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  1. on the photobucket album the top row ... first three pictures were taken last night ... all the other pics are from 1 1/2 yrs ago ... thanks
  2. thanks stakos/helen ... I took 3 pics and put them in my photobucket tonight but they are just too bad to get a real idea. So I will take some more tommorrow and repost along the the water parameters. Is there a chance you can look at them then? http://s1098.photobucket.com/albums/g376/backyard11/
  3. Hi everyone, I have been gone for quite awhile! 1 1/2 years possibly. I could use some help again. The last time I needed help everyone came through for me. That was when I wanted to bring two of my pond goldfish in for the winter into a 55 gal tank to "enjoy them" ... it almost turned into a dissaster! That was two years ago. All has been great since then. BUT! In the first week of May my oldest and largest female jumped out of the pond. This has happened with a couple of other very young fish previously and I used to put up a screen during the early Spring weeks when my large male will chase the females relentlesly . But because these fish are 4-5 inchs long and fat now I mistakenly decided not to put the screen up this Spring. Anyway, I came home to find her under a hedge... she was covered in bark and dirt ... there was no movement and she looked gone. I picked her up and felt a slight bit of movement. So mistakenly I tried to brush off a bit of the bark and then placed her in the water and moved her around. To try and shorten this up .. she came through this experience with practically no afteraffects. Other than some missing scales and tattered tail and dorsal fin ... she was just fine acting normal ... But since then she appears to have gotten some slight swelling where some of these scales are either missing or damaged. Where the actual scales is missing the spot appears fuzzy.. no redness. So the two symptoms are; white areas as big as the scales were themselves (slightly fuzzy) and under those some swelling or "Puffiness". Since May, her tattered tail and fins are 100% healed and normal. I have given the entire Crock/Pond one 7 day treatment of Melafix ... I did not notis any improvement whatsoever, so I brought inside the house to a 20 hospital tank with only a pump for circulation. I then gave her a two day treatment of Tetracycline T.C. ... waitied one extra day, no change that I could see, I then did a 25% h20 change and started a 3 day treatment of Quik Cure wondering if that may help. I still seeing about the same condition. I'm not seeing much or any of the puffiness though. I would appreciate any ideas .... Can I expect the scales to grow back? Maybe these white areas are merely the scars that will remain ...I have 3 pics on my photobucket top line left to right. hard to see much though. Thanks, Tom
  4. Red, I tend to agree with you .. why is it my fish can thrive outside in a Pond with just about every negative bacterial condition that we try to fight indoors ... I the temp may be a factor ... but maybe we are going overboard ... tom
  5. One more thing that I have mentioned in past posts ... with all of the combined experience that all the great folks here at Koko's have ,... one would think that We/Koko's warriors could have some sort of affect on "Breeders" to at least make some attempts to breed for longivity as well as beauty!!!!! These highly "Tuned" fish require such perfect conditions to live a relatively "short" lifespan it is a sad thing at times to me.....on the other hand ..... some of the most beautiful things in this world aren't with us for long .... so what do I know! W. Tom
  6. Now Red!! why do you have to bring up "smoking" while I'm enjoying a cigar outside in my "Taj Mahal"?!!! But you're right ... from everything I have read in this site ... there are indeed exceptions...... If you Google the oldest Goldfish in an aquarium you will see one that has lived almost 20 years in a small tank .... maybe it has to do with the local water system? ... afterall .. our normal testing doesn't address all of the problems with the public H2O systems. .... Tom
  7. Sand!!! You are fantastic! .... All of my fish are "Feeder Fish" although I paid 23 cents apiece for them ... quite a few died after bringing them home to my ponds due to the warmer water etc .... after all they were being kept in refridgerated contitions with no food ..I now have 14 fish .... I started out with 12 .... 7 died ... so the rest have propagated and that is where I am now ... I take pleasure in the fact I rescued all of my fish from "Death row"!!!! washingtongoldfish tom here's a link to my two babies ....http://s1098.photobucket.com/albums/g376/backyard11/
  8. Oerba Fang!!!! you are Awesome!!! washingtongoldfish tom
  9. Hey Au-fish! ... I noticed the same thing after moving 7 of 8 fish outside to my ponds .... I left one fish that just had gone through a hospital tank situattion.... she was healthy but acted very "shy" and hid anywhere she could .. I decided to go ahead and move her outside and she did very very well out there and has grown and matured ...I think they really do not like to be alone ... washingtongoldfish tom
  10. Hey Waaterfaller! ... I'm a pond person .... but have brought fish inside for the last 2 yrs ... I've had problems which the great folks here have helped me with .... I have, over the past couple years brought waterplants inside, in an effort to keep them alive over the winter .... for the most part this has not been successful but not because of the "Ceramic pots" ... they have not caused any problem with PH or anythingthing else .... as far as I know ..... washingtongoldfish tom
  11. Great info .... OK , so I will definitely split the medium in my outside similar filters and to be on the cautious side, I'll try and add the fish one at a time after checking the parameters.... thanks again for all the good info ..... Tom
  12. Grace ... great info .. thanks ... I know I'm pushing things but the plants have been such a positive thing over the past 3 yrs .... I will take it slow as you advise .. thanks again ... tom
