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  1. Test it tomorrow, but you have to make sure you can keep it going with no fish. I have never seeded a tank without immediately adding fish. Don't know how hard it is using the food. Too bad you can't get trusted media. You will need to test at least once a day. I might test twice depending on how it was going.
  2. Run it all the time. You are trying to keep the water oxygenated. I have mine in various locations in my tanks. Mine are fairly close to the bottom, but that isn't a requirement.
  3. One fish in a 10 gallon with healthy cycled media should show nitrates almost immediately.
  4. New GH and KH test kit. Aquarium silicone. Additional battery air pump.
  5. You will just need to check parameters daily. It sounds like you have transferred enough cycled media. Even with only 1 fish, at 10 gallons there will already be some ammonia after 4 days if the tank is uncycled. I was trying to get to that. But I wanted to see how the nitrate was reading. Its a new cycle, so test before water changes. Watch for any bumps. Prime will bind ammonia for 24 to 48 hours. Absolutely. Seeded media can cycle a tank instantly.
  6. Who is that fish impersonating Zorro?! Very pretty.
  7. Congrats on an adorable new addition.
  8. Alfonso is a beauty! Awesome shot of Fraggle.
  9. Very pretty! The feet and base really are a nice touch.
  10. Regular Stress Coat was a water conditioner, even before the Stress Coat Plus. Now if many, many years ago, it was not a water conditioner and you used it, that could be.
  11. Air stones or bubble walls are a very good idea to oxygenate the water. Feeding is tricky. If you have food that is left over, then you are definitely feeding them too much. Mine scarf up the food immediately. If you feed them a couple of times a day, feed them what they can eat in a couple of minutes max. You can get a good idea about their eating habits by watching them.
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