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  1. They are nerites!! That's good news! I was not looking forward to maintaining the snail habitat for a week.

    I actually like the idea of small habitats in different parts of the house, but the maintenance seems a bit much.

    Thanks for the good news, and all your contributions tot he fo, Alex.


  2. That's a very sensible way to go, I think, Mandie.

    Enjoy E&B in their smaller tank for now. I bigger tank is more work, and two tanks is even more opportunity for stress...cuz as you know, goldies are expert at finding things for us to worry about.

    Also, I've found that patience is really a good thing to have around keeping fish.


  3. Thanks Kortinee.

    SHe's better tonight. Looks normal and the red on her belly is mostly gone. I'll keep an eye on it.

    I think she may be getting too much food. She hoovers up the food so fast while the smaller ones are still chewing their first mouthful. I may have to try other ways of feeding. Maybe drop a few, and wait for the smalls to finish chewing before dropping any more.

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