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  1. Thanks she gets lost in there all the time! Thanks, Shelly
  2. I'm glad that they do cause he's my only bright fish. Although who knows what Merlot has in store for me in the color department Turn off your lights!!! Thanks
  3. Thanks, Mikey Don't worry, he's willed to you Apparently the snails have been doing their job. I used to battle algae a ton. I cut down on the lights quite a bit and that helped.
  4. Thanks, Chelsea. I like things to be balanced. I'm weird like that He's certainly a special one
  5. Today I moved my fish inside after living in the pond all summer. This was their second summer out there and as usual it was very good for them Here is a video of them back in the tank. The fish are Chunk (calico ranchu) Mario (mostly white ranchu) Merlot (bronze butterfly tele) and Jersey (the teeny tiny butterfly)
  6. It depends on the climate that you live in. I'm in Michigan so I have to bring my guys in for the winter where they reside in my 55 gallon tank. If The ground doesn't freeze you may be able to leave them out year round.
  7. Thanks I got the stock tank at tractor supply and I followed Sharon's (shakaho) instructions. It was really quite easy Thanks, Sharon! I'll look into that for next year. I've only got about a month left of pond season here. Thanks, Dawn Thanks, Lisa. Nothing has gotten in there.......yet. I've got those attack dogs to protect my fish, remember?!?!?! Haha!
  8. Thanks, Chelsea Merlot is still in there and looking gorgeous. Unfortunately Ladybug passed away last winter. It was totally out of the blue, one day fine, the next dead Thanks I wish they could stay out but it's not deep enough to keep it from freezing solid so they come inside to the 55 gal for the winter.
  9. Thanks, Dee Dee They do seem quite happy in there. Lots of room and lots of algae and water lettuce roots to nibble on Thanks, Aubz!!! And Chunk loooooves you too! Thanks It's definitely been a work in progress for the past 2 years.
  10. I know I'm a little late to the party but I'd say Louie is a demekin
  11. Thanks I don't remember off the top of my head. I'm pretty sure that you helped me pick it out. I do remember that it is 110 gallons.
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