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  1. my goldies get these cysts from time to time. I found that soaking their food in garlic and boyds vitachem and feeding them often rapidly shrinks the cyst before it has a chance to burst. This will also reduce stress on the fish by not moving him to a qt tank (which is necessary in some cases but if you catch it early i feel it can be avoided )
  2. I recently upgraded tanks from a 30 USG long to a 40USG breeder tank. I also put in a heater and fed frequent small meals to try and get them to grow a little quicker than they have been (I have posted this in another part of Kokos forums). I guess the small increase in temp as well as tank size triggered them to spawn because there were eggs all over the elodea and tank glass this morning I have couple of questions I think i have 2 males and one female but not totally sure. If i did have all females would they still lay eggs or does there have to be a male present? At what age do the goldies start laying eggs? I assume they have to be mature. Mine are only 3 inches or so. Thanks in advance
  3. Well they are getting fatter but not so much longer. I moved them today to a 40 gallon breeder so hopefully the extra ten gallons will help.
  4. I have a breeding pir of convict cichlids ( Not that hard to get lol) and they breed like crazy. They prefer a heater but i keep mine at room temp and they give an endless suppily of fry. I am really shocked that this is not the feeder fish of choice and the goldfish is. Convicts practically spawn in the bag on the way home from the LFS hehe
  5. not breeding ts it was not on the gills. I believe it was some kind of syst from reading the other discussions (thank you for posting BTW . I am not going to worry too much about because it did not burst.It shrunk and disappeared About 2 days after the garlic was added.
  6. Where on the fish is it? On his head? Would you like me to move this thread to the diagnosis section? Or are you planning on starting a new thread? Yes i prob should have posted this in that section. Sorry. No it was on his side just above the pectoral fin.
  7. Actually i dont know how to upload a pic. I dont even have a digital camera I still use film lol... It looks exactly like a pimple with a whitehead on it.
  8. Sometimes my black moor has looks like a pimple on his body. It clears in a few days with a little garlic extract believe it or not and it does not seem to bother him. Anyone see this before?
  9. yes that is where i was trying to post. i now know for the future
  10. okay got mine at 75. smaller more frequent feedings too.no bigger yet lol
  11. i think i will try to bring temp up to mid 70s and increase feedings as well. I will also have to increase wc as well. I am gonna try this for a few weeks and see if i notice any growth at all. Thank you for the replies. I will keep ya posted
  12. Hi all I am posting this here instead of in the goldfish section because it says i cannot start a new topic?? Anyway i have 2 lionheads and a b moor in a 30 gallon long with an aquaclear 70 (300 gph) filter. they have grown very little in the 6 mos that i have them. I feed them a variety of foods (pro gold, homemade flakes, hikari lionhead pellets, gel foods, saki hikari fancy goldfish pellets, and peas) and keep excellent water quality, ammonia and nitrite always zero and nitrates never over 20 ppm, mostly never over 15 ppm, pH 7.4, gH 5dGh, kh 2 dKh,. I have 2 elodea plants in the tank that are growing well. Would a heater in the tank speed up the meatbolism enough to get them to grow? Water is room temp about 70F. If so what temp should i bring it up to? Thanks in advance
  13. unfortunately most of the fish food companies use it
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