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  1. aawwww pretty fish .xx i struggle too to cpature good pics of my black fish xx
  2. oooh wow great photos , loving the black moor woohoo oh and of course all the other fishies xxx
  3. oh becs i hope everything goes well for your fishies. thinking of you xx
  4. i think it is a butterfl im sure sakura said it was xx
  5. thank you / i soo love my fishies xxxxx
  6. no koko only the bridge and palm tree as decoration ,no logsor rocks someone i cant remem who a while ago said it was the airstones in the tank which were making the ph higher than the tap. so i put airstones in the buckets of water fer few hours and it brings the ph up ready to put in the tank. thanks
  7. thank you stakos it wa geting tiring having to do al them buckets . il get some ph buffer thanks xx
  8. hi guys my tap ph is 7.4 and tank ph is 8.2 ph so im hhaving to fill buckets and put airstone in them for 2 hours to get ph up as i have airstones in the tank which is making the ph at 8.2 instead of doing this with all the buckets is it safe to use a product to treat the water out the tap straight away to get ph higher thanks
  9. thanks trinket no i only got 3 fish in a 42 gallon tank and i got 520 gph filtration and i dont over feed either .i got a big 5 metre roll of floss to keep me going for a while. so im guessing im ok il just keep up with the water changer fer now xx
  10. hi my new filters have been running just over 5 weeks now . i havent cleaned them yet as it has just cycled. when should i be thinking of cleaning the filters they are internal and have sponge floss and bio max in them. i know to clean them in old tank water but just wondered is it too soon the clean them after it being cycled should i wait a while longer thanks also i havent done a water change since fri 18th feb so im gonna do one tomorow, what percentage of water should i change and should i do this weekly thanks again
  11. thanks guys ive been making sure shadow gets her share too xx she knows the other 2 are about and gobbles hers up real quick lol
  12. aaah thank you i loved his colour
  13. here are my new fish ihave been quarantine them for 4 weeks ,the orange one is star and the bronze is sparkle. shadow has new playmates wooh hoo
  14. just realised these pics were taken before palm trees lol only just loaded them onto my pc.lol
  15. ooh yes shadow on a date wooh hoo yes she has got a wee belly on her now lol,hope that doesnt put george off lol
  16. aahh thanks im sure its a she now and she has got loads bigger
  17. i spoke too soon the niitrites had gone back down to 0 on mon and tuesday so i didnt do a water change yesterday and today i have nitritesa again .25 .what is happening oh dear ,anyone any ideas thanks x
  18. hiys mj bubbles its been 4 weeks and 5 days for my tank to cycle thanks ashlee x
  19. hi im form the uk too and have learnt so much from these guys whenever i do a water change i always put prime in the new water .i get it off ebay its quite cheap, also i got silk plants instead of plastic as i have a black moor and dont want to damgae her eyes. my tank is 42 gallon and i have 2 internal filters in the tank i know they take up a bit of room but they are goo, they are the fluval U4 which again io got on ebay and gives me 520 gph i did have gravel in my first 10 gallon tank but found it messy cleaning so now i gone bare bottom tank much easier to clean but eveyone is differnet. also i got the api freshwater master kit it tests for amonai nitrite nitrates and ph again off ebay lol
  20. well my nitrates are 20ppm and that cause i got a filter connected to my main water to filter out nitrates .when the filter new the nitrates a re 0 but after a few water changes it looses its effect and i have to change it , so im gonna change it real soon . also how often should i do water changes now and when should i look at cleaning the filters out . just giving them a swoosh in old tankd water. thanks
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