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  1. temperature would make no difference without other mthods such as salt also, higher temps somehow helps the fish to realise the fluids conected with dropsy better though, so loz is right, rasing the temp would help, if you lower the temp, the fish would just hold the problem easier... i can only suggest rasing the temp and salting with espon salts untill meds arrive... Kev
  2. where abouts are you gandal ?
  3. Hey loz, when you bought this guy did he have any black marks ? looks perfectly healthy, and if you havent used any meds latelly or dont any big filter cleans/changes then i dont see your cycle crashing, the jewel filters are VERY good, althought your nitrates are quite high, i wouldnt say they are high enough to pose a real problem, but you might be better doing 25% once a week, an anchor worm would be clearly visable, anything obvious ? im pretty confident (hoping) its just a colour change, its not often black come back in a goldfish, they normally lose them i think ? have you changed his food latelly ? Kev
  4. approx ?30, still waiting on a deff price. Kev
  5. ill deffo be going there, more pics ?
  6. Certain fish are allowed to be fed live fish, as its all they will/can eat, its illegal to feed live animals like rats etc to snakes etc, but i think it does NOT include fish... yet. however these stores ARE NOT allowed to feed live fish during open public hours, must be done with discretion, pirahnas however do much better on preppared foods and are not an exception to the rule i think. Kev
  7. They are quite expensive, between 30-40 pounds i think but ill get a deff price tommorrow. Kev
  8. what test kit do you have ? not the dip ones is it ?
  9. i can get them through my workplace. if anyone wants one give me a shout. kev
  10. if your a fish maniac then why keep the poor fella in such conditions ? hes obviously not happy so let him go to a bigger tank and get something smaller !
  11. Thats certainly what yours is screaming. but mine are evenly balenced in a SA biotope 100 gallon tank. enough said ? and as for not using the world cruelty for fish. what the22 is wrong with you ? your fish is suffering, you arent doing anything about it THATS CRUEL !
  12. do you really know just how cruel that is ? ok lets go this route, your oscar is 9 inches. i had one reach 9 inches in 6 months. he should be touching 14 inches by now see his jaw ??? all distorted, thats normally because they are in too small an enviroment and become deformed!!!! it is now the law in the uk that mean you must pretty much provide what a fish needs to act like its in the wild, if you where caught here.... you would have been arrested for that. You should have bought that oscar a new tank ALONG time ago, and if you couldnt afford or accomodate one then you should have sold him or gave him to someone who can house him propperly. in short, what you've done is just stupid, how would you like to live in a 10ft box ? i dont know what else to say really.
  13. here ya go, its changed alot since i last looked... http://www.efishbusiness.co.uk/importoutside/default.asp inside europe is much slacker but from asia it will be a little tighter...i know this because i was thinking of having some cichlids imported directly from south america. hope this helps Kev
  14. no no, you can do this !!! but you have to apply for a certain license, (which is NOT very expensive) and you must notify them that the fish are comming and its all good providing it passes specs... ill try to find the link for you, i think it was on practical fish keeping...
  15. he he, im half scouse but i live in nottingham, im not the closest though, tubbsy still lives in liverpool if i remember right STUBBSYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY where are you
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