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  1. Just as a side note/mention, I'd like to say that I had check valves on both of my airline tubing, and the water still went into the pump and when I plugged it in it spit out a TON of water! :thud

    Essentially, either the ones I have are broken or they aren't good for anything. :rolleyes:

  2. Just to let you know, I don't have much lighting on my plants, (I use an old desk lamp that averages out maybe at 30watts). At first all my plants were dying and I couldn't figure it out. Then by recontamination I went and bought Seachem Flourish. Poured it in a couple of times and now they're growing just fine, though I haven't added any in weeks. :)

    Though I'm sure with proper lighting it would help, I just thought I'd give my :twocents

  3. The food and conditioner might be a little iffy. Check and see if they have dates on them, if they don't open them and see if they smell/look off. Other wise as long as everything else is clean you should be okay. :)

  4. Also if you have any natural sea shells they would work too. Just make sure they're super clean, put them in the filter for a week and then if you want you can put them in the tank as a decoration. I did that with my gf tank and now the pH stays stable, though the shells themselves don't look so pretty. It's probably because they're in the filter and I'm just starting to get algae (I think)

  5. :) As Mikroll said, change the water, if there is still a trace amount of NitrAtes then you should be fine. If there isn't and you REALLY want to get your fish now, go ahead, just make sure you stay on top of the water testing.

    I did a half-fishless cycle, but just the opposite of you, I had fish before I knew what a cycle was. I moved the fish into a cycled tank, and went to work on cycling the tank that they were previously in. It took only days to completely cycle, but I had to monitor the cycle closely.

    Good luck! :D

  6. I've gotten all the materials to split my 50g tank into two separate 20gs, but the most important thing (which of course, I forgot) is that I'll need a heater for both of the tanks! :thud

    I have a large one that was used in a 55g saltwater aquarium before I purchased it, and it works great for the 50g, but I'm not sure what the brand is or even how much it would cost in a store.

    I have $50 to spend on two heaters that will fit my two 20g tanks.. So in other words I need something cheap that works.

    I've seen small heaters made by Tetra in w@llyw@rld that say they're made for up to 30g tanks.. Should I get two of those? Anyone have any experience with them?

    I have a smaller one (made for a 3-15g tank) and you can't change the temperature and it's advertised to keep the tank at 78'F constantly, though from my experience it keeps it maybe at 70 at the highest.. I thought it might have been just that the tank was advertised for such a wide range of sizes that it wasn't very good?

  7. I'm not sure about the strings, it could be anything from parasites to slime coat coming off.

    However, with your filter you need to add in bioballs, asap, get more filtration and once the bbs have gotten some small sort of chance to move into the bioballs you'll need to dispose of the carbon packet. The bioballs will last a long time so you won't have to change them out, unlike some filter medias, unless the filter stops flowing once you've had them in there a while.


    If you can't go and get bioballs immediately and you HAVE to get rid of the carbon because it's expired try using a piece of felt or a sponge (one that's not meant to be used with dishes, maybe something like a car sponge) as a temporary house for your bb.

    You won't have to buy carbon again (after you dispose of it) unless you are using medicine in the tank (or it smells funny.) In which case the carbon will help to remove the medicine (or the smell.) Even if you want to continually use carbon inserts in your filters you need to change them every few weeks, so as you can imagine it's rather a waste of money to buy something you don't really need.

    For that tank the filter is good, but not when it's housing goldfish. There's a reason that a goldfish tank needs a lot of filtration: They produce a LOT of waste. All that waste turns into ammonia and hurts the poor fishies. :(


    If you're a little lost on my abbreviation of bb it stands for Beneficial Bacteria, and as Trinket said HOB stands for hang on back filter. There are other abbreviations we use here on Koko's but those are the most common. :)

  8. Vee, you are so right! Although honestly, here in Rock Hill it doesn't seem very humid, most of the time. I know people here whine about it, but I am used to higher humidity, living less than a mile from a big river.

    But still, on some days it can kill you here. Especially when you sit in a room at 90F with three fish tanks. THERE is humidity LMAO

    Imo, I'm about to take some fry pics of the other two survivors in a bit. Clearing the memory card for my camera at the moment. I have to keep doing that constantly because SOMEBODY'S HUSBAND lost my memory card, and now I have to use this funny 256mb card. Like 30 photos fit on there LMAO

    Rockhill? :) I planned on going to college at Winthrop up there, but it's so darn expensive and the classes I've taken already at the tech school near me don't apply to my degree if I go to Winthrop, so I'll have wasted two years. It's so GORGEOUS up there, though. Even though there's not much to do...

