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  1. The drive to WV is about 10 hours. XD Too bad about the space, though.
  2. I have four goldies I need to rehome. Two orandas, a black/bronze ranchu, and a calico telesope. The orandas are huge, the other two are slowly catching up. I currently live in SC and am going to be driving to WV. If there's anyone who would want them or be able to meet me along the way to get them I'd be eternally grateful to know my babies are going to someone who won't stick them in a bowl.
  3. I'm in South Carolina, near Charleston. The Ranchus are just oranges.
  4. I have to downsize my fish room due to personal problems as of late. I thought I would offer them here before I go somewhere else. The fish that I have are: Pearl Scale (2) Both are orange and white, bought at the same time and are still young. They are about an inch and a half long, each. One has all black eyes, I call that one Buttons and the other one Gems Ranchu (2) Both have cute little wens growing on top of their heads, though I don't think they have it in their genetics to become lionheads. Comet (2) Both are strong headed, good swimmers. One is a traditional orange with a long tail, the other is a BIG all white fish, except for an orange spot on his eye. Oranda (1) This fish is all orange, nice wen and long fins. I know not many koko members live near me, and it's a lot of fish to adopt out at once, but for the most part I figured there was no harm in offering. thanks for looking guys.
  5. I am assuming this "white worm" rumor is untrue, because I've heard this girl tell me wrong information on goldfish before, though at least she didn't advocate bowls for them, at least from my knowledge. (Though she DID suggest something ridiculous like 3g per goldfish.)
  6. Hey guys, has anyone else's pet store recently pulled this product? I've been to the pet store and the fancy fish store and they are no longer selling Omega One due to complaints about "misprinted nutritional information" and "white worms" from feeding the food. I am super sad, because Hikari foods are ridiculously priced for such small bags in my opinion and I can no longer find a comparatively well made food for such a decent price.
  7. Vee

    Free Snails

    Fff the snail gods. Sorry, but I don't think I'd have the heart to crush them. X_X I feel horrible for killing off my snails accidentally in the first place. I'd try craigslist or even a pet shop. That way you may get some money from them.
  8. Vee

    Free Snails

    I really like snails, but it seems I have bad luck with them, but this is REALLY tempting. XD Are these the type that multiply over and over if you don't kill them off?
  9. Haha aw that's cute! I've recently set up a QT tank lower to the ground level, so I'm sure I'm going to find water-paw prints leading away from the tanks soon.
  10. Unfortunately the fish died.. I'm not sure when exactly it passed, I lifted the towel to check on it today and it was stuck to the filter intake.. poor little buddy.
  11. there's no light on the tank, but I will definitely find a towel to put over a section of the tank to see if he adjusts. Thanks for helpin' guys. Sometimes I just need a little reassurance.
  12. I thought that maybe he needed to destress so I left him alone (other than to feed the other goldies) but it has only been a few days. He's just so small I'm worried that he'll die if he doesn't eat. I don't even know if the fish store fed them! You're probably right that he's still just stressed, seeing as he was dumped into a tank of two larger fish who could easily share him as a snack. He swims well, looks healthy, and moves freely behind the intake.. Maybe I should give him a few more places to hide.
  13. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 5 pH Tank: 7 pH Tap: 7 Test Kit: API Freshwater Master Kit Temperature: 70ish? I didn't check specifically, but it is just at room temperature, I don't have a heater. Tank size: 90g, been running since around June, seeded with bb from the 55g tank Filter: It's a wet/dry filter meant for saltwater set ups, but it pushes the water pretty fast.. I use it on both of my tanks with no problems. Water changes: About 50% once every week and a half (there are two small goldfish in there, plus the tiny one I just added, I think if I changed it exactly weekly it wouldn't be producing enough ammonia for the bb) Last WC: a week ago, they're due for another this weekend. Fish: 2 small fish (about an inch or two each?) One Pearlscale, one possible fantail and a newly added $0.15 (comet/common I think they're called?) "Feeder" goldfish. The new little "feeder" is so tiny I think my pinkie is larger than he is! Water conditioners: Seachem Prime when I change the water, if I'm out of prime I'll use Tetra's Safe start until I can run to the big fish store. Food: I feed omega one sinking pellets, but have been trying to feed the small one some generic crisps, seeing as the pellets are too big for him. New Fish: the tiny "feeder" Medications: No medications, I added salt to the tub I was adjusting the feeder to my tank's water in, essentially giving him a salt dip before adding him to the tank. Unusual behaviors: The fish swims fine, no blood in the fins, nothing. But he hides behind the filter intake/out take and won't normally come out. When I try to coax him out with food he just hides and the crisps go right down the filter. I thought maybe the filter was too strong, so I moved the filter to the end of the tank near the intake to reduce the current, and still nothing. Today I took him out and placed him in a little food bin to offer him the chance to eat by himself and all he does is sit in the bottom of the tub, ignoring the various types of food I offered (Shrimps, omega ones, crisps, flakes. I haven't tried peas, vegetables or eggs. I'm worried that he doesn't know what food is, seeing as he came from a large feeder tank.. ) There's no problems with the larger fish, they swim around, dig through the gravel, and after the initial investigation of the feeder left him alone. I wonder if maybe there's something wrong with the feeder? I know it can open it's mouth to get food, he has to have to be the size he is, he's much larger than a tiny fry..
  14. Oh wow! I'll probably be returning the pH up, then! That's crazy! I tested the water with the strips and the KH reported as 20ppm. I don't know if that's accurate or not, but it was labeled as "soft" or "low" or something of the like.
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