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  1. Wow! That's really fun...I like it. It's impressive that TD has kept it going for so long.
  2. it looks like a disco fish tank! I like it
  3. I think Fluffy is a really good name for a goldfish with lovely flowing fins! But my Fluffy got her name because I really wanted a dog, but couldn't get one...I figured a dog's name might help. How did your Fluffy get his name?
  4. I just looked at my notes and realize that I've have Fluffy for just over 2 years! It seems longer than that, for some reason. Two years since I got bitten by the goldie bug. Anyway, I wanted to show you his/her progress (and mine as a goldfish mom). Here she is, when I first got her. She's in the 'spacious' 3 gallon Penguin tank...not cycled or anything. I thought that by changing the water every week, things would be ok. (that was before I found Koko's). What a cute baby she was - and so small...remember that this is a tiny 3 gallon tank! Then Here she is in her 29 gallon...which I cycled with her in it. Blurgh! waterchanges!!! Soon she grew too big for the log, and I removed it. I have to say, this is when I was happiest as a fishkeeper - one fish, one tank. Fluffy was growing and happy. But then, I got the bug again...I upgraded to a 55... And added 3 more goldfish, and 7 white cloud mountain minnows (who soon became 4 due to mysterious death/goldfish snacks) and then 4 nerite snails!!! You can see how much bigger Fluffy was compared to the others. Fluffy is still the beauty of the tank, but had problems with floatiness, and often floats upside down in the tank. I believe this is because the tank is a bit overstocked, and the nitrates get high. Part of me wishes I'd stuck to the One Fish, One Tank Mantra...Although I do love the newer fish, I remember the olden days when it was just me and Fluffy! :wub: :wub: I've really learned a lot and feel like I have friends here on Koko's. Thanks a lot for all the support and help. Happy Birthday, Fluffy!
  5. very festive. I have a black background, so the fishies have to make do with some holly garland taped around the top. Love the background! Good job!
  6. That's a small one! My smallest, Jelly Bean. weighed only 6 grams the first time I weighed him. He's up to 9 now, but has not grown as much as the others in the same time period. I wonder why not?
  7. They are all really lovely! Thanks for sharing your progress with us.
  8. Wow! That's a beauty! I can see why you couldn't pass him up!
  9. She s lovely fang! It's funny how much more feminine she looks than the boy. Congratulations!
  10. Sweaters? How'd that happen? Mine are: Fluffy - ryukin Hercules Poirot - fantail Emma Goldman - left leaning ranchu Jelly bean - orange ran hundred. He was about the size of a jelly bean when I got him. And the Littles - 1, 2, 3, and 4! White cloud mtn minnows.
  11. He looks like a tequila sunrise! Lovely. Congrats Fang!
  12. How exciting! I keep hoping to see some little fry in my plants, but no luck so far. They are lucky that they found there way into the breeder box, and you rescued them Congratulations!
  13. Hi everyone. Here I am again. I LOVE the Soilent green and so do the fishies! Looking forward to the raffle. mj
  14. The snails are still available...Any takers?! I'll send them on Monday. Jamie Monster had a good point about them sitting in one place on Sunday. PM me if you're interested.
  15. Hi there. I have too many nerite snails in my slightly overstocked tank. They have done an excellent job of cleaning my tank and now there isn't enough algae to feed them. I have 1 horned Nerite (smaller than a dime) and 2 tiger striped Nerites (about 1 inch). I will ship them to you the same way they were shipped to me. I would like to sell them for $6 plus shipping. What I'm thinking, since it's koko's...I'll ship them to you and we can do a Paypal payment when you receive them. If you're interested, PM me with your mailing address. I will mail them this Saturday. Thanks a lot! mj
  16. Hi all. Sorry I've been gone so long. I've been away from my computer a lot lately. Yes, I made the comment about hanging the tank from the ceiling because the photo was upside down. Now it's mysteriously right side up. I've decided I'm overstocked - tap nitrates = 0, And as Fang said, I have 4 goldfish that are growing, 5 nerites and 4 wccm's in a 55 gallon tank. I can't decide who to re-home, though. Possibly the snails - last in, first out and all that! But they do such a good job of cleaning up the algae. The goldie I'd get rid of is Hercule, but he's not my fish...he belongs to sweetie. Plus, I don't trust giving a goldfish away to a stranger since they might keep it in a bowl or something. So that leaves the wccms - Darn! I like them a lot. Anyway! Here is a bigger picture of the tank with the new plants.
  17. It is a great feeling! Good job Fish look happy & healthy. I like the decorations too.
  18. Actually, I would too. I LOVE the wccm's but I feel the tank would look better and if it were just one species or the other. Ideally, I'd have another 55 for the wccm's but I do not want to have the maintenance for two tanks. I would definitely recommend sticking to goldfish. mj
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