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  1. I like this one: http://www.dandyorandas.com/auctions/uncategorized/calico-ryukin-44/

    I like the freckles. How old are these fish? It's taken Hercule almost 3 years to start growing his wen.

    I have to say that these prices are a bit much for me...and when you add in the shipping, it's a serious investment. I do like the surprise that comes with buying a baby fish from a reputable pet store and seeing how they grow up. But these are stunning fish and I'm sure they are worth the money...I just haven't chosen to spend the money that way.


  2. Wow! Tammy. I love it. The sparkle rocks and the rocks with words are really pretty. And the fish are just wonderful/. I have a picture of your old tank in my screensaver file, and it looks like i'll need to update it...

    I like the lighter colored bottoms, because the fish seem to pop against it. My only objection is that they seem to get dirty quickly. Will look forward to hearing how you find the maintenance.



  3. New plants from re vamped local fish store - two plastic arrangements which you see in the picture, and a huge anubius bartarii. The fish store is so nice it's making me want to break my one tank policy and add a third tank. Maybe its more of a 'one tank for each kind of fish' policy. Since I already have one goldfish tank and 1 Berta tank. :whistle

    Of course, Hercules Poirot - zee leetle ooranj feesh - :hi wanted to be in the picture!


  4. Thanks everyone. Yes, the littles are white cloud mountain minnows. I love them! These are the last remaining 3 of 7. The other 4 became snacks , I think. No bodies were ever found. :angry:

    I would like to get some more, but would have to grow them out separately. That would violate the 1 tank rule at my house.

    Thanks for appreciating my fishies!


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  5. Hi all. I was fooling around with my camera and thought I'd post a little video update of the fish.

    Here's Hercule the Oranda. He's grown a lot in the 3 years I've had him and his wen is really taking off. His name is Hercule because when we got him he had a little black mustache.


    And here they are eating a piece of lettuce. Hercule, Jelly Bean and the littles.


    Thanks for looking.


  6. Me too. They generally fast on Saturday. I think its better for them. They will not starve because there is plenty of algae and things for them to forage for

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