but lack of money forced me to only be able to take two. i was quite worried that putting them into clean water was going to kill them but its been a few days now and so far so good! both fish are actualy eating gel food very very well! i think im going ot be making them there own useing mosr blood worms.

    but anyways this is them doing very well!.

    this guy is in my 10 gallon planted tank which i was saving to be a shrimp tank but will do that later on



    this guy is in a3 gallon cube tank (shhh dont tell but hes my favorite!)




    i found it strange how each camera setting made him look a differant color! hes really not so pink in real life but more white/yellow

  4. well a few days ago i went up to the LPS just to have a look around....... and this is the goldy i came home with lol just in the feeder tank nothing real speciel but hes cute and hated not having a fish to care for so meet marcello

    ill take more pics of him in the QT later right now its tooo hard! hes soo tiny!


    cant wait to move him into the 80 gallon though!

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