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  1. mjbubbles
    So the gang has been eating Repashy for about 2 weeks and I wanted to see if it's made a difference in their weight:
    Fluffy 59 grams
    Hercule Poirot 21
    Jelly Bean 9
    Emma Goldman 17
    on July 19,
    Fluffy 56 grams
    Hercule 18 grams
    Emma 14
    Jelly 9
    Fluffy has been much less floaty since we switched to Repashy. They all seem to love it and are doing well if the weight gain is any indication. Jelly Bean has not put on any weight...it's kind of strange because I think he looks bigger...time will tell, I guess.
    Today when I did the water change, I noticed some white 'grains of salt' on Fluffy and Hercule. I decided to dose with .1% salt. So I had to move the snails out to their own container. Here's a picture. They have a plant, a bubbler and a net so they won't crawl out. They look pretty happy. I've put some Repashy in there for food. They don't seem to have discovered its deliciousness yet.

    That's the news from the Bubbles house for now!
    Happy Weekend to you all!
  2. mjbubbles
    Today was weighing day at the Bubbles' house. I've been away for 6 weeks. The fish have been fed only twice a week while I was away, so I wanted to see what was going on. On my return I've noticed that Hercule has really grown - he seems almost as big as Fluffy! The other little ones have also grown a lot. Fluffy has been on a diet because of floatiness. I keep her away from the processed food when I feed the others. Fluffy gets veggies daily, and they all get bloodworms twice a week. It's clearly having an impact, because Fluffy has lost 4 grams, while the others have gained
    So here's the results of today's weigh-in:
    July 19,
    Fluffy 56 grams - down 7%
    Hercule 18 grams - up 38%
    Emma 14 - up 21%
    Jelly 9 - up 33%
    On March 3,
    Fluffy was 56 grams
    Hercule was 11
    Emma was 6
    and Jelly was 6.
    April 6, (6 weeks later)
    Fluffy is 60 grams
    Hercule is 13
    Emma is 11
    and Jelly is 6
  3. mjbubbles
    Hi All. Tithra got me interested in the growth of my group today, so I pulled out the scale and caught everyone to weigh and take pictures. No pictures of Fluffy because she freaked out in the bowl that was not deep enough for her. But you can see everyone else.
    On March 3,
    Fluffy was 56 grams
    Hercule was 11
    Emma was 6
    and Jelly was 6.
    Today, (6 weeks later)
    Fluffy is 60 grams
    Hercule is 13
    Emma is 11
    and Jelly is 6
    In that time, they've had only Jumpstart for two weeks, and then I added the Jumpstart into the rotation to give them some ongoing support. I think it's helping with their health.
    I'm a bit worried that Jelly hasn't grown at all. I have started feeding by hand to make sure that he gets his share. He's so much smaller than the others and they can hoover up several pellets in the time that he chews one. I hope that will help.
    I had noticed that Emma has been filling out, but she's almost doubled in weight in 6 weeks. That seems a bit much and I wonder if I made a mistake there.
    Anyway, here are pictures:
    Jelly Bean - I think he's a boy because he follows Fluffy around like Hercule's sidekick. He's too small to see any breeding stars yet. He has a cute little wiggle when he's swimming.

    Hercule - my little mutant fish - he as two tails, a long body like a common, a belly and now seems to be growing a wen!

    Emma Goldman - she's really filled out recently. Her deformed tail has healed quite a bit so she doesn't tilt left as much now. She's got a nice egg shaped body. She's my favorite (after Fluffy, of course). Sorry for the poop. She didn't like being in the bowl.

