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  1. Hey there, So, if your liking the bigger cichlids, im guessing you liek the colours yes ? what sandy suggested works very veyr well, but is still based on a tropical community tank, there ane MANY species, that will do well in a community tank, aswell as certain apistogram species, and if the tank is tall enough, angels.... as for rams eating things well, you wanan show me something small enough to fit in a rams mouth ? only very very fish or fry would be edible... but, being as it sounds like you like the bigger things, you could have a trio of convicts in there ? but they WILL pump babies out constantly, or possibly a pair of jack dempseys ? these will eventually outgrow the tank in a year or so, so would need plans to upgrade... same stands for many of the other cichlids that dont surpass the 8 inch mark.... but, most importantly, WHAT have you seen that you like ? if you like the red devil, convicts have a very similar attitude but in a much more compact size, and 3 of those would live in your tank for life... HTH Kev
  2. Kev

    My Tank

    that oscar would grow if you gave it some room, propper lighting and good food
  3. Kev


    its a jack dempsey (cichlid) and also an oscar (cichlid) nice fish by the way ( oh and if you think oscars are peacefull, you should meet my big three Kev
  4. temperature would make no difference without other mthods such as salt also, higher temps somehow helps the fish to realise the fluids conected with dropsy better though, so loz is right, rasing the temp would help, if you lower the temp, the fish would just hold the problem easier... i can only suggest rasing the temp and salting with espon salts untill meds arrive... Kev
  5. a 36 x 12 x15 is the absolute minimum id keep a single one in.... males will reach about 8 inches, and will deffinetly repay good care with stunning colour got him yet ? Kev
  6. JD's are a great medium sized cichlids, extremely colourfull get to between 5 and 8 inches depending on sex...individuals vary some what attitude, some are nice as pie, other are evil little so in so's.... HTH Kev
  7. they are very very nice fish, however he will make a meel of those tetras when hes older, looks like a senegal bichir you have there they get to around 12-14inches... and are predatory/carniverous, i had a sengal bichir and a ornate bichir (ornates get to 18inches +) and the senegal was twice the size of the ornate, but the ornate still managed to eat him Great fish, just be carefull what you keep with them ! Congrats, Kev
  8. hey. pretty much what sandy said is right, however they may not feed for the aslong as the first week, as the parents also produce a slime coat in which the fry can feed, its also possible that its two females, next time they have spawne have a look at their vents, see if they look the same or different, if they look different then you should be ok, and it is common for them to lose as many as four lots of eggs before they get it right congrats and good luck.... Kev
  9. african whats ? frontosa should be kept in colonys, so thats a no no, you wont have a problem with aprrots breeding, they cant.... and as for your cons, you could have just females
  10. ghost knives arent aggressive as such, but very preatory and they get very large, far too big for a 55g, parrots and cons would work though
  11. a pair of dwarf gouramis, a few tetras and corys would be nice
  12. a couple more tetras of the same kind you already have
  13. discus like soft water with a nice low ph, as low as 6, its a good idea to cut ro water with tapwater, as this will lower the ph, and then add a little black water exctract to add more minerals and soften the water a little more... bristlenoses would work, but you could go for things more exotic like gold nuggets, and royal panaques....
  14. hey there ! discus are great fish !!! a little bit finnicky bull well worth it, the key is a large number (5 in your tank would be good) and plenty of coverage, whilst keeping the open swimming space also... to mix with them id go for rummy nose tetra's, corydoras, fancy plecs and rams etc.... best way to do it is some wood in both ends of the tank, heavily surrounded by plants, with plants all the way along the back of the tank, plenty of water softener and black water extract.... try to pick medium to low light plants, and dont have the lights too bright... maybe a sand substrate with a plant substrate underneath ? Good luck hun.... Kev
  15. flowerhorns are not dyed, ther are strain bred for bright colours i have one myself, they are very very aggro though and need a good size tank just for one.
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