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  1. My local ad says Sept.2 - Sept. 22
  2. I was looking up painted backgrounds yesterday and found this post. I think it looks nice. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/100878-new-plants/
  3. I lost two of my white ryukins recently..still pretty upset about it but it happens. I'm excited about getting these two though.
  4. I couldn't resist....they have the cutest little faces.
  5. My local ad says the sale goes on until July 21.
  6. Both are very cute. Post tank pics when you can.
  7. I had moved one of my stock tanks outside a few weeks ago. I put 5 white ryukin and 4 lemonhead orandas in it. So yesterday I lean over the tank and what do I see...with the sun shining right into it I see tiny little babies swimming around...lol. It took half the day for my husband and I to try scooping out as many as possible and moved them inside. We did manage to save quite a few though. These pics only show one corner of the tank but they are swimming all over...so there are alot of them.
  8. Ok, I had one more thing that I forgot about.
  9. I bought these two things from ebay about a year ago.
  10. I would love an oscar some day. How long is Karma? The angels are so pretty, my dad had three huge ones when I was a kid. Maybe the just looked huge because I was so small. lol
  11. I keep them in stock tanks because they are big and cheap, the fish have so much space. They have been sitting in a room inside with a huge bay window so the light shines into them every morning. I'll be moving all of them outside for the summer very soon. I got some of my fish at the lfs and then I found the auctions and Steve at Rain Garden so that's where they all came from....and one from ebay.
  12. Just like everyone else said, I love the long flowing fins and tail. So pretty.
  13. No, I didn't breed them. I got three of the ryukins in the top two pics from Tommy, one from Steve and one from ebay. The three smaller ones pictured with the calico all came from Steve. The three orandas with orange on them came from lfs and the solid white one came from Steve. The white oranda in my other new pics post also came from Tommy. Thanks everyone.
  14. LOL...I needed something dark and it was the only thing I had.
  15. I had this nice long post and names of all these fish and I hit something and it all went away So here are the pics only.
  16. So I'm finally getting around to posting some pics. Kinda hard to take pics since my fish live in stock tanks. I borrowed a 40 gallon from my husband over the weekend just so I could post these. So out of over 3000 pictures taken these are the only ones I actually liked. This is Kerry, named after my daughter because she loves them. I wasn't really a telescope lover until I stayed at her house and thought hers were adorable. This is Bryon...my 11 yr.old son(Bryon) named him. He has some tail damage that is healing after the power was out for 3 days. This is Himie...silly name I know...but it was my dogs name in the shelter when I got him.(I named the dog Logan) This is Jingles named after the neighbors calico cat. We don't actually know the cats name but we call her Jingles because she wears a bell on her collar. Ory and Goldie Ory again Copper, he wasn't as dark when I got him and under the light he looked like a shiny new penny. LOL Zane(Lemon head oranda)Named after my 30 yr old son.
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