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  1. Thank you for your reply, Amy. Thanks for the info. on the salt. I think I will stop adding it during water changes and only use it when I have a sick fish. Right now, I am maintaining the salinity at 0.3%. The exposure to ammonia happened in October and prior, before I had the API drops to test my parameters and so I wasn't aware until then that I had poor water quality. Since then, I have maintained perfect water quality. I was able to get my pH up to a normal level by adding crushed coral to the tank. The problem in October was that I had to get a brand new filter and then it took it 6 weeks to cycle. But once it was cycled, my parameters have been great. I still do water changes 1 time every week of 50%. So, I'm not sure that there has been a recent exposure (not within the past few months anyway). I finished out the 7 days of melafix and I don't notice the red streaking anymore or the fraying fins....but the black on one fin disappeared and now I see it on a different fin. I will do another large water change tomorrow to see if I can get everything under control. So, my fish is still wanting to eat but is so off balance, she can't aim very well to actually eat the food. She is still bottom sitting. When I put food in the tank she does her best to swim over to it, but the smaller male ryukin always beats her to it. I tried to see how she would do tonight without netting her, but the other ryukin was eating all of the food. So, tonight I netted the smaller ryukin and let my sick ryukin take as much time as she needed to eat at least 3-4 pellets of the merigold. I did not know that about the net, thank you for telling me! I don't know if it helps but I have my water heater set to 135 degrees and I thoroughly rinse the net after each use in hot water. But good point about the slime coating. I will start using a container from now on if needed. I will keep plugging away and trying to get her better. I also start my winter quarter in a few weeks and am looking at larger tanks....I found a free 75 gallon, beautiful tank, on Craigslist the other day....e-mailed the guy and haven't heard anything back. I'm sure it was snatched up quickly...it was sitting on an oak stand with oak canopy and everything...tanks like this one I have seen being sold for $250!! I was surprised that he was giving it away especially since it was only a few years old. Anyway, I will need some advice soon on how to transfer the fish into a larger tank. I will need a new filter but wasn't sure if I could also add in my filter that is already cycled to help. Thanks again, Amy! Rachelle
  2. Oh!!! I forgot to add that I raised the salinity of the water over 3 days, to 0.3% after reading the topic on aquarium salt. Rachelle
  3. So, I'm not sure if there just hasn't been any moderators on the board to reply or my posts aren't getting read but I REALLY need some good advice. Here's the latest: Finished the Marcyn 2 treatment. Started the medigold as koko suggested and I'm on day 5 of feeding that to the sick ryukin. Her aim is really bad so I have been netting her and feeding her one pellet at a time with tweezers. I am also on day 5 or so of the melafix. I didn't get a response here and the fin fraying was horrible.....so thought I'd try melafix since it's gentle. I feel like I've done everything I can. She has been bottom sitting since October. Her fins look much better. No fraying and not nearly as much red streaking...and the black spot on her tail is gone. But she can't even get to her own food and her poo is still white and stringy. I get the occassional normal poo but it always goes back to the white stringy stuff...even with feeding pees and feeding a minimal amount of food (and twice a day instead of once). Would euthanasia be best? Should I give her more time? Rachelle
  4. ...upon further observation, not only are the sick ryukin's fins fraying badly but I also see black at the end of one of her fins. Could I also be dealing with fin rot in addition to whatever is causing her to bottom sit? I have Melafix and can use that if it would be helpful. I also have received conflicting information on this forum about aquarium salt. I have always added salt with each water change (1/2 rounded tsp. per gallon of clean water added).....But a week or two ago, someone on here said that I should ONLY use salt if I have a sick fish. SOOO, should I be using aquarium salt with each water change or not? What amount should I be using since I have both a sick fish and a healthy fish in the same tank? Rachelle
