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  1. My 75 gallon tank has been pretty much completely empty for 7 months... I bought it, spread a VERY thin layer of gravel (you can see the glass bottom in most places), and that's about it. The fish loved the open swimming space, but I've since wanted to add some character to the tank. My fish are really clumsy, so I wanted to just stick with plants... that means no rocks/driftwood to tie the plants down to. So, what do you do if you have a barebottom tank or an extremely thin layer of gravel/river rock? Use suction cups! I purchased a few packs of these suction cups which are normally used to hold thermometers in place: When I got my plants, they came with anchors like this which can be gently wrapped around the base of the plant: While these anchors are helpful in keeping plants at the bottom, they aren't great at keeping them in place! Especially when you've got curious goldfish trying to eat them. That's where the suction cups come into play. To attach the plants to the suction cups, you simply loop the anchor through the suction cup in a way so that the cup will hold the plant upright, and gently wrap it around the base of the plant: The suction cups are very small, about the size of a nickel, so they are easily hidden. Either rotate so that the suction cup loop is behind the plant, OR hide the base with some gravel/ a few river rocks. As the plants grow, this set up can be very easily modified to accommodate. I will soon add pictures of what this looks like in my tank. I'm very impressed with how well it worked; you can't even see the suction cups! I know there are many people here who keep barebottom tanks, and I've seen very creative ways of including live plants in these set ups. I think this is a great additional option for those who want the plants, but maybe not necessarily the large ornaments usually needed to anchor them. I hope this is helpful! If anyone has any other tips/ideas or comments regarding this, please share!
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