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  1. When do the fry's eyes start to telescope? Right away or does it take some time?
  2. YAY! I would like to thank Koko and all of the members here! It is a great place to come and look for info1
  3. I am on my 3rd set of fry in the last month from my Fancies! They vary from 1 week to 4 weeks Thanks Chuck
  4. Sure.They are some Claico fantails.A few Oranda babies and some Bubble babies! Come and get 'em! It is a long way to come for fish babies but they are worth it!
  5. 3 ages of fry.The noise you here in the middle is my Labrador Retreiver Murphy yawning!
  6. How did you get the video recorded so fast and playback like that?
  7. A guy was selling a tank on craigslist and was having trouble getting rid of it because it had a fish in it so I hooked up with him and he gave me this little prize!
  8. Is it safe to put an older fry in with the younger ones or will the older ones eat or hurt the younger fry?
  9. Set up a Pirahna tank and feed them to him!
  10. If you look down you can see the bristle nose pleco hiding in the cave with his head jsut sticking out.
  11. These guys are alot of fun. One of his friends did the same thing later inthe video.
  12. So you just put an orange slice in the water?
  13. It is really not upside down.I just put the camera inthe tank I have mounted to the ceiling! :rofl
  14. I am going to put it in my fry tank tomorrow! Should be fun to watch the little guys!
  15. I put my GO PRO in my fish tank and I know it is upside down but it came out pretty good with a couple of fish kisses too!
  16. Where are you located? I would be happy to donate a fish or two to you for friends for your little one!
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