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  1. I love the pics of Sir Loyn & Liz! They look like an adorable (sp?) pair.
  2. how exciting! Can't wait for pics!
  3. Way nice! thanks I'm glad to know something like this can be done!
  4. Your looks great! I love all the greenery thx for sharing
  5. I'm happy that things are moving along! More pics! Let me live vicariously........
  6. Ok - this is soooooo cool! I have a few questions.... great deal/steal on the pond btw!........do you have the pond setup in a room, or something like a garage? How would you do water changes? Is it the same a doing a tank? just more h2o going in/out? No cats? How does it fit into the room's decor? or is the pond the focal point/raison d'etre for the room? (sorry, HGTV addict) and....was it difficult persuading any Significant Other(s)/Room mate(s)? What about leaks?
  7. Yay! The fish will have friends to swim with! I'm glad Nameless Fishie will have friends with whom to swim. I do single tails - even though floaty tush Camilla and oh-so-serious Link doing his tank constitutional pull at my heart strings....single-tails seem to be hearty and resilient for a newbie (and somewhat absent-minded) fishkeeper like myself.... edited to fiddle with the grammar...... I'm such a dweeby nerd sometimes!
  8. S/he's very cute. may you both have a long and happy life together? p.s. is the fish all alone? or will s/he be going into a community tank?
  9. No way! eta: I would have never guessed he would have turned! He's gorgeous, but Rachel looks very nice from the top How big are they? the I want one!
  10. oooo. oO.... Granny Fang! This sounds like the start of a very interesting saga..... all children are a blessing.....and sometimes a pain in the butt! eta: please keep us posted (I love your exasperated and sarcastic comments)
  11. This way, at least you and your hubby don't have to shell out 50k+/year for tuition!
  12. Isnt' it "Clapton is God"? And hey, anything that works....ya know what I'm sayin!? Personally, I like Barry White.....
  13. You are doing a great thing, BuggyB - a good parent puts the needs of the "children" before his/her own needs. The fish will be esctatic in their new home. You did a good job raising them! I know that I too may one day have to give up my single tail..... I hope that I will have HALF the grace (and luck in finding a good place!) and dignity as you!
  14. I'm in love w/Fargo :heart ......I live in Sacto also - what store did you get Fargo from?
  15. That fish is GORGEOUS!!! I love the coloring
  16. I wanted to try something new when I bought some packaged seaweed from PetCoStore. The package said "Great for Picky Eaters!" I thought I'd give it a shot (I've been experimenting w/different treats for Seymoura - peeled grapes, minced garlic, an orange slice - - she hated all of these ) I put a small piece on a food clip (also new) - she didn't bite, and after a few minutes, the seaweed started dissolving. Seymoura would taste a small piece, chew it for a while, then spit it out. She did that quite a few times. The floating seaweed bits really messed up the tank (which still smelled a little like the minced garlic I tried the other day). Side question: should I have soaked the garlic in water to soften the garlic's sharp taste? When I told my mother about Seymoura's reaction to the seaweed, she said "well, seaweed is an acquired taste." She was talking about humans, but could it apply to fish? Should I give it another try? Could I have used regular (i.e. people) seaweed? I used to work at a health food store that sold seaweed in bulk - don't know if stores still do that, but I figured that I could get a little and not pay so much..... if Seymoura might end up liking seaweed....
  17. yay, you! It looks very nice.....does the plant need x amount of hours of light to bloom? or does it bloom after you split the plant (like Miki did)?
  18. I got an automatic feeder (TopFin, I believe) it was sort of unreliable - sometimes putting out a little food, sometimes putting out a TON, sometimes nothing. I had it set up while I was around just to see how it worked. I was not happy. There are those weekend/holiday super mega food pills. That's what I ususally use when off for a week. So far the fish hasn't died. (I do worry that I'll come back to some dreadful tragedy. But luckily, my luck, or rather the fish's luck, has held. fingers crossed.)
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