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  1. Well the tank has technically been running since July.. Though it had goldfish in it most of the time and has been only fully cycled since about February.

    I know I could seed the old filters into the new tank as well.. I even started the cycle on my current gf 55g tank with a handful of the bioballs from the current tank. I also have gravel that is probably housing some bbs..


    The current 50g is on the second level of my house and my dad is beginning to become uncomfortable about the amount of water there is upstairs. The only other room I could move the fish to is the room my goldies are in, and there's not much space for them either. In the long run I'm also preparing for when I go off to college. (I decided to stay at home in a tech school for another year, but after that I have to go off.)

  2. Maybe I should rehome some of the fish, then.. :( I absolutely need to downsize..

    Here's the estimated gallons each fish will need and what types/numbers of fish I have

    8 platy - 2'' = 16g

    6 Pristella - 2'' = 12g

    4 Blind - 2'' = 8g

    5 shrimp - 2''

    2 snails


    25 fish And I'm just about at capacity if I include the room that should be there for the shrimp and snails.

  3. I'm considering downsizing tanks, and have just gotten a really great offer for a full 29g set up (lights, the whole shebang).. I know it would be a little too small, because with just the fish I have I should need a 36g minimum (I also have 2 snails and 5 shrimp)

    However, I do have more filtration than is recommended for tropical fish tanks... (the filters I have on run strong enough for a 55g goldie tank.)

    If I increased my water changes (along with the 55g-strength filters) would it be possible? :unsure:

  4. I know women can be stubborn. I'm one of them. :rofl

    Do you know the gph on the filter? The air stones will definitely help. If you can try getting a testing kit for her and explaining that the water needs to be cycled and properly filtrated and changed, etc.

    The readings of the kits (we here at Koko's tend to recommend the API Master Freshwater Kit)should read Ammonia : 0 NitrItes: 0 NitrAtes: Less than 10

    Any amount of Ammonia or NirtrItes are poisonous for fish, but they can tolerate NitrAtes up to a certain level. Adding water conditioner before adding in the clean water will help. Prime is a great water conditioner as it helps to turn metals in the water into non-toxic forms. It also helps lessen the stress of ammonia in the water. (ammonia comes from the waste the fish produce).

    I know it seems like a lot of info right now but as long as the fish are getting what they need and your grandma is happy it'll be for the best.

  5. If you think they're already stunted putting them in the 10g won't hurt. If you can see that they continue to grow you'll need to get them a larger tank. Part of the reason goldfish need larger tanks are because they create so much waste.

    You'll also need a filter that runs over 10x the gallonage of the tank, for example a 10g would need 100 gallons per hour. Although you could do with quite a bit more, seeing as they're in such a small space.

    I would also suggest you not put gravel in the 10g. It's will just take up space and hold in dirt and other gross things. Feeding once or twice a day only as much as they could eat would also be advisable.

  6. There has to be some sort of make your own sticker site.. They do it with t-shirts now a days. I'm not sure of exact sites for that either, but I think the general idea is you go and select your "base" t-shirt and add pictures and text and all that.

    It is a good idea, though.. :)

  7. If you're just looking to seed your tank from it you could just drop it in the tank for a bit. That way it'd stay wet and the bacteria could relocate themselves to your current filter.

    If that's not what you're after and your tank is already cycled I'd just clean it off and leave it, unless you REALLY want to use it.

  8. Haha. I'm sure if it came down to it I'd trade if you were close enough. I'd have to rehome some of my fish and probably all the shrimp snails and my pleco. :D

    They're just giant tubs for holding water, anyway. I can't understand why they're so expensive on Craigslist. :rolleyes:

  9. If you're worried about the ammonia hurting the fish just keep the water clean and keep an eye out. I have 1ppm ammonia in my tap water and now that my tank is cycled the bb's suck it right up (after a few hours/a day or two.) As long as the water is clean the fish will be okay at 1ppm ammonia (though probably not the happiest, They seem to be a LOT more happier now that the tank is well cycled. )

  10. I know not a lot of Koko-ers live in/near South Carolina, but I was wondering if this would be of use to anyone-

    I'm looking to downsize the tank (for my tropical fish, not my precious goldies. ;) ) the 50g is just too big for me. If anyone would like to trade tanks I'm not looking for anything fancy. But something that holds water would be great. :)

    It doesn't have a hood or lights but it will come with some extra filters, a 5g critter tank (which I use as a qt tank in a pinch), a couple of decorations, medicine (melafix and ich medicine), fry food, etc.

    Sorry I can't ship anything anywhere.


    this is the tank, it holds water and it's currently set up with my fish.

  11. I know they're not goldies, but I drop a few in my tank for my snails and my pleco and if I don't feed them fast enough the platys will nip at the wafers. :)

    As long as they're made for fish they generally shouldn't be bad. Some are a little more nutritious for them, but you get the idea.

  12. She looks like she's just preoccupied with the food when she stops swimming. Other than that she seems to be swimming down a lot. I wonder if she has flukes or is starting to get floating problems. She looks like she's trying to "itch" herself, but maybe that's just me.

    I think she looks okay, though. :)

  13. In terms of gallons (US wise,) You'd need at least a 30g, but a 40 would be best, in case you decide to get another buddy. :) I'm sure someone will tell you (in inches) what you'd need, as I have no idea measurement wise.

    It's actually due to the fact that they can get BIG, and if you don't give them the room they'll become stunted, meaning their bodies will stop growing, but their insides won't. You'll also need 10x filtration of the gallonage in your tank. For example you'd need a filter that ran 400gph in a 40g tank.

    Another top thing on your list should be a test kit and Prime. Prime is a water conditioner, which helps the water be safe for the fish. The test kit will ensure that you know how the water is. :)

    Until you can get the larger tank you should be doing daily large water changes in order to keep ammonia levels down. If you think it'll be a while until you can get your bigger tank try getting a large food-safe plastic tub. :D


    MJ beat me to it! :P

  14. :(! Ohno!! I'm so sorry about your fishie. That sounds just absolutely horrible. :cry I lost a few black moors when I first started fish-keeping that way... I couldn't figure it out until why they were all dieing until I had my dad fix the intake.

    If you can't get your strainer on try getting a rubberband to fit between the filter-bit and the tubing. If all else fails you could put a layer of water-safe glue around the intake tube, let it dry and push the filter on them. That way you could still take off the basket and clean the filter.

    If all else fails try putting a piece of panty hose around the intake tube. It might get clogged quickly (because the particles will clog the panty hose) but it's easily fixable by just wiping the area during a wc.

  15. If she's very set on getting goldfish invite her over to help you clean your tank to allow her to get a feel of what she's getting into. Just make sure it's on a day where the fish are especially messy. ;)

    If not, I say go the "ASPCA" commercial route. Show her pictures of unhappy goldfish in too-small conditions, ones that will really make her feel sad, like those darn puppies and kittens on the commercial. Sarah McLaughlin music optional. :rofl

  16. Actually, the bleach is just fine to use. I was afraid of it too, but you don't even really have to rinse it out (provided the tank/substrate isn't SOAKED in it.) and you add Prime to the tank. :)

    Vinegar is also really good to use (with equal parts water) and may not be as harsh as bleach. Though boiling sounds great too. I've boiled rocks before and they smell funny, so just be careful not to breath when draining the water! :rofl

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