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  1. Hey guys! How do I change my FluvalSmart lights to get the color boost? It disappeared off my one light...
  2. Thanks colley! I was actually wanting to use it for growing brine shrimp.
  3. Right? I didn't think of that. Will do that when I get home...
  4. Update: Even though the black ranchu looked a ton better, I think the heat issue must've did something as it passed away yesterday. Knew something was wrong in the AM when I went to feed them and it didn't want food... :'( The oranda is looking OK so far....
  5. It’s definitely not warm enough with the new heater. I will be picking up a different one today after the orchid show I’m working at. I really liked those old heaters too! They were tiny, but alas...Glass! Oh well...will keep an eye on them! I see a few more spots on the Iranda this morning. 😕 Ranchu is looking good, but this will probably set them back!
  6. Ok, so update! I went to change the water and do the last ich treatment and dummy me forgot to unplug the heater and it fell out and broke! AHHH!!! I ran out and got another, but I don't think I can adjust the temperature on this one! I put it in anyway because I didn't feel like running back out for a new one. The oranda still has a spot on its wen. I'll check the water temp in a bit to see if it went up. It's supposed to go up 3-6 degrees.
  7. I am literally seeing no what stuff on the black ranchu! No dots, no slime! Temp was around 73 and today we got up to 70 outside so it went up to 75/76 in the tank! They are happy and swimming around! Will do another 50% water change I’m Sat with one final dose of the ich meds just in case!
  8. Didn’t even get to the salt bath! Looks 100% better already!
  9. I have kosher salt! Just didn't think I had enough aquarium salt!
  10. I'm going to have to see if I even have that much salt on hand! LOL! Can I reuse the saltwater for the subsequent dips? Will be hard to match temps....maybe better to use some tank water and replace what I take out instead.
  11. Temp now after 14 hrs is 73 degrees. They look more active and less white stuff on the black ranchu
  12. Anyone have suggestions for a salinity meter?
  13. It's been running for a couple of months so the filter should be good! I have two more treatments of the ich stuff. Next change and dose is Wednesday and then Saturday. I've been feeding them only once a day since.
  14. Yeah I know about the quarantine restart. I haven't put the heater in as I just read your post this morning from work. All the tank has is a sponge filter so it has plenty of aeration also. I switched to the ich treatment three days ago. Did the 50% water change yesterday. They seem to feel better somewhat.
  15. Hmm...ok did not know they liked it that warm! I don't think I have had the orange and white one for three months. Maybe a month more? Figured it was still in quarantine so I just put the new black one in with it. I didn't treat them with anything prior to seeing symptoms. I did switch to a ich treatment b/c it also has fungal treatment also. Will have to see if I can dig out a heater in my aquarium supply container! It would help the ich hatch out faster anyway so the meds can kill them!
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