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  1. Nah re-check the amounts given
  2. Hmm will do! I do water changes every other week or sometimes weekly or sometimes bi-weekly. I change it up sometimes I guess.
  3. I never check for nitrates o.O
  4. I used to change water 2x a week 80-90% each time. I figured out that's a bad idea... Apparently they got stressed out by that so I now do 80% water change weekly or every other week. I have a total of 10 goldfish. The water is always clean and crystal clear. I'm still working on the sump idea with the uvb because I had to cash out alot on the tank. xD Around a thousand something. I had to buy it new. I ended up finding a lionhead that has an all orangy golden body but from the gills to the lip is white. Like another user over here has a goldfish that looks just like that. Same breed and everything. I call him/her apollo. Cost me 15 bucks for it and another 15 for a large pearlscale. lol. They lowered the price for me cause I used to work there and they have good quality goldies over there. xD I don't feed peas really btw. I actually tried different care methods but it really didn't work for me. Untill now this is the best method I'ved been using. No illness. No stress. No torn fins.
  5. Okay I thought I would post what I do to keep my goldfish in tip top shape! I actually finally got a 150gallon tank set up and I have 10 goldfish in there. I also find out why I used to have fin nipping problems. They weren't being fed enough. Did you know that goldfish have no "stomach" per say? Just a long intestinal track that draws LITTLE nutrients? Therefore it is best to feed very small quantities spread out throughout the day for the best nutrient absorption? Personally since my goldfish are more or less the size of a fist(around 8inch for some and the smallest being 3.5inch and most being 5inch). I feed a tblsp of food per feeding. I feed 5 times a day and only one tablespoon on each feeding(sometimes less). Sometimes I will skip one or two days of feeding. These are saturdays and sundays(good because sometimes I may be too busy to deal with them during the weekends). On each feeding I try to vary what I feed. I also try to make sure I mainly feed veggies(60% and sometimes 100% of the times I will feed veggie based foods). Here is a list of what I feed: -Omega one Super veggie flakes(kelp flakes)1-2 times a day ATLEAST -Hikari Lionhead(I couldn't find the saki hikari yet-- so I'm sticking to this for a while)1time a day ATLEAST -Algea wafers(hikari is the best for it) 1 a day or every other day. -Ocean nutrition Formula 2 flakes(it's actually okay to feed to freshwater fish-read the label) every other day -Sinking carnivore disks(hikari) Once a day is enough for it(gives them that small proteins) or ill alternate with another carnivore based food -Gammarus treats(Once a week or every other week) -Frozen foods(clams, krill, plankton, daphnea, bloodworms, cyclops, hikari shrimp that contains traces of algea, etc) Once every 2-3days alternating from the type of frozen food -Small red earthworms (every 3-5days) Feeding this diet has actually gave me success over the past 4months. I've had no nipped fins. No problems anymore. No constipation ever. So it works for me and my fish. The temp is ussually around 72-74
  6. I think that's why I had said something that cconnects the uv sterilizer to the output of the sump. So all the large particle are already removed and only the bacteria and such go through. But something was said about the output then has to be slow. Which means it would drastically decrease the filters output and cleaning.
  7. Thanks guys! I do have problems because I did introduce a goldfish once without quarantine and I can't seem to kill all thje parasites at once. They keep comming back every other month or so....Right now they're fine and not showing any signs but i'm hoping later"I can get an uv sterilizer. I'm aware that sumps are a pain in the tuckus because you need to re-fill. But that's fine with me. it's easy to access. it will be underneath as gravity works like that. lol. Yes I'm getting a really powerful pump that's why i want the longest and strongest uv light p ossible so no matter how fast the water goes it still kills all the parasites and such.
  8. My fish never had any swim bladder disorder. They just keep getting that stupid ich, and flukes. I keep cleaning that stupid water and bombarding the tank with stuff like malachite green and such and nothing seems to work they all seem to come back every other month. Right now they're healthy and bigger. But they keep getting parasites and it's annoying me now. Nobody has died but I can't seem to get it off. So.... I'm thinking of a super efficient system. P.s. height doesn't matter. I'm pretty tall almost 6ft tall. I have long arms and a stool if needed be as well as a strong water pump for changing water if needed be. P.s. I'm poor too. it's why I have been saving for months on end. lol.
  9. I'm trying my best and everything is god dang confusing! :l Okay so here's the thing I'm getting a larger tank for my goldfish since they're growing out of this 55g and i want them to have more width,length and height. Maybe like 2ft tall, 6ft long and 2ft wide? I have 8goldies. xD Don't judge me lol I had to buy this goldfish which I'm in love with. SO currently in that 55g are 3large goldies and the rest are medium. I know it's way over stocked but I figured it'll be till christmas cause I'm already going to order my stuff this weekend. I'm looking for a larger tank, a large sump I'm changing from canister to a sump cause I'd rather use a sump. Sound's more efficient and dang easier to clean. A strong uv sterilizer I'm thinking of the largest wattage I can get. I'm not sure if larger is better in this case? I also want to hide the heaters in the sump. The uv sterilizer is just to kill any bad bacteria and parasites as well as anything that could potentially harm the fish. I'm also looking 2 more circulation pumps. Basically it's a pump that you put on the wall of the tank and it makes a strong current. I'm pointing 2 really strongones to the upper side of the tank so it goes like ^ but not that upward. Just so it moves water across the top and 2 of the pumps I already have pointing to the bottom corners of the tank so no gunk gets stuck. I have black sand and I want to keep it thank you very much. :x I would also like to add a protein skimmer. I know I don't need to. But I really like the effects of it. Keeps water pristine clear. I like cleanliness. I know it's expensive. But since I been downgrading on my hobby(I have less pets now actually no turtles anymore just one and a few amphibians) so it's kinda easier to go all out on this. I been saving up money for months and months now. And What I need to get first is the tank, sump and uv sterilizer. I also want to put more air pumps in there. I know some of you say the circulation may not be very well. But. I don't see any negative effects on the fish. They don't have a tough time swimming. and they seem happier and healthier. So I want to keep it like that. Does anyone know what kind of uv sterilizer would be the best at killing everything? P.s. I'm trying for this extra equipment just because I strongly hate medications and their side effects. The uv sterilizer will surely kill everything that could potentially harm my lil fellas. I want a large sump that can hold a large amount of media since I want to make it a big bio load and as well as put phosphate reducers and such.
  10. Deku