    Thanks for looking.
  4. mjbubbles
    I was reading Kulukan's threads about the ich outbreak in her tankS and pond. She's gone through so much h@@l the last few weeks with both her pond and tank fish getting slammed with ich. It sounds like all she's done since it started is change water and check params. Several have died.
    She did it all right, too. qt'd the new fish and everything.
    I would find that so discouraging and would probably be tempted to get out of the hobby altogether.
    I really admire kulukan and everyone else who nurses their fish back to health, and who come back from adversity and fish loss to re-stock tanks and keep going with it.
  5. mjbubbles
    Well, I spoke too soon. Hercule is chasing Fluffy all over. Fluffy seems pretty floaty and Hercule keeps knocking her over. She's upside down most of the time . I also think she has a red mark on her stomach. Boo! I took pictures and will start a d&d post tomorrow.
    In the meantime, I hope she evens herself out over night.
  6. mjbubbles
    So the gang had spinach for dinner.
    One piece fell out of the clip and I saw Fluffy & Hercule playing tug of war with it. Fluffy was pulling Hercule all over the tank. It was so funny and I ran to get my camera, but they saw me, dropped the spinach and came over to beg from me!
    Darn it! It would have been such a funny video.
  7. mjbubbles
    So Fluffy has been in qt for several weeks and I finally did a big water change of the 55 and added her back in.
    I also cleaned out the canister filter. I realized yesterday that it had been 3 months and I had not yet cleaned it. It wasn't too dirty, and luckily it all went back together pretty smoothly.
    I did the bucket to bucket method to transfer Fluffy so any remaining nasties from qt were not transferred into the big tank.
    She seems very happy to be back in the big tank, although maybe a bit stressed from being scooped up into the bucket and then again into the tank.
    I've mentioned that Hercule seems to be a bully and he immediately honed in on Fluffy and started chasing her around the tank. He was all up in her tail feathers, and pushing her up to the surface from underneath. Poor Fluffy was really being buffeted around by Hercule. I caught him and put him in a naughty basket floating on the surface. He doesn't like it one bit and is pushing his nose through the holes in the basket trying to get out . I hope that a night in the naughty cage will help him get used to Fluffy being there, and give Fluffy some time to get used to being home.
    Fluffy seems to have lost a lot of her color while in qt. Here orange patch has faded to a light gold. I hope it comes back!
    Have you ever not liked a fish? I don't think I like Hercule very much. I feel disloyal to say it, but it's true. He's a big pest to the other fish and is always swimming around and chasing them. The tank seemed much more peaceful before he came along. I guess that's why they say not to mix goldfish types.
  8. mjbubbles
    As you know, Fluffy is in qt because of bloat and possible dropsy.
    The qt tub is right next to the main tank. Last night when I went out there, all 3 little fish were sleeping in the corner of the tank next to where Fluffy was in the qt.
    Awwww! so cute.
    Fluffy seems better. She hasn't been bottom sitting at all. She's active and hungry, but still looks swollen to me. The scales have gone down completely. BUT she hasn't pooped today. I fed her spinach this morning and this evening...so I don't know what's going on.
    I'll do a wc now and see if that moves things along.
    Ahh, these fish...they cause us worry!
    I was out at brunch today and got to thinking about the fish. I totally lost the track of the conversation because of the one I was having in my head about the fishies.

  9. mjbubbles
    I got a new scale today and weighed the fish.
    Also bought a scale and weighed all 4 fish - Fluffy is 56 grams, Hercule is 11, Jelly is 6 and Emma is 6.
    This is ready for when I add the Metro Meds next week if need be. Also, it will be a cool way to track their growth.
    It was fun to scoop them into a tub of water and weigh them. I hope to keep track of their growth over time.
  10. mjbubbles
    So I was out of leaf veggies this morning, so I thought I'd try carrot.
    I boiled it for several minutes until was was super soft and then put it in the clip. They couldn't bite it, so I tried to hand feed them little tiny pieces.
    They were all hungry and took little pieces from my fingers. "Chew, chew. SPITTTUEEE!" was the response from all 4 of them. They would grab a bit that someone else had spit out and spit it out again.
    Then I tried a bit of apple that I'd cooked for my breakfast. Same response. Aww. Poor fishies!
    I hoped that they'd eventually get used to it and eat it, but they didn't. The tank bottom had all these little bits of partially chewed apple and carrot all over it. I had to get the siphon out and suck them out.
    I gave in and fed them a pinch of the veggie flakes for breakfast. Oh well, better luck next time!
  11. mjbubbles
    Well, finally got batteries for the camera, and here are the results of tonight's photo shoot. I'm really pleased with the new lights and can finally get some good shots. Enjoy!
    Full tank shot:

    Hercule, who is so proud of his breeding stars!

    Fluffy, who recently laid eggs all over the tank.

