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  1. I'm just curious about what ya'll think. I like buying my fish from babies, when they are so tiny, and watching them grow, but sometimes I feel disappointed if they aren't as "well-bred" as I had hoped...like not as egg-shaped especially...some of my fantails are shaped almost like comets!
  2. Unless your gf seem bothered by the pH I wouldnt' change it. It is more trouble than it is worth usually...My fish are living very happily in an 8.2 pH, and that is really considered too basic, but fish adapt really well. I would only worry if your pH shifts a lot...
  3. Actually I took a fair amount of chemistry in college, so I do understand how buffers work. I learned more than I wanted about them in school hehe Since my pH is normally at around 8.0-8.3, I'm only worried that the crushed coral or oyster shells would increase the pH...possibly buffering at a higher pH level than what my water is at. Since the baking soda buffers around pH 8, that is fine, but I don't want to have to keep readding every time I change, as that could get expensive (and be a pain in the butt). Maybe I should start with the baking soda, to get a quick boost in my KH, and then use coral in the filter, to keep the KH the same, and then phase out the addition of baking soda over time. Not sure if that will work though. I do stay away from pH up and pH down...I heard they can cause pH swings, as they wear off. I also don't like adding too many chemicals to my tank, I think it's better to try and keep it as natural as possible. And my fish have never had a problem with the pH being around 8...
  4. That helps...with easing my mind! My bf made me put it in there...haha I wasn't too sure, I bought it, soaked it for awhile (to release the tannins) and then let it sit in the bucket for like a week!...I was afraid to add it because I thought it might make my pH jump, but he really wanted to see what it would look like in the tank. I think it is probably like yours...it is very hard, very dark, kinda twisty...it hasn't turned my tank water brownish or even yellowish. Hopefully I won't have any problems with it, I think it looks so nice, but I've heard a lot of ppl have had problems in their tanks...
  5. Or...you could let the buckets sit for a few days, so the pH goes down to 8.8, and then change the water. Fun fun! I did that for awhile with the water I had at another place I lived, the pH would change from around 8.5ish to 8.0...I would let the buckets sit before big water changes...and trip over them in the mean time!
  6. Kevin, I wanted to tell you I am finding your posts very informative lately! Thank you for all the great information And I was wondering, are you a chemist? You know so much about pH
  7. To reply to the original question...I heard that the higher the temp, the lower your pH will go. I'm not sure if that is true, just something I heard. Maybe that is why?
  8. I have a Q regarding adding baking soda/crushed coral/oyster shells... I want to add one of them to increase my KH, and not my pH. My pH is around 8.0...since they are also buffers, should I expect my pH to change at all? If it gets any higher, I think I might have some problems... I am thinking of adding the crushed coral or oyster shells to the back of my filter...so I would not have to add something new everytime I changed the water. What do you guys think?
  9. You know what, I don't think it's totally worthless either. I used it in my 29 G tank, when I was getting a bit of a bump in the cycle. I was getting medium level ammonia readings, and no nitrite, and normal nitrate. I was worried that I might get a new cycle, and I didn't know what to do. I wanted to find some Bio Spira, but that is about impossible, so when I went to the store and couldn't find any, I picked up some Cycle for the heck of it. After adding two doses in two days, my tank leveled out and I got readings for a fully cycled tank. The readings kept stable for a week, and then I stopped testing all the time. Things are still normal. I put half of it in my biowheels, and the other half into my tank. I really feel like it made a difference, after only a day or so...and it was cheap too
  10. Ok looks like my pH is at 8.2...which might seem high, but is actually normal for my water. Hm since my KH is so low, I'm just worried about a pH swing due to the driftwood. I think I might put some crushed coral in my filter....
  11. Thank you so much! You are awesome!
  12. Thanks Jeana727...the second link didn't work though. Do you have the list for the high pH end? My regular pH is testing at blue (really dark) and the high end is a deep purple... I know my pH tends to be basic, so maybe it hasn't changed yet.
  13. I just recently moved and I can't find my little cards for my test kits...They might be packed somewhere, or I might have forgotten them since they weren't in with my testing supplies... Can anyone scan them, or give me a url, or even just describe the color changes? I have the Freshwater Master test kit by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, and also the Nitrate test by the same company. I have the pH, pH high indicator, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and GH. I am trying to test my pH after adding some driftwood, and then I realized I don't have anything to compare it to! Thanks so much
  14. Wow my post got moved...I couldn't find it! I'm not sure if anyone will be able to find this now...but I have a question. My tadpole seems to float a lot, it doesn't seem normal. I saw somewhere that if the water isn't set out at night they absorb the air, and start floating and swimming erratically. Does anyone know if this is true? Sometimes he looks like he is dead...but he isn't and it scares me!
