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  1. Koko can I plz have my 2 year badge?
  2. first never rub a fish with peroxide and second attach a sponge to the filter to make it a bit weaker.
  3. goldfish take time to get used to something new, well maybe not all of them.
  4. have u flushed them?! thats horrible, dont flush them!!
  5. so sorry! but my those were his actual balls hahaha!!
  6. i checked on about red streaks on goldies and it turned out to be that the water had ammonia poisoning so i did a water change every day,put some rock salt and kept feeding them frequently and they are back to normal and the red streaks are gone completely!!! thank u for your help guys!
  7. i dont have a water test kit and they dont sell them over here in Zanzibar or Dar-es-salam!
  8. ummm... ok, i had gone away for 4 days because my grandpa had died. when i came back my goldies were kind of sick. i hadnt fed them this 4 days but i had given them a lot of food before i went.well theyve got something that looks like blood(red colour) on their skin(all of them) and they keep bumping on the sides of the tank. when i came home i changed the water and fed them.but they still look sick. please i really need help fast. i dont want to lose my friends!
  9. Sakura this might help, http://goldfishstuff.com/white_spot_disease.html
  10. I dont think those are breeding stars, why dont you try giving a salt bath? it might help
  11. wow, can you post another picture on how they look now?
  12. Hmm, I'm not sure. Do you have smaller fish? Maybe they only lose their teeth when they get older. Or maybe you have gravel in your tank so you never noticed? I can only see the teeth because I don't have any gravel, so they are very visible on the tank floor. no, i keep the smaller ones away in a sepparate tank and i use marbles not gravel(i removed the gravel 1 year ago and decided to use marbles instead)
  13. but my goldies never lost teeth! Why?
  14. wow! but are you sure those are goldfish teeth? dont you think those are a little big to be goldfish teeth?
  15. oh, i didnt know that....thanxs. I was just wondering when i was gonna say bye to my freinds
  16. Does anyone know how long orandas and veiltails live?
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