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  1. :( Oh no, poor fishie! As for a bubbler I use a bubble bar and hold the tubing down using suction cups with hooks on them.

    As for the scare of introducing things into the tank with the plants that's why you qt the plants/give them a good rinse with bleach+water. :)

    Try looking for a used tank in garage sales, etc. I'm not sure where you're located at, but in the US Craigslist is often a great deal for tanks. :)

    Also, if you have Pet**co near you they have sales where it's a dollar per gallon.

  2. We're no where near a Big Lots..

    My fiance wants me to put them into my pond w/my tiny baby koi. But I rather not! Maybe after qt and I find one or two I like, but not all of them!

    Maybe you could take the baby inside and put the koi into the pond? It would be only temporary, and if you suspect the koi are ill you'd just treat the pond, right?

  3. So your tank is about 17 USg, meaning it was just big enough for the one goldy, and maybe the shrimp. Goldies need 10g minimum per fish, and shrimp need a few gallons of their own (Simply because they produce so much waste)

    Secondly, platies are tropical fish and are not compatible with goldfish. Platies need higher temperatures than goldies do.

    If you can I would suggest getting a tank big enough for both the goldies (around 30 USg) as soon as possible and getting rid of the platies and shrimp. Platies are most comfortable in big groups of one male and 5 females, and require a gallon per full grown inch of fish, so each platy would need about 3 USg each.

    Nitrite 20 should be the maximum, but if you're cleaning the tank often enough (once a week) it should stay around 5 or 10.

    Secondly the goldy might not be "Depressed" but, rather sick and "Bottom sitting" if you will.

    Did you quarentine any of the other fish? If you can you should separate the moor into a food-safe plastic tub with an extra filter and air stone and observe his behavior. If he seems to get better on his own maybe he actually does dislike his tank mates, which is rare for goldies as they are social animals.

  4. Wait, how is the smallest jar of O.O. too big and going to be wasted?! :rofl

    I feed my fish twice sometimes two times a day on O.O. and I have to buy a new jar almost every three months! :lol

    I've also started feeding them the larger pellets. :) I feed them less of those than the small ones and still manage to kill the jar within a couple of months! :rofl

  5. For a baby oranda by itself alone a 10g is fine. Fish need generally 10g each, unless they're of the bigger varieties. We only suggest 20g for the first fish and 10 for each after because the more room a goldie has the better! :)

    I'm not sure on the hornwart, I've never even seen it in my lfs, but cheap plants to help you along may be just what you need. I only suggested anubias and swords because I know goldies don't generally eat them and they're very hardy.

    As for the instant cycle stuff, there have been many members here who use it. Some say it helps a little while others say nothing happened at all. Most of the time people market things like that just to get you to spend money on useless products, but if you want to give it a go let us know how it works for you! :D

    Lights should not be on all the time as well. It's better to put the goldies on a "day/night" type cycle. I don't use a light in my main 55g tank and the plants did just as fine in the goldy tank as they are doing in my betta tank that does have a light, algae and is kept on a day/night cycle.

  6. The filter you bought with the tank probably isn't enough. Generally when filters are recommended for a size tank they're recommended for fresh water fish who produce far less waste than goldies do. Can you look at the box/maybe even on the filter and see how many gph it turns over? for a ten gallon it should be pushing at least 100 gallons per hour. More is better, and will help to keep the water cleaner.

    Everyone's cycle differs. In my signature is a link to the page on Koko's main site that goes into detail about cycling, but I'm sure if you visit the water problems area of the forum there are detailed diaries of people's journeys on their cycling.

    Generally if you put the prime in before you add the water you aren't really adding any ammonia, unless your tap water levels are high. Have you tested those? Bringing the fish with you to a different water source can be worrying because different water conditions (temperature, pH, ammonia, etc.) can easily shock a fish.

    It is difficult to QT a fish while cycling, because the meds can interrupt the cycling. I know for a fact that aquarium salt can increase the ammonia, which might be a part of your water conditions. If the fish is fine for now I'd recommend that you do not re-add the salt.

    Is the volcano hollow in any way? Decorations that are hollow usually harbor nasty bacteria and we don't recommend putting them in the tank.

