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  1. Hi everyone! I know I've been gone for awhile, many changes have happened over time. Well Hammy passed away along with Midnight. I really miss those two. I've been thinking about getting two new fish again, and I was thinking which kind of fish would I get. So I'm still deciding, I'm thinking two ranchus but I'm not too sure. What kind of fish would you guys prefer?
  2. I think its a great thing to do! I would defintely hire someone from Koko's to care for my fish while im gone!
  3. What a cute little guy! Best Wishes with your new fish!
  4. I love your whole gang of fish! They are so cute especially Beaker that cute little face is almost like puppy dog eyes usually they don't work on me but those are. How can you say no to that cute little face?
  5. Okay guys so Midnight is okay, not only is her dorsal fin sore pink, but I think she has popeye now. Poor thing, It is like this clear coating over her eyes but her right eye looks a bit disorted now i will try to upload a pic for you guys. I put a bit of Melafix into the tank but its not looking any better. What should I do?
  6. The tank and the fish are both beauties! I love the tank decor!
  7. I was just thinknig about adding HP but I wasn't too sure so that's perfect, I am currently fasting her, I began on Sunday, so on Wednesday I will feed her 4 thawed peas, and I will add the epsom salt today when I get the chance. Hopefully she'll be doing better on Wendesday because I am leaving to see some relatives for the Thanksgivivng season. Someone will be caring for Midnight while I'm gone I'll have to make sure they update me on all behavior and how her healing progress is doing.
  8. Thanks and it looks like both of you share the same name! Midnight seems alright right now, so I will be off to the store now.
  9. I will be off to the store in one more hour as soon as they open is there anything elese you guys think I should get?
  10. Today I woke up Midnight was fine, I haven't fed her because I'm not too sure if she is hngry it doesn't seem like it, but I do know if I feed her she will eat. As for alkaline buffer or Gold Buffer, where can i get these and what do you mean exactly by using a bubbler for the tap water? I haven't changed the water yet because I didn't have any Nutrafin cycle so I will change the water this afternoon then again during the evening or till tom. morning? Should I also put salt on the rocks, or just leave them?
  11. For the tap towards the tank is very big difference for the tank right now it is about 7.9 as i said before as for the tap it is 6.6 the difference would be 1.3. Is that even possible? As for Midnight she is at the top but moving her fins and swimmng at the top.
  12. I think the pH would be about 7.9 if that is possible, it is hogh though it is supposed to be about mint green it was a light dark blue darker than the last suggestion on the scale.
  13. Well I just put her in the tank, she is slowly swimming around but she is still at the top like in the other tank I think it is swimbladder disease she has also, I haven't added anything to the tank but ammo-lock stress zyme, stress coat and salt. I haven't put any medication will that be alright for Midnight?
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