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  1. Ammonia: 0

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrates: 5

    pH Tank: 7

    pH Tap: 7

    Test Kit: API Freshwater Master Kit

    Temperature: 70ish? I didn't check specifically, but it is just at room temperature, I don't have a heater.

    Tank size: 90g, been running since around June, seeded with bb from the 55g tank

    Filter: It's a wet/dry filter meant for saltwater set ups, but it pushes the water pretty fast.. :unsure: I use it on both of my tanks with no problems.

    Water changes: About 50% once every week and a half (there are two small goldfish in there, plus the tiny one I just added, I think if I changed it exactly weekly it wouldn't be producing enough ammonia for the bb)

    Last WC: a week ago, they're due for another this weekend.

    Fish: 2 small fish (about an inch or two each?) One Pearlscale, one possible fantail and a newly added $0.15 (comet/common I think they're called?) "Feeder" goldfish. The new little "feeder" is so tiny I think my pinkie is larger than he is! :yikes

    Water conditioners: Seachem Prime when I change the water, if I'm out of prime I'll use Tetra's Safe start until I can run to the big fish store.

    Food: I feed omega one sinking pellets, but have been trying to feed the small one some generic crisps, seeing as the pellets are too big for him.

    New Fish: the tiny "feeder"

    Medications: No medications, I added salt to the tub I was adjusting the feeder to my tank's water in, essentially giving him a salt dip before adding him to the tank.

    Unusual behaviors: The fish swims fine, no blood in the fins, nothing. But he hides behind the filter intake/out take and won't normally come out. When I try to coax him out with food he just hides and the crisps go right down the filter. I thought maybe the filter was too strong, so I moved the filter to the end of the tank near the intake to reduce the current, and still nothing. Today I took him out and placed him in a little food bin to offer him the chance to eat by himself and all he does is sit in the bottom of the tub, ignoring the various types of food I offered (Shrimps, omega ones, crisps, flakes. I haven't tried peas, vegetables or eggs. I'm worried that he doesn't know what food is, seeing as he came from a large feeder tank.. )

    There's no problems with the larger fish, they swim around, dig through the gravel, and after the initial investigation of the feeder left him alone.

    I wonder if maybe there's something wrong with the feeder? I know it can open it's mouth to get food, he has to have to be the size he is, he's much larger than a tiny fry..

  2. I have the API Freshwater Master kit, but nothing else beyond that. I may have some strip tests that test for that somewhere, but I know they're never really accurate.

    The pH up is by Tetra or something. just a cheap $5 thing.

    As for the buffer I know I have one for a saltwater set up (the tank I bought was used for salt water.) I don't know if it's good for that, though.

  3. Well, not everything is exactly, 0, they're between the first two color blocks, but they're leaning closer to the first color blocks.

    I haven't directly tested the pH from the tap, but the other fish tank has a normal pH, and when I pour the test tube filled with the chemicals down the drain the color turns a bright blue like you'd expect the pH to be before it's washed away.

    The fish are doing pretty well, everyone swims very well, no red veins in tails. The only problem is "Bubba" who is actually having a good day. Yesterday he was stuck at the top with his :fbottom: sticking out of the water.

    Today he's swimming around a little better, but it may have been because I didn't feed a third time last night.

    I got some pH up from the store seeing as water changing hasn't helped with the pH either. I'll check the water a couple more times and then if there are still no results I'll add the pH up.

  4. I've got cloudy water, tried everything and still the water was cloudy!

    I've done water changes, carbon, added a second filter, cleaned a sponge in the filter, removed more of the pebbles in the bottom, nothing.

    All of the water parameters test well, the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates were 0 or a little between the first bar and second, though closer to the first. However the pH was about 6.8 :(

    I'm thinking of putting all the fish in the 90g I have now and giving the big tank a super clean.

    All the fish seem to be fine (except my biggest Oranda, who's eyes are slowly being covered with wen, so he swallows air constantly and no matter how many peas or water changes, he always floats. I'm thinking of trimming his wen, but for now I'm more focused on clearing up the water.

    Any suggestions, guys?

  5. So I moved my betta's tank into my room, which later in the morning gets a good bit of direct sunlight for an hour or so.. Aannnd now there's a LOT of algae all over the tank... :doh11:

    It's a 5g tank, It has a light that's a bit bigger than it, but the Amazon sword plants seem to be enjoying it.

    There's also a shrimp in the tank as well and he picks up the little bits that Albus the betta doesn't grab.

    Is there a snail/fish/anything I could put in the tank to help the algae? :( I have one of those magnetic scrapers but it's a little too strong for the little 5g.

    I've seen other people put ottos with bettas, but I'm thinking I don't have enough space for one?

  6. Haha, even kneeling on a tall chair I can barely reach the bottom of my 55g. :rofl

    The other fish seem to be doing just well, even Pear who's now buddied up with Mr. Rescue. I still need to find a name for him.

    My largest fish's wen is growing over his eyes to the point that it's becoming increasingly hard for him to get food while the other's eat.. I'm starting to consider trimming his wen. :no:

    Thank you for asking. :)

    Oh he still has a possibility to grow a little hump? :o

    .. OH HURRY UP AND GROW!! :please

    I wanna know what you are little mystery fish!!

  7. Thanks guys. :)

    I love the new tank too, but I desperately need to do something with the decor. The problem is I can barely reach the bottom of my 55g, so how I'm going to reach to do anything with the bottom is a mystery to me. :rofl

    :newfish ?!?! No problem for me! :rofl As soon as I get a couple of bucks it's off to the fish store! :lol

  8. So today I rescued a new fish! :D The woman I got him from said he was outgrowing her 10g tank, so it sounded like he was semi-well cared for and loved. :heart

    I put him in the 90g today, but by the end of the day but I felt kind of miserable knowing he could see the other goldies but not interact with them... Sooo I put pear in with him. :whistle

    Maybe not the best idea, but after a thorough examination of him, I figured the worst he could have is flukes and since I've never treated for them anyway the worst that could happen is pear gets flukes too and I'll just have to treat them both. :hide:

    Anyway, I can't tell exactly what this little cutie is.. He's all white, with a slightly pink undertone, especially around the head area. I noticed some pink veins in his tail earlier, but it could easily have been from the stress of transport and they didn't look that bad at all. I'm kind of thinking he's an Oranda, but could easily be a little fantail or ryukin/oranda mix. He doesn't really have a hump to him, but he's not the same shape as my other orandas.. :idont

    Here's him and Pear: For size comparison pear is about 2'' long


    Here's the best picture I could get of just him (He does have a dorsal fin, it's just so white you can't see it!!) :


    And here's just him in the 90g (he's near the filter tube. :) :


  9. Haha, I told my dad I planned on bidding and he pretty much automatically shut me down. He still thinks bala sharks are going in the gorgeous 90g. :P

    Seriously, the 90g looks like it's almost big enough for a REAL shark to take a bath in. :bath

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