  5. Okay, as I was doing my weekly water change today, I noticed that my sick ryukin's fins are fraying pretty badly...they weren't frayed yesterday so this has all happened in the last 24 hours. I think perhaps there is fraying on the healthy ryukin as well. I am on day 3 of feeding the sick ryukin the merigold. What do I do?? When I tested my parameters before my water change. They were as follows: pH: 7.8 Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 10 ppm Chlorine: 0 ppm KH: 120 ppm GH: 75 ppm Rachelle
  6. Thank you....I had actually looked under diagnosis before and I couldn't find any of the postings there either. But I logged out and logged back in and they magically appeared. ) Rachelle
  7. Thank you, Amy. In response to your other reply to my other posting (Sick Ryukin), Yes, I had already started medicating the main tank with the Marcyn 2 so I finished it out. Last dose was a couple days ago. My sick ryukin isn't showing any improvement at all. The male is back to leaving her alone the past day so I haven't put her into a colandar yet. She is still sitting on the bottom. I received the merigold food today so I put her in the net to feed the medicated food to her. She ate all 6 pellets this morning. I am going to give her another 6 right now. She still has the red streaking on her fins....my parameters are still great...just checked them this morning. But now, I have noticed some fraying on one of her fins and what looks like one or two opaque looking spots on one of her fins. Not sure if this is fin rot. It just seems to be one thing after another. The Prazipro was given all of last month and now she has also had a week and a half of Marcyn 2 (which I finished up a few days ago). With the medicated food, I'm not sure what else to do or how much time to give her to get better. ( I don't want her to suffer but she is still eating. If she stops eating, I will likely euthanize using clove oil...... Rachelle
  8. Hey....I can't find any of the topics on the forum including my posting on my sick ryukin. I was looking for responses but the topic is gone???? Help please! Rachelle
  9. The pH in my tap water is 7.6. I check my parameters daily and my pH is almost always 7.6 (using API drops) and occassionally 7.8. Rachelle
  10. Thanks, stakos. Actually the male is giving the female (who is the sick ryukin) quite a lot of grief. When I first put her back in the tank, he seems to leave her alone. Now he's back to chasing her and butting his head into the side of her until she swims. So she ends up hitting the rocks at the bottom quite a lot. If the male wasn't in the tank, the female would just sit at the bottom except for feeding or occassionally moving. If she is impacted with egss, will moving her for a few days do any harm? Thanks, Rachelle
  11. So, the medigold was shipped today so hopefully I will have that soon. As I was observing Dorothy today I noticed that her underside is starting to get red....I think likely irritation from all the bottom sitting and scraping along the rocks. I'm not sure if I should take the rocks along with crushed coral out of the tank since that is what has held my pH at a perfect 7.6 for a few months now (it was between 6.2-6.6 before)...or I read somewhere something about a floater basket. Would this be best until she is better? I mean, I know ideally a 10 gallon hospital tank with set up filtration and aeration would be best...but I kind of have to work with what I have and am wondering what the best option would be. Thanks! Rachelle
  12. Okay, so I just ordered the food at Goldfish Connection. I hope it comes quickly. Thanks for the help and until I receive the Medigold, I will continue with large water changes and finish up the Marcyn 2. Thanks again, Rachelle
  13. Thanks, Koko. I will go pick some up and see if it helps. I start back to school the first week of January and should have enough funding to get a larger tank/stand. I found a 55 gallon with stand on Craigslist for $75.....so I'm sure I can find something similar a month from now. I think I will do what I've been doing in terms of holding the smaller ryukin in the net submerged in the water of course, so that my sick ryukin can get to the medicated food. This is what I've had to do the past few days since the smaller ryukin is taking advantage of the sick ryukin not being able to get to the food quick enough and is eating all of it!
  14. This is helpful. Thank you! My fish has the red streaks on the fins only and is very lethargic and my water quality has been perfect for the past couple months......so I am hoping these last couple days of Marcyn 2 will cure my ryukin.
  15. Oh....I forgot to add that I have not ever fed metromeds or medigold. Are these just medicated food? Would it hurt of the healthy fish to eat it too?
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