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  1. Yes he does! Unfortunately I'm across the country from you so unless you'll be in the Chicago area soon, I'm not comfortable packing and shipping a fish.
  2. It's been two months and he's still needing a home I've tried posting on local aquarium clubs but no luck. It's getting a bit cold to give him away to a pond, so it's starting to look like he'll either need someone with a large tank or he'll have to continue sharing the divided 55, which is getting very small. Can't afford another tank right now unfortunately.
  3. Since it's been two weeks, I'll just remind everyone he still needs a home. Sorry if it's not allowed! I won't update this anymore unless I've found someone to adopt him, so the offer is still open until then
  4. Hi guys! Haven't been active here for a while since I've been busy with college. I have a 1 year old sarasa comet about 3 or 4 inches long. He's completely healthy and active but unfortunately didn't get along with my other fish. I'm keeping him in a divided 55 gallon right now and I can't have a separate setup for him. He needs a good home - a 55 gallon+ tank or better, a pond. It would best if he were kept with other single tails/koi or alone, but not with slow fancy goldfish. I hope he'll find a good permanent home that will care for him and I know he will be in good hands with Koko's members! Naperville/Wheaton area.
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