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  1. WOW that is a BIG tree! So sorry for all the loss you sustained from it though... :'( Do you have pics of what it used to look like? I like that you guys are going to make the tree a feature!
  2. No they're not! I keep looking through the feeder tanks every time to see if I will luck out again! LOL
  3. I know this is an old topic, but thanks for asking this question! I was just wondering about this too as I had some feeders for 7 yrs and the biggest was only about 4” long
  4. Although not red/white, I did find one of these in the "feeder fish" tank once! Unfortunately, it did not survive in my care. I have seen them since, but they weren't $0.14 each LOL!
  5. They're quite plump too LOL! So cute! I think the dark one will have a long tail like momma has.
  6. Better pic of the babies! The darker one has the most beautiful long flowing fins!
  7. Ooh sounds like you got some beauties! I didnmt realize they had babies available too! Didn’t have much time to look. My tropics freshwater tank had a massive die off, but it was due to a malfunctioning heater! 😭 I threw a couple of tetras in there so it wouldn’t be so empty, but I am tempted to put my goldfish in there instead! These guys are going to hang out in this bucket for quarantine til I decide on what to do with them! They’re really big!
  8. Well they gave me the wrong tracking number b/c it said they arrived already, but in WV! I got the right one, but they are sitting on my porch right now....hopefully not in the sun! I'm stuck at work. :\
  9. That doesn't surprise me! I guess I have to peek at them from the top somehow to see.
  10. But those are boring to look at lol
  11. Good question! I'd have to look at them to know. The tag said Black Butterfly Tail Moor.
  12. They're in WV right now! Should be here by tomorrow!
  13. Mainly a water feature, but needed a fish or two to keep up with mosquito larvae
  14. Well I found a sign at Petco that they had black butterfly tail moors, but no fish! Apparently they just had a recent goldfish special and they got some in! I talked to the guy and he said that they don’t always get them in, but I left my phone number so they could tell me they had pest snails for my pea puffer and he said he would try and order me some butterfly tail!
  15. Yeah probably...but the smaller tanks is an idea. My grandfather kept his goldfish in a goldfish bowl for YEARS! He changed its water every day!
  16. Thanks everyone! Whoop! Whoop! They are being shipped out today!
  17. I'd check your rental agreement first before everything. If you have more than one bathroom, you could keep them in the tub of one LOL Makes water changes easy!
  18. I thought I posted about this, but guess not LOL! So I bought this ginormous planter...it's plastic. Is it ok to use for fish?
  19. Bummer. I thought he bred them, not imported them! I wonder if my reptile guy in Hong Kong could ship me some. No doubt it would be expensive! If I could trust my mom I would just have her bring them back with her since she goes to Hong Kong ever year, but yeah....no.
  20. Sad indeed! Dandy hasn't had any auctions lately. Koko, I got my shirt and sticker today! Thank you!
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