    Jelly Bean and Emma Goldman, who have grown bellies lately

    The plants are getting established and one of the anubius has a flower!

    Not a very good shot, but the only one I could get of all 4 together.

    Four of the five littles, and a great shot of all the equipment in the back ground

    Glub Glub! Silly fish.

    Thanks for looking!
  12. mjbubbles
    So I got home tonight and set up the new light fixture. This is the one I got http://store.seacorals.net/deblsohe2do4.html It has a blue tube, a daylight tube, and blue leds for that disco look.
    I love the way it looks. The fish pop, you can see the littles from across the room, and I am sure the plants are going to love it! Fluffy's white seems so silvery in the brightness.
    It seems crazy to me that the leds are always on, but at least they don't use much electricity.
    I realize it's meant to be a saltwater light...but it's here now and if there are problems, I can change out the blue bulb. I just hope I don't get a bunch of algae growing.
    Anyway, I'd post a picture but my camera is out of batteries. I'll have to get some tomorrow.
    Take care!
  13. mjbubbles
    I am a mean fish mom!
    Last night I put the pellets to soak in a shot glass and rested it on the top of the tank. Then I got distracted and went on to do something else. Fifteen minutes later, I came back.
    The whole crew was crammed in the corner under the shot glass. They could see the food, but couldn't reach it. Oh I felt so bad!!! I had to laugh though, because those fish knew exactly what was in the glass and they wanted it bad!
    My new light is here and I'll set it up on the weekend. It has the blue moonlights that are on all the time. I don't really understand why...anyway, I'll see how it goes. I hope that the new lights will boost the plants, and also allow me to take some better pictures of the crew. We are long overdue for a photoshoot - everyone grew in January.

  14. mjbubbles
    Last night was pea night...I'd been away since Friday night, so they had fasted 24 hours when I got home. I defrosted 5 peas in the microwave and smushed them out of their shells. The fish were so desperate for food , that I forgot to make some of them into small pieces.
    Fluffy hoovered up 2 or 3 before they hit the bottom and was madly chewing. The littles attacked the pieces as they fell. Jelly (the smallest goldie) grabbed one piece and managed to break it into two halves and started munching. Emma Goldman scooped up the other half.
    Hercule Poirot, managed to snag the biggest piece of pea. It was so big that he couldn't chew it, but he wouldn't let go of it to get a better hold. He was chewing and chewing, but couldn't really make any progress. He was swimming around with a big pea sticking out from his mouth. Finally I took pity on him, and put my hand in the water and grabbed the pea from him. Then I fed it to him in smaller pieces....He's still afraid of my hand, so I eventually had to drop it in front of him. It made me realize that I haven't trained the new fish to eat out of my hand. That's something that I'll need to do soon.
    On other news, my Valentine's Day present was waiting for me when I met up with sweetie on Friday. It's a new 48" light fixture with 2 T8 bulbs and blue led's. It's the same as Shawnee and Ashlee have. I can hardly wait to set it up. I think the plants are going to love it.
  15. mjbubbles
    Hi there. I got back on Wednesday evening after 26 hours of travel. The fish sitter did a great job. All the fish are well, and the water quality was acceptable. Fishsitter did a great job!! The divider didn't work. Fluffy kept getting through it to the littles' side. Luckily all the littles are still there. I hope Fluffy is over his desire to eat his tank mates!
    Here are a few pictures I wanted to share with you. First, a picture of some Indian goldfish to keep this post on topic.

    Here is every kind of plastic container you'd ever want. All in one little shop:

    Here I am in my pilgrim outfit. We were visiting Indian Buddhists and it was felt that we'd have a better presence in matching outfits. It worked. The people we visited were so warm and welcoming, and the street vendors seemed to bother us less when we were in our "blues".

    We visited some slums. These are people from the untouchable caste who have converted to Buddhism as a way to side step the oppression of the caste system. They are followers of Dr. Ambedkar who wrote the Indian Constitution and converted to Buddhism with many of his fellow untouchables in the '50's.

    The second half of the trip was out into the countryside to visit ancient Buddhist sites. Here are the caves of Badji that were in use 2500 years ago as meditation and worship sites. We also visited Bodh gaya, Sarnath and Varanasi, but I don't have any pictures because my camera crapped out.

