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  1. :D Thanks guys :heart

    Is it normal for him to have those brownish spots? They don't look so brownish irl, but I worry a little. :rofl I always worry about everything.

    He's gone from all white to pinkish with a shiny (blue in the light) double anal finned tail.

    And how do I know if the filter is too strong for him? I've turned it down as low as it goes but I'll notice if he swims to the side of the tank that pushes the water back in he'll sometimes let himself be pushed to the other side.

    Is there any other ways to entertain him? I've tried putting in a water bottle cap, but he ignored it.. Maybe more decorations?

  2. Well, I moved Albus from downstairs in the "Fish Room" into my second story bedroom. He's currently on top of my newly acquired library (Stole it from my mom. ;) ) chillin' with what is pretty much the terminator of all ghost shrimp. (I say this because the shrimp in his tank is the only one of five to have survived) I think Albus is happy. :unsure: He swims like a busy bee, so it's not easy to get pictures of him. Here's what I did grab:

    Here is his full set up, light on so you can't really see inside during the picture, but..


    Here's the whole tank (light off so you can see the stuff inside. :) )


    Here's a picture of Albus, light on (I guess he's more pink than he is white!)


    And here he is flashing some brilliantly light-reflected tail. :D


    I wonder if the filter is too strong for him.. He swims back and forth a lot, but I think maybe he's just bored..

  3. Sometimes when you add new fish the pre-established fish will already have their own "spots" and maybe that's why there was so much chasing. It can happen with Goldies, and that's why whenever I add a new fish to the tank I rearrange the decor.

    I hope things turn out alright! :)

  4. GloFish (the fish you see in the tanks that are completely one color of either bright green, yellow, etc) are genetically altered zebra danios, but once the fish has been altered their offspring automatically inherit the coloring, so the fish you are purchasing are most likely not directly genetically altered. Still, most people are on the fence about these fish.

    Here's more info on the GloFish if you're still interested.

    If the parrot fish are colors like purple or blue or any color other than what looks like yellowish (those can sometimes be dyed too,) or orange then it is most likely dyed.

    Normally the only fish who have such bright colors are salt water fish, though there are some fish that are very brightly colored naturally (such as guppies and platys)

  5. I think the tank would be just fine there. :) And just so you know in general terms my 90g tank is just about the same size as my 55g. I think I could literally put the 90g on the stand I have for the 55g if it were a couple of inches wider. ;)

    Generally mentioning stores here on Koko's is censored (along with swears), but some members find ways to sneek around by slightly altering the names of the stores (not recommended for the swears, this is a family friendly site). ;)

    -is not an enabler at ALL-

  6. When I boiled my sea shells (I put them in instead of crushed coral to raise the pH) I just chucked them into a regular big 'ol pot and let them go. :)

    If you want to be extra picky about it you could boil them once, dump the "dirty" water and boil them again, just to be safe.

  7. You should QT all fish, but I never QT'd my tropicals (when I had them) since I trusted the source and they all came from the same tanks within a close-ish period of time.

    Everything looks normal, so I think Hidir might be right, it was just too many at once. I think you should be fine now, since what's done is done. I would have started with a school of 5, but since you've got them all in there I'd just leave it and check the water constantly.

  8. Plain unflavored gelatin, (Usually in an orange and white box) and pea-flavored baby food. From there you can add different vegetables, crushed vitamins for the fish, grains, ground up tuna fish, etc. :D It's just a little bit of creativity and mixing.

    Add the gelatin to some microwaved HOT water, pour it in a square container, mix in the baby food and the gelatin-water and refrigerate. :)

  9. Taller tanks are a pain to reach into, though. :rofl

    I have a 55g (what I assume is a tall one, rather than a longer one,) and I can barely reach the bottom if I stand on my tip-toes, and when I kneel on a chair to vacuum the bottom I end up pretty much swimming with my goldies! :lol

  10. Well I got the tank itself cleaned out the other day.. I'll clean out the filter sometime soon :thud It was exhausting!

    Does anyone know if it's safe to seed the media from my goldy tank to the salt water? It would just be BBs, right? :idont

    I plan on following this method to fill the tank: Step-by-Step

    I'll try and take pictures of what I do while I do it, but it might be a few days. :)

    Also, when I got the tank, the guy gave me some tube-thing (that he said cost him at lest $70) that replaces the protein skimmer? I can't remember what it is, but I have the box and read up on it. It says that it ionizes and further cleans the water. I'll go look at that later.

    Do I have to buy the live sand and live rock at the same time, or can I put the salt in half of the water, put in the sand and fill it up with salted water, then add the rocks?

  11. I'll have to make a trip to the lfs and ask them how much their live rock costs.

    I know they're having deals for 25% off frag rock caves, corals and it's $15.00 for a single zoanthid frag. :o Oh boy this is going to be expensive.

  12. That'd be great! :) I like to do the research required, but am wary about a lot of it. I found some mmm care sheets, but am very wary about those.. Pet shop employees often mislead their customers.

    I didn't know they didn't need anemones. I knew the anemones sting, but I didn't know they moved! That's cool! :D

  13. I have no advice to give since saltwater scares me...

    But I wanted to congratulate you :D And you must keep this thread updated with pictures!

    Thanks Ashlee. :):heart I'll add pictures of everything as I go along and maybe as I'm learning I'll put up a step-by-step visual guide.

