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  1. My local ad says Sept.2 - Sept. 22
  2. I was looking up painted backgrounds yesterday and found this post. I think it looks nice. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/100878-new-plants/
  3. I lost two of my white ryukins recently..still pretty upset about it but it happens. I'm excited about getting these two though.
  4. I couldn't resist....they have the cutest little faces.
  5. My local ad says the sale goes on until July 21.
  6. Both are very cute. Post tank pics when you can.
  7. I had moved one of my stock tanks outside a few weeks ago. I put 5 white ryukin and 4 lemonhead orandas in it. So yesterday I lean over the tank and what do I see...with the sun shining right into it I see tiny little babies swimming around...lol. It took half the day for my husband and I to try scooping out as many as possible and moved them inside. We did manage to save quite a few though. These pics only show one corner of the tank but they are swimming all over...so there are alot of them.
  8. Ok, I had one more thing that I forgot about.
  9. I bought these two things from ebay about a year ago.
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