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  1. He/she has grown! It is so full now it doesn't even eat all its food lol
  2. I've been pumping it full of the food Cynthia suggested LOL! Twice daily water changes after feeding.
  3. Meet Bean. I’ve had him/her for like almost two months now. Super active & a piggy! 😆
  4. Oh wow those babies are BABIES! So tiny! I am just currently caring for my Petco Oranda instead and like you, doing twice daily water changes!
  5. I put bio media in my Fluval too. All I really have is that coarse sponge, charcoal and the bio media in my tropical fresh water tank. It works like a champ!
  6. Good to know about canisters since they are always touted as the best!
  7. You're doing better than I was! I think I got up to 16 days with ONE fry! Maybe you need some live foods to boost them?
  8. How big are those babies? They're adorable! Makes me miss my two....really wished I knew why my tap water is so high in ammonia. :\
  9. They're teeny! About the size of this "o"
  10. Koko...a turkey baster makes it easy to suck up the fry!
  11. I missed this post! I love how you can see their little fancy tails already! How exciting! It's been so long since I have had goldfish fry....it's been so long since I've had goldfish! LOL
  12. I didn't give her all the numbers, but she said baby fish can be really sensitive. She just lost her cat and dog so I didn't want to bother her more. I'll have to look for that kit. I know we have pretty hard water here in Pittsburgh. My store bought little oranda is doing pretty good so far, very active. Usually in the past, the only issue I have with fancies is that I get swim bladder issues always.
  13. Not touching...Food I pinch and drop in. I dumped out the water last night before remembering to test cuz I was worried about the one that was still alive. Tested what I had soon as I got home today, but who knows how long it had to sit ther for before that happened. The only thing that read anything was ammonia by then and it was 0.5
  14. Well I got home from work and the other one is gone too... 😥 My Petco one in a separate container that I got like 2 days prior to these guys arriving is fine.
  15. I checked this morning and it seemed to be doing well. Changed its water again juuuuust to be sure! I feel bad for the other one....I'm sure I did something wrong.
  16. Me too! Although I have a few other filters that have been work horses too! I think it's a Fluval on my 29 gallon tropical freshwater tank....we've had it for 18 yrs and it still kicks! I have had to do some repairs on it, but hey....pretty low maintenance really! My Shark filters are quirky, but they still work too! Cartridges are a bit hard to come by, but worst comes to worst, I stick my own stuff in there!
  17. Went back to read about the filter...I didn't use filter from another tank.
  18. I did the acclimation thing with the temp and aged water, but I did put a sponge filter in last Friday as I was leaving town. I didn’t see no filter? They hadn’t eaten all weekend.
  19. My one with the pretty long flowing tail died within a 3 hr time span tonight! I got home at 7 and they looked fine, needed their daily water change while in quarantine, but I had to get out to pick up my dog. So I fed them and left. Come home and the one is gone! The shorter tailed one seems sluggish, but alive. I did a big water change ASAP. Hope I’m not too late! 😭😭😭
  20. What is your favorite filtering system?
  21. Are the snails breeding like mad?
  22. I used to breed these guys This is my page: http://sexingapplesnails.blogspot.com/
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