    Hey Vee i can help you with some of your problems but not all sorry :(

    1st: i dont know about the bleach but some are really strong so id wait for someone else to come by and help you with that one

    2nd: once the tank is clean add water half way add the sand and the filter and heat and decorations

    3rd: wait a bit because the sand is going to make the water a bit cloudy

    4th: when you add everything you want to add more water until full

    5th: you want to add water conditioner and other adhesives that your going to add

    6th: let it fun for a week maybe 2

    7th: this should be first but ask the guy if the tank is cycled if not you need to learn about cycling before you put water which im not going to lie takes 4-6 maybe more weeks(im currently cycling)

    some information might not be correct because i am also kinda new but w8 for another member to swing by to correct me if im wrong or add more information

    i think this is the fishtank she is thinking about purchasing http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/pet/2474872088.html

    Haha, nope. :) I live in SC, and there's no pictures up, or I'd post them. However, this is the ad: http://charleston.craigslist.org/for/2474029551.html

    I just suggested bleach, because I know that's how you clean out goldy tanks. :) Bleach is just chlorine and by rinsing thoroughly and adding in Prime it stops being dechlorinated.

    I know the tank isn't cycled, it is emptied of water. It'd be impossible to lift if it were full. If it's possible to I'll just add some of the bioballs from my goldy tank to cycle the new one, though I'm not sure if that would be a good idea, seeing as the goldies are fresh water and the tank will be sw.

    Does anyone know if salt has a shelf-life after being opened? I've had this huge bag of salt for a while, and it's been opened from where the previous owner used some of it. If it's still good I could use it to start my first batch of salt water. And I could do it directly in the tank, right? :idont

    That's a great deal. One word of advice if you're going into salt water for the first time, you need to do lots of research. It's completely different from freshwater and the rules are actually very different. For example cycling a saltwater tank can take a few months if you want to do it right. Also before you set it up you should decide will this be a fish only tank or will you add some live rock and corals? Once you decide this you can then choose the right kind of sand (yes there are different kinds that serve different purposes.) What you put in the tank will also influence what lighting you need.

    I researched for a whole year before I set up mine and then it took a few months before I put in any corals. It was a lot of fun just to watch all the creatures that came out of the live rock and started to populate the the sand.

    --- Sorry, just saw your post. :)

    If I'm not mistaken and I do end up getting clown fish they need live rock and anemones, right? So I'll probably have rock. Like I said, I've no idea where I'm starting out with, so for now it's just getting the tank, cleaning it up and setting it up. :rofl

    Plus I think I'd like to see little polyps and all that. Those things are so cool. x3 :heart

    I'm not sure on the lighting, because it's what's coming with the tank, I'll have to ask what type of fish he kept in the tank.. I could also be selfish with my goldies and put them in the 90g and use my 55g as a salt water... :rofl but I think they'll be staying in the 50g

  14. So, I found a super awesome deal on Craigslist today! :) A 90g Saltwater tank with two heaters, a light, pumps, and trickle wet/dry filter all for $100 bucks.

    I have a few things relating to salt water tanks (got them with my goldy tank, though they've been sitting in the garage..) I know you need salt water, and I kind of understand on how to make it, but I know my lfs sells pre-mixed water.

    I know I'll need to get live-sand, a sw master kit, food, decorations, etc. but I've no idea where to start really.. I know when I get the tank tomorrow I'll be spending a good bit of time cleaning it out with bleach and water (that is safe for SW too, right?)

    Really all I know what to do is to put the cleaned tank on the stand, fill it with premixed SW and add live-sand.. If anyone has any good information or a step-by-step how to, that'd be great! :)

    I think after my tank is established I'd like to get a clown fish and a... Dory? The blue one from "Finding Nemo". :rofl Of course, I haven't looked up the information on these fish yet, but I plan to do that momentarily.

    Any and all information is appreciated. :heart

    Thanks guys. :)

  15. For decorations, you mean? Some plastics leech chemicals into the water. For the most part it is an interesting idea, seeing as some of the fake plants are make of plastics. If you knew the plastic wouldn't leech and that the toy wasn't hollow I would guess it could be done.

    Someone thought of putting legos in the tank, but they float and most likely leech. I mean.. have you ever smelled a new box of legos? c'mon! :rofl

  16. I got five ghost shrimp for free a while back, and I guess my tropicals ate them because when I was cleaning out the tank to rehome them only one was there. I put him in the tank with the betta and just the other day saw him chillin' on the top of the terracotta pot in the betta tank and the betta didn't care. :)

    You should be fine.

  17. xD Aww. I'd take a couple off your hands, but I seem to have rotten luck with my snails. The couple I just gave away with my tropicals were doing okay, but even with the cuttlebone I got them the one seemed to have a weak shell ( though that could just be from where it was growing a whole new section so quickly!)

    Good luck finding them a home, Fang. :)

  18. Fish change colors how they want to change colors. lol My fish started a color change with a large brown spot right under its dorsal and I thought it might be something to worry about, but he's slowly turning from black and white to grey to white and (the brown spot) might someday be orange. :)

    The spot on your fishes fin may or may not be ammonia burns.. I know my fish has some black spots on it's fins and they're old.. They take a long time to show up. So when they did show up and the water conditions were perfect my mind was boggled :rofl

  19. Well, I'm pretty sure some of my fish are over 2 years old and I haven't seen a single breeding star yet! :P

    The best way to do it would be their vent. Males will have an innie, while females have an outie. I just found a really good picture of it Here

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