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  1. I'm so glad that things are going well. And quite envious.
  2. Bingo. Sounds like your cycle has been affected. However, I am not sure how far along in the cycle you were prior to removing the sand and washing the filters with tap water. What readings were you getting prior to this? I would test the water before the water change to see what the readings are.
  3. Sorry...I edited. How big are the water changes? I would be curious to the the pre-water change numbers?
  4. This tank has fish? Just verifying. How long has it been running? Are you using api drop test kits? Do you ever test before the water changes? How big are the water changes? There are people here who have ammonia in their tap and have said once the tank has a stable cycle it can handle the ammonia from the tap. Are you using Prime as your water conditioner?
  5. With a fish, you tank is cycled when there is consistent readings for nitrate and no ammonia or nitrite readings. If you have live plants, they can lessen the nitrate reading all the way down to zero for nitrates, however. Fishless cycling involves adding ammonia and going through a process until you have nitrate readings.
  6. Beautiful. I really like your tank.
  7. Do you have a test kit for pH? I won't comment on the meds, but first order for me would be to have the additional test kits for nitritre, nitrate and pH. Those, in my mind, are the most important.
  8. That's why it is good to have your own test kits. If something comes up, you don't have to worry about whether the store is open. You can get results right away. And. I don't know how often you go to have the water tested, but that sounds like a drag. There are things that should happen and things that do happen. I never make assumptions about my water quality. And it is one thing I can control for the most part. Plus, I don't trust others to test my water.
  9. Are you saying that you have no test for nitrite or nitrate because you do not have the test kits and just left out the word "kit"? If you don't have the test kits, how did you know the tank was cycled? If I am being presumptuous, I apologize in advance. Just because a fish is showing no symptoms of discomfort or stress does not mean that all is well. Betta tails can be sensitive to water conditions, so having all readings is important.
  10. Your fish are absolutely marvelous.
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