    Thanks for reading so far. It's nice to be back and catch up with my online friends.
  16. mjbubbles
    Alex and Molly suggested getting a tank divider to keep the littles safe from Fluffy.
    So I bought one at lunch and put it in tonight. It was about 1 inch too narrow, so I used a row of suction cups to hold a piece of tubing in place to plug the gap. Then I had the challenge of catching the littles and putting them in their side. Those guys are fast! I fed the two groups separately and all seems well.
    Then I sat down to watch them, and what do i see? one of the littles has gotten through the gap and is swimming around the big half of the tank!! Silly fish!
    While I was in there, I moved some of the ornaments around and planted the onion plant a bit deeper. I also took the strawberry basket out since the sword plant is now on the littles' side and they don't eat it. I hope it will now be able to grow big and strong.
    The divided tank looks kind of strange, but it will keep the littles' safe. I wonder if some of the eggs will hatch now that the goldies aren't there to eat them?
    Thanks for the suggestion, Alex and Molly.
  17. mjbubbles
    As you know, I started out with 7 White Cloud Mountain Minnows in the 55 with Fluffy and the other goldfish. They are known as the littles - since it seems silly to give names to such tiny critters. Anyway, they seem to be getting names posthumously. Seven disappeared a few days after they went into the tank, and now Six seems to have disappeared as well. I have searched all over the tank and under the planters and ornaments. I have never seen any remains of either of them.
    The only one big enough to eat the minnows is Fluffy. Do you really think he could have done it? How do they digest a 1 inch fish?
    The tank has a cover on it so I don't really think they jumped out.
    I feel sad right now cuz I like the littles. They are really pretty and I love the way they are so active. I hope the others figure out how to survive. RIP 6 and 7.
  18. mjbubbles
    The other morning while I was drinking my tea and watching the fish, Milou the big kitty jumped up on the table next to the tank and was intently watching. You must understand that Milou is quite large (22 lbs.) and takes up at least 6 inches when sitting. The space on the table was only 4 inches, so it was quite funny to watch him squeeze into the space to watch the fish.
    here's a short video:

    It was so cute!!
  19. mjbubbles
    Hi everyone. The setting sun shines into the tank and I decided to take some pictures. Here are Fluffy, Jelly, and Hercule saying hello. Emma Goldman was off organizing the masses and did not want to be photographed.

  20. mjbubbles
    Even though they have lost one of their number, the white cloud mountain minnows are very happy in the 55. I came home the other night and Al Green was blasting in the underwater stereo and the male minnows were competing with each other for the attention of the females. They would swim really fast next to each other trying to show their fins to the best advantage. This took place all over the tank. I took a little video (sorry it's so dark), but you can see the 2 females and 2 males swimming back and forth together.
    I don't imagine any eggs will actually hatch but they are producing nice snacks for the goldies to eat.
  21. mjbubbles
    Well, I went to check on the fish this morning. Everyone seemed fine. Hungry, but fine! There was a bit of a scrimmage when I fed them. Fluffy tried to eat all the pellets before they hit the bottom, and then swam around chewing madly while chasing the others away.
    When I counted the littles, I couldn't find Seven. Usually the 6 swim around together, and Seven was off by him/herself. Well this morning, no Seven. I thought maybe I just missed him, since it's hard to count them as they swim around so much. But even half an hour later, there was no Seven. I wonder if he's been eaten?
    There was some debris floating around that I couldn't really tell what it was...maybe it was Seven's remains.
    Anyway, it's the law of the fittest, even in the pampered environment of the aquarium, but I'm sorry that Seven is gone.
    On the other hand, I think the littles were laying eggs last night. They were dancing around each other near the low growing plants. A few minutes later the goldies were there having a chow down.
    Can anyone tell me if White Cloud minnow eggs are visible to the eye? and how long they take to hatch? Not that any fry have a chance in that tank with 4 goldies, but it would be neat to raise some one day. (Maybe in the Spring after India, I'll have time to do that.)
  22. mjbubbles
    I went home early, to check on the fish. To my great relief, all was peaceful. Hercule has stopped chasing Fluffy, all 7 littles are still there, and Emma and Jelly Bean are happily exploring. They are so little that it takes them about 10 minutes to swim from one end of the tank to the other! Emma seems to have taken up residence in the log. I think the 2 lionheads get thrown around by the current quite a bit, so they spend a lot of time under cover.
    I fed them a tiny bit this evening but will probably not feed them again for a couple of days to allow the cycle to catch up with the extra load. I'll be getting a lot of this: in the next few days.
    If all goes well, I'll be taking down the 20 gallon this weekend and store it in the garage. Maybe in the spring I'll bring it out and set it up again. All this talk of a bigger betta tank with other fish has me thinking... Betta, kuhli loaches and white clouds? Anyway...I don't have time until the spring.
  23. mjbubbles
    This morning I move the littles over to the 55 gallon tank. As suggested by Alistairw, dnalex and Sakura, I took Fluffy out of the tank, did a big water change and moved the decorations around. Then I added the littles. The Goldies were relatively easy to catch, but those minnows are fast and it took a while. Here's a video of them in their new home. Sorry for the quality. I think I need Santa to bring me a better video camera.

