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  1. Ooh. So DT as in.. what kind of looks like what the goldies have? two "sections" of tail near their posterior end? He's got one fin on top, one small section of fin toward the back, on the very end he has one that seems to wrap around, but I can't see too well right now as he's sleeping. :D

  2. Haha you really want more? Much hasn't changed about Pear, (s)he's swimming around like a nut, digging in the pebbles, eating pretty well. :)

    I took some pictures to show you, and even a video, but I can't seem to get them to send to the computer. :( I'll work on it tomorrow with the wire...

  3. A boy indeed Vee :D

    And a cute little Cello (Cellophane) at that! Is he a DT? Because I think I see a double-lobed caudal... :o

    You've lost me! :rofl

    I know he's a betta from the pet store, that's about it. I'm a little confused about the fins, as they look kind of.. different from goldies, they're wrapped all around, rather than like a regular "fish."

    What does DT mean? :o

    Cellophane refers to his color, right? :) That's interesting.

  4. Lol Fang, any fish looks good in one of YOUR tanks. :P

    Thanks Ashlee and Kukana :heart:) I've never seen an all white betta before. :o

    I'm thinking about putting up a black background, or something bright and neon pink/yellow if I can get black gravel/rocks. What's in there now is more of a comfort thing for it, so it has places to hide.

    Fang, is it a he, by the way? My mom's had bettas before, but she says it might be a girl. :o I personally have no clue either way, I'm just curious. :)

  5. I went to the lfs to pick up fish food and couldn't help but look at the fish.. Always have to look at the fish. :rolleyes:

    On the shelf were three betas in separate bowls, sulking at the lack of space.. And right below them a sign, saying they were half price totaling only $3.00

    I couldn't pass it up when I saw this all white cutie:


    I could have bought the bowl it was stuck in, too..

    But I knew I had an extra 5g at home. :)


    No names, so far.. I was thinking pearl, but it's very close to Pear, who I just got in the same week from the same store..

    I really need to stop going in there. :rofl If this keeps up I'll end up with a new fish each time I go in!

  6. Haha. :) I'm sure you could find pearl scales in your local pet store, (not to be an enabler, ;) ) :heart

    As for Pear's siblings, the tanks are not quarantined off inside the store and a sign is placed up saying they're not for sale this week. I suppose they're treating with something off their shelves, but it's a good thing they seem to care.

  7. I think Pear is a fantastic name! I smiled when I saw this topic.

    Related question: Would goldfish eat pear??? :rofl

    :) Goldies will eat anything small enough to fit into their mouths. Chopped pieces of pear and the new goldie would probably BOTH qualify. :lol

    Oh.. :( I hope mine does well in the 55g with the others, it's a tall tank, though.. I think it might be about 2ft tall as well.. I've never had a fish have swim bladder issues.. Hopefully the sinking pellets and peas will help with that?

    I think the fact that it is a crown pearlscale will help a lot :)

    :D That's great news. The only one I have to worry about floaty issues now is possibly my biggest male goldy, Oren. He is such a pig that he can't wait for the sinking pellets to sink and he's been sucking a lot of air lately, so now he's swimming around the top of the tank. I think I'll fast them for a day and feed them peas as their next meal, even for Pear. :)

  8. If You went ahead and put them in I'd add salt (starting at .1% and working up to .3%). Even if it's not going to treat the ich I'm sure it will help heal their scales up a bit. :) Don't put in any other medicines with it until you're sure the fish are in good health and you've done the nesicary water changes to take out the salt.

    Keep in mind that any salt you take out with a water change you'll need to replace as long as you are salting the fish. :D

  9. Well.. They kind of get pear shaped, come to think of it.. Smaller top, large bottom? :lol

    I saw the mustache and I couldn't help but love it. :rofl I love fish who have little markings like that.. My favorite of my tropical fish (A platy with a black "Mustache") that I call Lipstick is my favorite of the tropicals.. :rofl

    Oh.. :( I hope mine does well in the 55g with the others, it's a tall tank, though.. I think it might be about 2ft tall as well.. I've never had a fish have swim bladder issues.. Hopefully the sinking pellets and peas will help with that?

  10. :o Sounds interesting. I'd say get some if you want, try it out in a tank with no fish and see how the parameters come out. Then add some plants, see how that goes and if everything seems to hold up try a fish or a snail.

    If it works it is truly amazing.

  11. Pear's got juuust a little bit of a wen growth going on, and there were others in the tank that had a bit more of a wen. :)

    As for what you guys have suggested so far sounds like the same bit as my other goldies, so it should be easy enough! We'll see how things go after Pear's cured of the possible ich.

  12. Thanks for the encouragement, guys. :D It really is a cutie. :heart

    If you guys have any tips on the pearl scales that'd be great for me. It's a good thing I accidently chose a harder one! :rofl

    Surprisingly the fish I got looked generally free of ich spots, but the baby black moors in the same tank almost looked like they were reverse spotted dalmations! :thud

    No name yet, but I'm considering calling it Pear in the meantime, in honor of my inability to spell this topic. :P

  13. Today I went to the pet store with the intention of holding a rat, because I've recently become interested in them.. Instead my boyfriend (Who is interested in fish, but doesn't keep them) dragged me to the fish section.. There I looked through all the goldies, blue orandas, "lions," and finally I caught eye of this little fishy:


    At the time I thought how cute it was, and that I'd love to take it home, but remembered I was a little short on space (four fish in a 55g).. So I bit my tongue and forced my boyfriend to drag me out of the store. :rofl

    I got home and kept thinking about the fish, and telling my family how cute it was.. and I decided I had to go back to get it. While waiting I saw someone and another employee talking about fish (She had a bag full of small dwarf something or others that were tropical fish) and she asked about getting a goldfish. And while the employee started off right, saying the fish were hard to take care of she ended up still saying a goldfish could be kept in a bowl. :no: At least she said the water had to be changed daily...

    When I went back in the second time I noticed a lot of the fish in the tank it was in (and the tanks next to it) had ich. The employee almost didn't want to sell if to me, but I assured him I could quarantine it at home, and he agreed to let me buy it. He seemed a little more informed, stating that he himself had a tropical tank. :)

    I'm not sure what I'm going to name the pearl scale, it's the first one I've ever had.. For now it's qting in a 30g, but it will soon join the 55g, along with an increased wc schedule. Now I know why you guys often leave space in your tanks for that one special fish, though it looks like I just filled that quota. :newfish



    It would help if I could spell pearl scale right in the topic! :lol

  14. That's a nice looking plant!

    But hey, don't say anything against lavender wall paint! I want my bedroom painted lavender! :heart

    Ffff. Mine as well. Don't hate on the paint. ;)

    That plant is freakin' AWESOME. I'd LOVE to get one like that. I thought I wanted one that looks like it was a "spider" but knowing that these exist is so much cooler! :rofl

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