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  1. What medicated food did you feed them? Did they actually eat it?
  2. AMeyers

    New Betta.

    Pictures! Yessssss!!!
  3. Thanks, Red. I haven't put mine in yet and was wondering about the base.
  4. It is hit or miss though. I looked for months and finally found glass like Red's at TJMaxx (Marshall's affiliate).
  5. Boy, did that handsome Betta luck out!
  6. My goldfish tanks all have at least some gravel. Even it there is only a little. I just watch the size for the smaller fish. I, too, prefer the look of gravel or substrate, as opposed to barebotoom. Although, there are some really pretty barebottom tanks around here.
  7. I had a fish get a piece of gravel lodged in his mouth. It does happen and it isn't pretty. Also, if you use bigger rocks with smaller fish, watch the fish as they grow because ultimately, the gravel can and will fit in their mouth. They love to suck on the rocks.
  8. So, the water conditioner is separate? Interesting. Is that the second bottle? Sometimes being on my phone is bad for seeing detail.
  9. Is it a water conditioner also? It does sound like Stress Coat with the aloe.
  10. It looks great! I love the guilty-looking fishy faces.
  11. That's great! It sounds like she is happy right where she is.
  12. I like Smart better than Co. But the Smarts around me can be bad at times.
  13. But he looks sooo handsome doing it.
  14. Very cute. I Motorboat.
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