    I gave them a few minutes to get used to things and then I added Fluffy back in. I was worried that Fluffy would chase the littles around. And for the first 30 seconds she did. She went after the littles to see if they were snacks, and even tried to nibble on Jelly Bean. Then Hercule discovered how secksy Fluffy is and started chasing her all over the tank all up in her tail feathers. It was quite bad for a while. Poor Fluffy was swimming fast trying to get away. This is not how I thought it would be!

    Luckily, by the time I left for work, Hercule had started to calm down. I hope Hercule gives up on the idea before Fluffy is run ragged. Everyone else is calmly exploring the tank. The littles look really pretty in the lights - and Jelly and Emma are a cute as ever.
    I have left the qt tank up for now in case I need to move someone out of the 55. I hope I don't have to, cuz I'm quite looking forward to only having one tank to care for!
    Thanks for looking.
  24. mjbubbles
    I did a big water change to day to get the salt out and then added a dose of Prazi. Everyone is happy and healthy in QT, so I hope to start moving fish over next week. I want to get everyone into the big tank by Christmas so we have a couple of weeks for things to settle in before I go on my big trip.
    It's fun to see how they have turned into a group, the 3 goldies are usually together and there are 3 WCM's that hang out together and another group of 4 who swim around together.
    One of the mama WCM's is so big and fat. I wonder if she'll lay eggs soon? I don't really expect to have any babies survive the goldfish, but it would be really cool if it worked. I have never had egg layers before, and have always thought it was super difficult. My only other experience with fish breeding was guppies, and they are pretty automatic I think. I'm considering keeping the WCM's in the 20 gallon and starting up a coldwater tropical tank. Hmm ! that sounds pretty weird - a coldwater tropical tank... I guess I should say a coldwater tank. Anyway, you can see that the tank-itis is in full swing, even though when I started this hobby, I swore I'd only have ONE tank and ONE fish.
    Fluffy had chewed on the swords so much that I took them out of the tank. I traded the swords for the anubias in the betta tank. I had hoped he;d leave them alone but he has eaten all the new growth. So no more swords for Fluffy.
    That's the update for tonight. Take care!
  25. mjbubbles
    I got home so late last night that I barely checked that the fish were still there.
    Housemate did a good job of feeding them, even though he was sick himself from his travels.
    This morning, I'm sitting drinking my tea and watching the gang demolish some lettuce.
    The littles have all grown - especially Jelly Bean who is now almost as big as Emma.
    Fluffy is at home in the 55, although I notice a tear in his tail which may have come from the new tunnel ornament. I will take it out and make sure there are no rough edges to it. I want to have it in there so there's a hiding place for the littles once I move them in. Also a couple of the plants are mysteriously uprooted, will re-plant this afternoon.
    I'm glad it all went well. I was worried about leaving my housemate in charge of all the new fish.
    I'm going away again in January for a month, so this was a good trial run.
    This afternoon will get the waterchanger out and do a big wc on both tanks. I LOVE the waterchanger! I've figured out a way to run the water out the window to a big barrel in the garden, so I don't have to carry buckets downstairs anymore. WC's take only 1 hour for both tanks now, including cleaning the algae and putzing around with the decor.
    Thanks for reading!
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