    As for the plants each plant's "potting" style differs. You can put the plants in a terracotta pot with soil, but it's not necessary. For Amazon swords their roots need to be buried in gravel in order to root. For the Anubias only it's roots and not the main rhizome need to be planted. :) If you can't find the plants and instructions in your lfs or pet store try e-bay. I've bought plants from online and as long as you dunk them in a bleach/water solution and rinse well you should have no problems with them.

  7. Wow, 5ppm daily? :o

    Maybe you should consider doing two back to back 50% wcs..

    I've left fish in cycling tanks while I was away before and they've come to no harm. Is there something in your tank that's causing the nitrite to shoot up so high in just one day? Maybe you're feeding too much? Are there any decorations, rocks or chemicals (other than prime)in the tank, is the filter turning over enough gph? Do you have carbon inserts in your filter?

    Adding plants will help to keep the cycle running more closely to 0 across the board once it's cycled. Maybe adding in some live plants would be a good trick for you. Anubias and Sword plants tend to do well in goldy tanks, are low light and generally pretty tough.

  8. In situations where you can't take care of your fish it's best just to not feed a few days prior, do as large of a w/c as possible before leaving, double dose with Prime and just leave the filter and bubbler on.

    You don't have to take your fish with you! (Unless you're not coming back after the 10 days :o ) As for your bbs, if you're going away, why not just leave the filter going? generally the rule is if the media stays wet the bbs should be okay, but they'd do better in the filter where the water moves around vs just in the water.

  9. They do make extensions. :)

    I use an off brand python and it works pretty well for me. As for fitting it to the sink I'm sure you could go to lowes or the home depot and find an attachment that fits both the sink and the python. I got a metal part for mine to replace the plastic bit. :D

  10. First off, :welcome ! :D You are indeed posting in the right area for this particular post, because you're seeking general goldfish knowledge!

    Each goldfish needs about 20g of water, and the reason your goldies are probably growing so big is because feeding them things with high amounts of protein promotes healthy growth. :)

    If you really want the best for your fish you need to get a 20g tank (minimum, no with other fish) a filter that turns over 200g per hour and separate the mollies and goldies. Like Magic said, mollies and goldies don't really play well together. :no:

    You'd do well to leave the tanks bare bottom (or as close to it as possible) It helps to keep the tank clean and it's easier to maintain. Of course keeping gravel isn't too hard if you have a siphon and don't mind cleaning the gravel as an extra step to your weekly (once your tank is cycled) changes. :D

    You'll also need a water-test kit to keep an eye on ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. (Most members here at Koko's prefer the API Master Fresh Water Kit, because the drops tend to be more reliable than the strips).

    Another thing you'll need is water conditioner. The best one you can buy is Prime. It's more concentrated, so you require less product per gallon, it helps to keep ammonia levels locked and it's even safe to double dose in desperate measures. :)

    I know this is a lot of information, but it's for the best for your goldy! :D

    If you want some information on the molly, there's a whole separate place to post for freshwater fish on the main boards toward the bottom.

    Again, Welcome to Koko's! Nice to meet you! :D:heart

  11. oh my god its CUTE! :heart

    Do want, yes PLEASE!

    My mom used to collect tea pots top the point where they were hogging space in the kitchen cabinets. :rofl I wouldn't have minded if they all looked like this!

  12. Oh yuck! :thud and I thought the white things in my betta tank were bad!

    I moved to the south two years ago and never before have I seen roaches so big! You'd think there was a direct line from a NY subway station through a nuclear power plant and they just emerged super roaches! We call them Palmetto bugs around where I live now.. It may sound harmless but YUCK.

    Thankfully I live in a planned neighborhood. It's practically demanded that pest control at least spray around the outside of the house. Plus all the power lines in my area are underground. No power outages. Ever. :D

  13. Haha. :) I only put the pot in because I know bettas (and shrimp) like to have places to hide and it was the only option at the time. I have pots in my goldie tank too and sometimes I'll catch my goldies sleeping in them. :rofl

    Haha It'd be cool if he did look like a pearl! I think he may be a pastel betta, though he has little button eyes, except for one little stripe of blue. :D

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