  13. Grace!!!! Thankyou so much for responding! I really think I have a good set up of ceramic donuts etc .... for the colonies to get established but the timing is what I'm most interested in ... a completely new tank would take , what?, 4 to 5 weeks ... I started these new filters last week but I'm hoping it will not take that long ... any guesses on the amount of time? ... if I wait 5 weeks it will be end of May and that will set back my outside plans for the Summer ... don't worry .. I will not hold you responcible for your advice because I know , in the end, I must keep a close watch on things ... thanks again .... really!!! washingtongoldfish tom
  14. It just occured to me that .... in a "Cycled Tank" there is "no" ammonia! ... the second filter will never be "Cycled" ... what an idiot I am for even asking this question ... the only reason I added these filters was that I have read in this forum that people have recommended adding "another" filter to an existing tank ... someone please help me out on this!!!!! Tom
  15. Hi All, Happy Spring! ..... I have added an second underwater bio filter to my large tub/pond outside and another one to my inside tank ... in preparation of starting two more smaller outside tubs ... my question is this .... is the cycling time shortened when starting a new filter in an "Established Cycled" tank/pond? I'm pretty confused, as , unlike a new pond or aquarium I could tell by the testing whether my filter was cycling or not.... how do I tell with an additional filter in an already cycled tank/pond whether it is ready to move to the other location???? this would also apply when attempting starting another inside aquarium ... so I'm sure you gals&guys have dealt with this before ... sorry if I missed it somewhere ... thanks washingtongoldfish tom
  16. Once again .. you guys have surprized me! .... for some reason I did not think catching fish by hand was a good idea ....but when I tried to catch my fish last fall outside by using a plastic container .. somehow one of them damaged it's upper lip ... I'm going to try to catch them in my 55 gal tank soon when I move them back outside ....thanks washingtongoldfish tom
  17. Hi to all the great folks at Kokos, So with Spring coming ... I need to clean out two of my three "Crock/Ponds"outside, ... in preparation for this ... I have added another underwater bio filter to my big crock (100 gals) along with an extra infusion of biotics .. this filter, when it is "Cycled", will be moved to the "next smaller" crock ...(70 gals) ... my question is this ..... I plan on moving two of my fish, one from inside (3-4 inchs) and one from outside larger crock 3-4 inchs into my smaller crock (35 gals) ... so in preparation for this, I have added a small bio-filter to my indoor 55 gal aquarium....... will I be able to move this filter outside after I believe it is "Cycled" or will it "FAIL" once I move it outside? my indoor aquarium temp is around 67-68 deg .. the outside temp in mid May will be around 60-65 deg...... As a side note; I will be moving the two big babies that you all have so fantastically helped me to keep healthy over the winter indoors, out to the big crock and moving some of the fish (smaller)from the big crock to the 70 gal medium crock .... I would be interested in all of your thoughts on this .... I probably should be posting this on the "KOI" forum but as I have said before .... I trust all of you here .... washingtongoldfish tom
  18. Sparky2 OOPS! forgot to include my photobucket address here it is .... http://s1098.photobucket.com/albums/g376/backyard11/ washingtongoldfish tom
  19. Skarky2!!! .. You are a "kindred spirit"!! ...A fellow Northwesterner! .. I'm in Longview ..... My Lilies are just now starting to come to the surface of my 100 gal plastic trough ... I have some "Duckweed" growing and two pots of "Dwarf Cattails" and like you mentioned .. I'm waiting for the "Hyacinths to be available at my local outlet ... last year I purchased some online .... I have a 100 gal plastic semi-burried trough ... and a 60 gal semi-burried clay planter pot plus a 30 gal above ground clay planter pot ...I have been doing this for 3 + yrs and have had very good luck growing my "Common Goldfish" that I rescued from the feeder tank at my lfs ....with my underwater bio-filter set ups and my water plants ... my testing indicates I'm doing pretty good ... it's when I bring a couple fish in for the winter to enjoy that I have had problems !!!!! attached is my photobucket site to check out .. I will update thing later in the Spring .... good luck to you ... and thank goodness for "KOKOS" washingtongoldfish tom
  20. Hey "Fishy owner" ... I have a 100 gal outside tank/pond ... I've had 10 Common fish in it for 2 yrs ... they are 2 1/2 yrs old (3 1/2 to 4 inchs).... I have Hyacinth and Lilies plus dwarf cattails .. I have an underwater bio filter with a 500 gph pump with this set up ... after testing ... I have found in the summer months I will have to make 30% H2o changes about every 10 days ...I also have a 60 gal crock ... I've had it for over 3 yrs ... I have had Hyacinths in it each year and found that those plants will do such an unbelievable job that if you put 4 fish in it ( 4-6inchs) you will not have to do a H2O change for two weeks!I have an underwater bio filter with a 150gph pump on it .... I had such a big problem this winter when I wanted to bring my two 3 yr old babies inside for the winter they are around 6 inchs ... the folks here at Koko's saved me!!!!!!!!!I brought them into a 55 gal tanks but had so much trouble cycling it!!!! But.... to answer your question ... here's my advice. I think that 5-8 fish would be the best way to go if you had some water plants to use up the nitrate .... be sure and keep tabs on the the conditions .... you can adjust depending on how much "energy" you have for H2O changes ...attached is my photobucket site ... still working on it ....good luck to you ... I see you are a fellow Pacific Northwesterner! .... keep in touch .... http://s1098.photobucket.com/albums/g376/backyard11/ Washington Tom
  21. Hey Erinaceus! ... you are slowly beginning to be one of my favorite people on this site ...... washingtongoldfish tom
  22. It reminds me of a Star Trek episode ... when a planet was so over crowded they had to ask for volunteers to die in a planned death with Movies and other such things ... washingtongoldfish tom
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