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  1. oh - HE no SHE, sorry! I can't tell gf genders very well!
  2. It doens't sound like he's doing too well, but I'm sorry I don't know what to suggest. I hope he livens up soon. Maybe a small filter or something to move the water around a bit? Good luck~!
  3. Very cute! She looks a little bratty, but very cute. Love her coloring and clearly doesn't see being a small fish in a big pond to be a problem.
  4. Wow! They are pretty big given how small gf are! How amazing!
  5. Hi guys! I did a water change for Fluffy this morning before work. The new water had been conditioning in the bathroom, and when I was ready to put it in the tank, I noticed that it was much colder than the tank water. I didn't know what to do and didn't have time to wait for the temps to equalize naturally. So I took a couple cups of the new water and microwaved it for a couple of minutes. Then I added it to the bucket of new water and swished it around before adding it to the tank. Do you think this will have harmful effects on the water or the fish? I don't intend to do it often, but it sure helped me out this morning. xo MJ
  6. Very interesting image, and a great way to combine two things you were learning about. Thanks for all you do, Koko
  7. I love the plants attached to the rocks. I'm thinking of getting one for Fluffy and replacing the plastic one. I think a taller plant would really look great in there.
  8. I love the bottom one with the buddhas and the temple. Lovely tanks and such CLEAR water. mj
  9. Mine would be a Redwood Forest theme and lots of plants growing out of logs and hollow logs that the fish could swim through. I'd have some mushrooms growing on the floor, and maybe even elves or fairies flitting among the trees.
  10. Then I think he's ok. I may just not have noticed the poops. The big poop was just after I gave him peas for the first time. Is this like being a parent? Discussing the pooping habits of our dependents?\
  11. Hi. I have only seen Fluffy poop twice in the 3 weeks I've had him. Once it was long and "normal" looking. The other time, it was a tiny little one. I don't see much poop on the floor of the tank either. I've been feeding him soaked flakes 2x per day and some kind of veggie (peas, spinach) in the evening and also fasting him 1x week. Shouldn't he poop after he eats each meal? (Like dogs do? - Most of my pet experience is with dogs, so that's my frame of reference) Thanks for your help, MJ
  12. As they say in my line of work...education leads to change. Sounds like you've already helped your co-worker improve conditions for her fish. As a newbie - I was completely surprised when I learned how much room goldies need for optimum health! I thought you just stuck them in a tank with a filter and fed them. So it sounds like you're helping step by step.
  13. I love the minimalist look of the tank and different kind of rocks and pebbles on the floor. and Hugo is breathtaking!
  14. Beautiful! I really like the monochrome look. The goldies really stand out!
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