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  1. Oh that's REALLY good that they don't get the floats!
  2. Are gardening plastic planters ok to use as a mini pond? Or are they toxic?
  3. I bet this stuff makes them grow like crazy! My big one looks to be a female now lol
  4. Oh that's the big bites! I did see them! My guys are tiny so I had to get the small bites!
  5. I only got it in a jar. I think I paid $7.99 for it. How big is your bag?
  6. They gobbled it right up just like the Hikari!
  7. Aren't they?! I ask the fish store and they're like we can order them for you, but I don't want just any random one! I want to pick!
  8. I went to Petco last night to get crickets for my frog and ran into them! Got myself a jar of it! Spoiled fish LOL
  9. Oh wow yeah she is getting more orange, but I like that the black is still solid even though it is receding! I wish we can get the black to come back once it is gone... I have a orange and white feeder that had black edging to its fins and the black is gone now, but the orange is getting lighter too?
  10. Years ago I got a butterfly tail goldfish. I have never seen these again! Where can I find these? I'm in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  11. Interesting....! So they require more light then? Koko, what kind of LED light do you have? You can change the colors on it? I was contemplating something like a half wine barrel water feature...
  12. I have always had this issue so I stopped buying black goldfish. How do you retain that velvety black and not have it fade?
  13. Maybe he's just being a male and is "exhausted" and playing that up LOL!
  14. My oldest fry lived to be 16 days old. I haven't had any babies since! I left those fish with my mom when I moved and they all died
  15. Has anyone traveled and brought back goldfish? Do you need permits?
  16. So they are typical goldfish right off the bat LOL
  17. Do babies like non-moving food? I have never been successful in raising baby goldfish. I used to get eggs all the time.
  18. Just wanted to say hey I'm in Pittsburgh too Where do you go for your goldfish?
  19. I thought he would survive too being as how spunky he was still! :\ I don't know what happened? Guess it was too much for his little system. Too dark and rainy to be burying him. I should probably put him in the freezer.
  20. Too late to try the heater. He's dead Thanks for everyone's help.
  21. Think that would help? The tank still has my lizard heaters stuck to the bottom. I'll go plug one in. I do have an aquarium heater too.
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