    Don't forget the humidity, Fang. The humidity is the worst. :thud

    Then imagine how the goldfish feel: for them, the humidity is always at 100%! :krazy:


    (disclaimer: hedgehog humor does not represent a full nutritional meal, and may contain nuts :rolleyes:)

    FFFF! :rofl :rofl :rofl

    Well, you know what they say, women who live in more humid locations tend to have better skin. ;) Good for Fang and I AND the goldies! :tomuch:

  9. It looks like sludge, the same I get in my filters. When you do a water change put some of the water in the bucket and scrub it so it's cleaner. Unless it's filled with carbon. If not it probably needs to be thrown out and replaced with one of the two options shown above, preferably the second, (also known as bioballs, which are a great location for your new bb. :) )

  10. Well, I feel silly..........I thought it was a breathing tube thingee!!!!!!!!!! :blink:

    It's okay, I thought so too, but according to Biology class, I guess not! :rolleyes: That will be the one thing I learned from class. :rofl

    What they stick out is actually their anus.

    Snails go to the top of the water to get oxygen. :)

    If you find your goldies are nipping your snails you might want to try rehoming them. I moved my snails from my goldie tank to my tropical tank and they are now doing much better and they are growing QUICKLY!

    hm, interesting! thanks! i already have two in my betta tropical tank. i stuck my one double tailed fish with the two snails. the single tailed one was always going after 'em. i guess goldfish eat them too!

    Goldfish will eat anything they can fit in their mouths! :rofl They'll even try to eat things they CAN'T fit in their mouths! :lol

  11. It does seem cloudy to me. It could be new tank syndrome, or the fact that your gravel wasn't rinsed well enough before you added it. If you plan on getting a new bigger tank soon the 10g will suffice as long as you keep up with it.

    As far as Prime goes it is a water conditioner. The difference is that Prime converts ammonia so that it is not (as) toxic to the fish for about a day. Prime is also a lot more concentrated, and what I use when I use my back up water conditioner (cheap Tetra brand stuff) I don't use in a month with Prime. To put things in perspective with the Tetra I use Two and a half capfulls for a single dosage of Tetra water conditioner. With Prime I use a smaller capfull for my 55g tank and I can easily double dose if I need. (On a smaller doseing scale, a 5g tank would use a half a capful of Tetra or only 10 drops of Prime. )

    The spot is most likely from the stress of the ammonia. You should do a large water change now in order to get the ammonia down rapidly.You should also purchase a test kit so you know what your parameters are without having to consult the pet store.



    You will also need 10x the filtration as the gallons in your tank, for example in your 10g you'd need a filter that ran 100gph, but when you get the proper tank (a 30g) you'll need a filter that runs 300gph or more. It could also help to keep the water clearer.

  12. I know where you're coming from. I always worry about having to leave fish behind. :( I don't think I'll be leaving them when I go off to college, though. I think I will most likely end up going to a college that is all of a thirty minute drive from home and getting an apartment, so I will probably end up keeping all my fish.

    I keep my tropical tank at 75*F (the medium temperature that all the fish are capable of thriving in). I'm not sure about the lifespans of the snails, but I've had the one for quite a long time now and at first he wasn't doing well in my goldie tank but now he's really moving along, growing his shell out (Which amazed me, because it seemed to happen to grow about an inch over night! :rofl)

    Any way I think I'll probably end up doing one or the other the 36 and a 10 or two 20g.

    Right now I have a total of three live plants and intend on getting more when money is better (Plants require ordering from online with credit cards, because the ones in store are over priced for not so great quality.)


    Vahlla I'd love to get the website from you. I thought of possibly building one, but I have no clue about how to go about it. I know that someone on here showed a guide on how to stack spray painted cinder blocks and wood to make a fairly nice one and I was considering doing something like that, but if I can build a better-ish looking one for generally cheap I'll do that! :)

  13. Maybe If I put on the filters that are meant to be on the 50g, and added another filter that's only labeled as a 20g filter, I'm not sure about the gph on it, all with seeded media, plenty of plants, etc.

    How many gallons do ghost shrimp need? I have a small 5g tank that I might be able to put them in, but I don't want to over-cramp them.. :no:

    Maybe I could get one of those 20g fish tanks with the stands that hold two tanks and get two separate 20g tanks.. The trouble would be finding one of those stands and two separate tanks to fit it.

  14. What they stick out is actually their anus.

    Snails go to the top of the water to get oxygen. :)

    If you find your goldies are nipping your snails you might want to try rehoming them. I moved my snails from my goldie tank to my tropical tank and they are now doing much better and they are growing QUICKLY!

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