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  1. Hello. Thank you for replying all. Exactly. Even in japan, having dorsal is rare. So they are called Bubble eye with dorsal. Pictures below are from my Encyclopedia site. I love yellow one
  2. Thank you for watching my video. Your comments are very informative for me. Some people think he is ugly, other think cute. I guess in japan, the ratio of feeling nice when finding this type of goldfish is higher than that of other country. This is just my opinion, so some Japanese may say " NO! it is your prejudice " This was second time to see this type of fish. Even in japan this is kind of rare one. ↓↓↓ is my goldfish Encyclopedia website. http://www.gyoogle.net/ranchuu1/demesuihou.html Please delete link if pasting link is prohibited.
  3. Hello. Today i share you a video of a goldfish i don't know how i should call in English. Last Sunday, i found this goldfish at Japan No.1 Goldfish Festival in 2018. This type of goldfish is called Deme Suihougan in Japanese. i would like to introduce this in English. so please let me know. Bubble Eye Demekin is correct?
  4. Hi dahling8 In my understanding, you would like to know whether the surface of the pond freeze in winter or not. i 'm not good at English, sorry. Actually, Water in the pond is spring water so the temperature is fixed and it doesn't freeze.
  5. I will take one more video in Autumn and share here.
  6. Hello i visited unnamed pond in Gifu prefecture Japan yesterday and took video.
  7. Dear mifromga-san Your comments is very very informative. Thanks I have never heard "Blue Egg Phoenix" but find it is comparable to the Blue Egg Phoenix. I need to change the title of my video and should add the words "Blue Egg Phoenix" in my video.
  8. Dear All Thank you for watching and your kind compliment. Dear happysnapper-san That is what i would like to know. I'm so happy now. This type of color goldfish is called "lavendor" in ENGISH. Right? I have changed the title of my youtube video. Not AO Ranchu but Lavendor Ranchu. Regarding Gingyo. they are rare even in Japan. they don't have well developed head like Ranchu or Lionhead. i share Gingyo photos i took in the past. Just for your reference. : )
  9. Hello JAPAN ORNAMENTAL FISH FAIR is being held in Tokyo now. I went to the competitive show and took some videos. Today, I would like to know how those color of goldfish called in ENGLISH. And I would like to know whether you distinguish following two type of Goldfish or not. One is Ao Ranchu in Japanese. Ao means Blue. another one is called Gingyo. Gin means silver. Ginyo is categorized as Common type not Ranchu even though Gingyo also doesn't have dosal fin. Their shape are longer than Ao Ranchu. Ao Ranchu was developed by Fukami-san, one of famous japanese breeder , by corossbreeding normal Ranchu and Seibun Oranda. I'm also not sure how Seibun Oranda is called in ENGLISH. On the other hands, Gingyo is from China and No one know the beginning. Unfortunately Gingyo doesn't exist in China now. Long long ago, Japan imported Gingyo and taken over. Sorry my ENGLISH is alwasy broken.
  10. Absolutely! i have seen amezaiku and bought when i was a child. That was shaped POKEMON and DORAEMON which are cartoon character. i want this goldfish shaped amezaiku. i guess it expensive.
  11. Hallo! Today, i would like to share interesting video found when i surfed the net the other day. Mr. Shinri Tezuka is one of famous amezaiku craftsman. Ame means candy and Zaiku means art in Japanese. So their are edible.
  12. Hi All I'm so happy that you enjoyed my video. i think i should introduce other gold fish made an entry Gold fish No.1 festival. 700 nos of gold fish were entered. My video shows only fish took No.1 prize each gold fish type. i also like Jikin. you can appreciate rare type of Jikin in this festival. Followings are Calico Jikin and Black Jikin. This was my first time in my life to see Black Jikin. Calico Jikin called " Edo Jikin " Black Jikin called " Kuro Jikin"
  13. Hello! Japan No.1 Goldfish Festival was held last weekend in Japan. i took video by smartphone, so i would like to share it. The day was hit by a severe typhoon but the competition was held at Yatomi park Aichi prefecture.
  14. Long time no see ! Today,i would like to share a video i took last week. To be honest, It isn't a living goldfish but a cake. lol Some people know that i'm in Japan and my town is dotted with a lot of Goldfish Farms. So i baked a cake in the image of such scene and was 45 years old man before I baked a cake for the first time. It might sounds like singing my own praises, but it was so delicious. You can bake Green tea and cranberries Chiffon Cake, No ! You can bake Goldfish Farm Chiffon Cake with ease, so give it a try !!
  15. Hi everyone ! Thank you for watching my video and appreciate your kind comments. Well, fortunately i live in Aichi prefecture, central Japan, and there are a lot of goldfish fish firm and shops. so i'm not sure about goldfish shops in Tokyo. I recommend you all to visit fish firm. Aichi and Nara and Saitama prefecture are famous for goldfish fish firm.
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