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  1. I know how you feel. It's ridiculous. Most of the time when I'm looking on Craigslist I just want the empty tank and people think they should charge five times what it's worth. :rolleyes:

    It's great though, when I find a deal that's actually worth it. Then again, you have to be quick to get those, as people will snatch them right up.

  2. It might be that the new fish just doesn't realize that it's food! If he still doesn't adjust, separate him in a bucket and feed him the food that makes the others floaty, if only to hold him over while he adjusts to the gel food.

  3. There are plenty of good ones out there, try looking at amazon. They can be expensive though, running upwards of $300, for some of them.

    If you're looking for specific titles I'm sure someone on here could help you with that, as I've heard of a few people on here renting them from their libraries or purchasing the books themselves.

  4. Mmm. I'm not sure, but the description says it's a water conditioner for live bearers, so it might be the equivalent of Prime. I wouldn't use it as your water conditioner. Maybe you could look at the ingredients list. If it is just pure salt you could use it to treat your fish when they need it, but beyond that I don't see you needing it.

  5. I'm not sure about clearing out the snail eggs, though I know salt does affect them.

    The snails and the ich could be related, though snails themselves can't carry ich, their shells can hold water from a previous location, (aka the last tank they were in.)

    I'm sure someone else could help you out, though. :)

  6. :o

    Who knows. They eat dog in some countries...The thought of people eating goldfish(and dogs) makes me sick however.

    My dad's eaten dog. He was told it was turkey while on a Thanksgiving trip to Korea. He said it tastes like chicken, though.

    I guess everything really does taste like chicken.

    Lol, here's an explanation why.

  7. :o

    Who knows. They eat dog in some countries...The thought of people eating goldfish(and dogs) makes me sick however.

    My dad's eaten dog. He was told it was turkey while on a Thanksgiving trip to Korea. He said it tastes like chicken, though.

  8. In the US, college kids swallow live goldfish as part of initiations into fraternities.

    However this practice is cruel to the goldfish as swallowing it can lead to the stomach acids killing it slowly. They're edible, you'll live, but no one here is going to recommended eating them.

    However, if you're still interested in trying them go to your local food store and you'll find a baggy of them in the chip aisle called Goldfish Crackers.

  9. The reason most here don't like flakes is because we recommended soaking them first so they will sink and as they are soaked most of the good bits go out of the food flakes. Nothing against flakes, really. :)

    I didn't know sinking food would be such a mess in a pond.. :(

  10. I split them (in groups) in what I think are two 20gs, possibly 30gs, I haven't measured yet. Most of the fish seem to be okay but the ones that are in a tank that now have proper lighting seem to hide all the time. :no:

    I'm not quite sure why.. They never hid before, and I can manage to sneek peeks at them swimming freely in the tank but when I walk by they all dive for safety. Maybe I'll try moving the fish around..

  11. It is advisable to quarantine your fish before you add them to your main tank, just to make sure you don't spread any nasties to your already existing fish.

    However, what's done is done. Now you have to just keep onto of your fish and watch to see if nasties were spread. If they were treat both.

    Your nitrates are high, I'd recommend a water change.

  12. For now flakes are fine. They're food, they hold SOME nutritional value, but they're not too GREAT, plus they can cause floatiness if they gulp too much air. :) Over time switch to sinking pellets. They'll eat anything from algae, plants that you put in the pond (Most likely the duckweed, too, though some types of plants most fish dislike the tastes of certain plants such as amazon swords and anubias.)

    They'll also eat veggies (such as peas, small pieces of broccoli, lettuce, spinach, etc.) As long as they are fresh veggies softened in water in the microwave for 30 seconds and deshelled (in the case of peas) they should gulp them right down. :) Peas are especially good for them as they help to clear out their digestive tracts while being gentle and delicious.

    They won't eat too much, I feed my inside goldies two to three times a day and only about as much as they can suck down in two minutes. A can of small sized Omega-One pellets lasted me months and I'm still not done with the can (Though I now feed them to my tropical fish).

    Good luck with your new friends! I hope it goes well for you! :)

  13. Aw.. :( Poor Tellin... He was so adorable, so cute... It's a shame he didn't survive the previous brutalities placed on him. :cry

    Hopefully these two will do better. It's sad about that fish store.. I wish America had the same rules some other countries do when it comes to fish or even other animal's care.. :no:

    :goodluck this time around. :heart

  14. I'm not sure about the filters either, as I've never had a pond, but I'm sure someone either here or in the pond section of the forum could help with that one. :)

    Ponds need regular changes, just like tanks, unless they're big enough. And the only way your fish could winter outside would be if the pond were deep. Since it's not you'd have to be able to know when to bring the fish indoors until it was warm enough to put them out. There might also be a heater for ponds, but I'm not too sure on that one.

  15. If it's not meant to be an indoor pond I wouldn't risk it. You don't want to end up with a ruined floor. :( Plus the thought of your kid sticking their hands in the water, covered in drool, sticky substances, and god knows what else doesn't seem a good idea for the fish. (Not saying anything against your or anyone else's kids, I love them and want to be a Kindergarten Teacher, I just know that kid's tiny fingers tend to not be so clean. ;) )

    If they're so big I would think they would need to be in a pond, though. Do you think you could put the pond outdoors?

  16. I would follow captain's idea. Get a tub that will hold water and put a filter on the tub and add ammonia to the tub and let your fish relax in it's tank while you cycle the water in the tub. It would be a lot faster and a lot less stressful on the fish if you cycled the tub first. :)

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