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  1. I have 2 currently, a Lion head named "Chu" and a little odd ball "Chantel"


    Chu came from walmart 


    and Chantel I had no plans on buying any fish from Petsmart that day, but I seen her and HAD to have her, she is an obvious cross of single tail and a moor.

    she is black/coppery black, thin bodied and single tailed like a common but has the telescope eye of a moor.


    I hope she looses a bit more of her black and turns either more copper colored or orange all together <3


    I was so worried as the trip home she was looking sluggish and clamped fins. but I put her into a plastic tote and medicated her and she is perky and lively little thing

  2. My first goldfish who got me started in Goldfish was nick named "Big Dumb Fish"

    he was a lovely Oranda who got himself injured and in more sticky situations then you could ever imagine.

    I learned to keep the tank bare because he even managed to get himself squished (yes squished- but survived) on a rock that was easily 5 pounds.

    it was a large smooth rock, no sharp edges- only dang thing in the entire tank other then bubble wands and filter- and I came home to find him gone, just disapered!

    looked every where in this bare  tank and seen a tiny spot of orange fin buried in the sand under the rock. I lifted the rock and he was squished flat on his side. he was dead I was sure- how could he NOT be dead? I had to pop his body out of the sand with the net and WOOSH! he started swimming around like crazy! scared the poop out of me!

    so I couldn't even have those rocks in the tank.


    save yourself the trouble and empty out the decorations.

  3. HEY! Been an Uber long time Since I have been here (or had Goldies)

    I think close to a year and a half maybe.

    Anyways, I kind of lost interest in having goldies again after Big ED died.

    No other goldies really captured my attention.

    Well, yesterday, I litterally packed all my fish supplies up and put them away in my closet.

    tanks,filters, air tubing, etc.

    SO, today what do i spot at Wally world but thee cutest little Calico Telescope eye's!

    I passed by the tank 3 times saying "no, I cant"

    "No, really I CANT..."

    "I just...I just put all my fish stuff away...I cant..."

    oh..But I could- and I DID!

    I was only going to get one that had caught my eye the most, he was the sassiest little thing. no dead or lethargic looking ones, no ick or fungus so, I went for it and took 2.

    I bought some fresh stuff, water conditioner, food, stress coat, ick treatment, and a few other things.

    right now they are in a 10 gallon ( I was a bit ill prepared) while I get my 80 gallon up and in the cycle process, but, they are both itty bitty teeny tiny

    so im not to worried about them in the 10 gallon for the week till i get a plastic tube when I get paid again next week.


  4. So, i wanted to post here, dont know how many of you rember me-i havent been on in a LONG time,

    a few years ago i bought a used 80 gallons, it had a leak i reparedi t, it got a leak i repared it, it got a leak i reparied it, my goldies all got dropsy and died, i bleached it, got mroe goldies that died, i bleached it, got 2 commons, one died, i bleached it. one survived and i sent it to a freind who has a HUGE pond and i didnt want to keep him all alone in an 80 gallon.

    i WAS going to get 2 more fancies once i found the ones that made my heart go pitter patter- i couldnt find any, so i decided i wanted to start up a green water tub to put guppies in in the spring and remove and bring inside in the winter- i started too alte on the tub so i put them all in my 80 gallon-and ervy single one died overnight. tested the water prams-perfect.

    so i began dissembling the tank and spotted a bunch of black spots in my sand along the bottom-the sand itself had turned black like coal- im assuming its due to some sort of chemical reaction in the water- i dont know, dont really care at this point.

    not much point ot this post other then for me to rant about my annoyence of this cursed tank. i really have no idea if i want to junk the sand-bleach everything and start over or not.

  5. well, someone contacted em about it said they wanted it then got ahold of me last night to say they decided not to buy it.

    i cleaned the snails off it and it has been QTing in a clean tank, so it is now snail-less

    its still availible for sale

    asking a total of 12$ (that includes priority shipping)



    just trying to get rid of it before i accedentally kill it

  6. theres usually not a problem with all male guppies, with there flowing tails its likly to attract any fish to the fins and have nips taken.

    tell her to add some extra plant coverage and hiding places so he can get away if need be.

    OR if she would like a few females but no babies, just tell ehr to take out ALL plant coverage, the females will eat the fry as quickly as they can drop them. and if by some strange chance a few survives rarely will a apet store turn down a guppy

  7. So i decided the time was right, i found Marchello a new home, in a large 800 gallon goldfish pond in Arizona. i sent him out to a freind who used to own a large koi pond but had to give it up after her mom became ill and she moved out to vega to care for her, now she has bought a new place and has had this pond set up for a long time without any fish and i offerd her Marchello to be the first goldy in her pond.

    well he arrive safely yesterday and is doing well im told.

    that is originally had been my plan for him and betty minnow (RIP) i was going to wait a few years but he was quite big as it was and figured he would be happier in a huge pond anyways hthen alone in an 80 gallon.

    next time i get up to the pet shop im going to have a look at hte feeders and maybe buy 2 more to grow up in the 80 gallon then send along to a pond (maybe her pond!) once htey are big enough.

  8. have decided to dis assemble my 20 gallon and selling off my plants

    what i have for sale

    1 medium sized Anubis-5.00+5.00 S&H=10.00 total


    4 -5 small Sagittaria sabulata-3.00 for all + 5.00 S&H=8.00total


    a bunch of water spite

    (sorry no pic but i have ALOT!) 4.00 for all +5.00S&H=9.00total

    Send me a PM if intrested please, must go ASAP! all are easy growing low light level plants

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