    Fresh Foods.

    SO what other water plants would be excellent too?
  11. Deku

    Fresh Foods.

    Anywho. There's no reading for the salt reading-majig. It's still in the way bottom. I just put in like 4cups of the rock salt(well it was 2 cups half a week ago and now its another 2cups). They look to be fine and unphased by the change of salinity. I'm going to lower it down in a day or two since I don't want it to do more harm than good.
  12. Deku

    Fresh Foods.

    Make sure that it's 100% NaCl (sodium chloride) with nothing else added and you should be OK. My concern is that it does have other additives. It may. I'm not sure. I read it just said nacl. Nothing else. The goldfish with the missing eye is growing skin in that area of the eye. I'm not sure if he'll grow an eye back or what the heck will happen. I'm sorta baffled to be honest. As for the once perfectly colored ryuukin. The white bodied one with all fins being red. The tail fins which are growing back are actually turning a grayish black hue. It doesn't look harmfull since the fish is acting like it once was. but. It kinda looks calico-ish with a metalic sheen. Not much of a fan of that in ryukins but I'll deal with it cause what I want is for it to be alright. I'm thinking it may turn completely white(the orange hues in the fins) or black and the body will either stay white or with a bit of gold or white and black. I'm assuming just a black tail or something. It's kinda weird. But I'd rather it'd either be orange or black. lol.
  13. Deku

    Fresh Foods.

    By the way is the salt you use for the streets so it doesn't get icy bad for aquariums? I already used some. It says "Nacl"
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