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  1. Approximately 10 years and still going strong Comet Purchased at WM by a friend who re-homed to me In a 20 gallon (and debating moving to a 29 I have)
  2. A shallower tank worked wonders for mine. Much less stress.
  3. A little information can be a dangerous thing. Especially in my case. My fish normally get sick as a result of something I have done or not done. I get so mad at myself because I know better. This fish had such awful start in life. But she has been very hearty and is so sociable. Ashlee's fish didn't look bad either from what I can see. Hopefully, they will both be fine. If you actually watch your fish, you can catch things a lot earlier. I hadn't really looked at my fish up close for a week. Caught it doing a water change. Sometimes I wonder, when people talk about illness, how long the symptoms had really been going on but were not caught because nobody looked closely. I have been guilty of this. Again, thanks.
  4. Thanks! Ok...I just looked at her again. Her right side is definitely smaller. She didn't look like she was bloated, but looking at her now, she HAD to have been bloated some on her right side. The scales that were sticking out looked a little more pronounced on that side, so I bet that is why. Her left side never has looked bloated. Thanks for helping me realize that. Sometimes I feel like when I watch her too much, I can't tell any difference. When the scales started to go down, I kept looking at her to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Add to that, she is really fast so it is sometimes hard to see anything for more than a second. I guess the severity of the damage is the key to one of my questions. I believe I have seen full-blown cases of dropsy in the past, so I guess I am wondering when there is more of a chance to save the fish. I love Metro-Meds. They helped my fish make it through what I believe was a horrible bacterial infection about 3 years ago. I hate medicating fish when I don't feel like I know what I am doing. Having good water parameters is the best medicine I know.
  5. No other visible symptoms. You would never have thought anything anything might be wrong if you didn't see the scales. The raised scales were on either side of the main part of her body. I can't take a picture because the scales are down. The remaining few raised scales are barely visible. That is why I started to wonder whether raised scales could be a symptom of something else and whether some dropsy cases might be more treatable than others based on their origin. Thanks much, Amy
  6. I may be on information overload and can no longer process information. For years, I have tried to read up on fish diseases and treatments. I am sure many times I have imagined an illness that wasn't there. My question involves the issue of the raised scales. I have seen no other illnesses mentioned besides dropsy that cause this. Bear had scales that were a little raised. She has had no other symptoms; is eating very well and acting like her adorable self. She seems to have responded well to Metro-Meds and salt. I can see only a couple of scales that look different at this point. My first question is whether you have seen any other illness that causes raised scales as a symptom besides dropsy? My second question involves information I have seen that says dropsy can be caused by a bacterial or viral infection. I have also read that once the kidney is affected, there is little chance of survivial. So...is one form of dropsy more treatable than others? Or is it that usually when treating dropsy it has progressed too far and is thus fatal? I hope I am making sense. My mind is mush. Thanks, Amy
  7. Yep. I have some ACs, also. Although, I have always been able to get the Whispers to start, old as they are. I just realized, on the ACs, you have to pop open the plastic above the impeller to access it. Is there a way to access the impeller by just opening something in the area surrounding it?
  8. I have been using some old Whisper filters and they stop all the time. When I hear the motor running, I move the impeller around and it will start up. Just sticking something down there won't work for my filters. If you can get to the impeller itself, you can also pop it out and put it back in. Usually that works when moving it around won't. The filters I have had allow for removing the impeller.
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