  15. Oh wow! Thanks Kevin, that info helps me too! I was wondering how to keep the kH the same with change water...I didn't know you could add baking soda directly to it... I think I'm going to try this, because my kH is low too, and my pH is high, and I want to put live plants in my tank...I'm afraid of the carbonate effect (whatever it is, I read about it once) but it seems like it is more dangerous with the conditions that my tank has...
  16. I don't know if I want my pH level to lower though...wouldn't that be bad during water changes? How would I ensure that the new water is the same pH? I've heard that pH up and pH down are bad for the water, because it can swing back...
  17. So, I was posting about my tank having a bump in the cycle, and it seems like it is over! My ammonia is testing at zero, and so is my nitrite! Hurray! I added cycle to the tank, and to the biowheels, and it really seemed to help. And all that bucket lugging as well...I added a couple of white clouds to my tank too...and it still staying at zero, so I will keep my eye on it. Thanks everyone for your help! Also, I got a tadpole, I named him TP. Does anyone know anything about keeping tadpoles? He came for free with the fish...everything I find online isn't really helpful so far. I boiled some lettuce, and gave it to him, but he doesn't seem very interested. I put him in a 1.5 gallon fish bowl, and changed his water (50 percent) today...I have no idea what he is going to grow into, they didn't know at the store. He seems fairly happy though, swimming around...and he's really cute! It'll be cool when he turns into a frog
  18. My tap water doesn't have any nitrates or ammonia in it, I have checked it before. I think what is going on is a bump in the cycle, so that there is still nitrate being produced, but at a slower rate, and the bacteria colony isn't large enough to deal with the ammonia being produced. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring half the water from my old tank, like I wanted to, because that is about 15 gallons! I was only able to bring about 9 gallons...I also changed the substrate out almost completely, and I think that is giving me problems. I saved some of the river rocks, but probably not enough. I decided to get black ones, because the algae doesn't show up as readily on it, and I pitched a lot of the old ones that were white and beige. I'm hoping that my nitrites won't start spiking too...I threw the Cycle in there yesterday, half in the tank water, and the other half in the filter itself (on the biowheels). I'm a little hesitant to add the salt, cause it caused a bump in my cycle before...my fish seem ok today. I am still going to change some water anyway, and check my levels later today. I checked my ammonia today, and it is actually a lot lower, but not as low as I'd like. My poor fish are so hungry, I wish I could feed them...maybe I will a little later if things look ok. Oh and the 29 gallon has been set up for about a week. The tank that they came from was set up for about 2 years.
  19. I really want to add some driftwood to my tank. It is so bare and boring, and I hate how plastic plants and ornaments look. The problem is that I don't know what it is going to do to my water params...My pH is 8 (pretty basic!!!), my GH is 75 or a little higher, and my KH is 40 or a little lower...I have dip strips, so the numbers aren't exact. Should I add baking soda, or crushed coral to my filter? To help buffer the water...I'm not sure, but the last thing I want is a pH swing. Oh yeah I already bought some driftwood, hehe, and it's soaking right now in a bucket. I won't add it though, if you guys say not to!
  20. I don't know if I'd do that...just cause the water is exposed to the air, and who knows what could be living in it. I'm not an expert by any means though, so hopefully someone else can answer that...
  21. I would save some of the water if you can...it's much better than starting over. Even when you save water, you can get a bump in your cycle. I know because I'm having one right now, and I saved about 10 gallons for my new 29 gallon! It really stinks...I feel like I'm starting all over again, and stressing over my babies...
  22. Get a fantail or an oranda! those are the 2 fish I have, and I love them They have such beautiful tails, and they are friendly and hardy too
  23. So...I think one of my fish is getting ick. I'm not positive, it hasn't shown up yet...but she is doing the "itching herself against stuff" thing. The ammonia isn't very high (the tube is yellowish-green, and I lost my card, but I know yellow is the color for 0), and I am changing the water all the time...the nitrite levels are at 0 and the nitrate is at around 20. When I did a large change (50 percent), she stopped rubbing herself against the ground. I want to add salt to the tank though, should I go ahead and do it, as if she has it? Also I went out and bought some Cycle (they didn't have any bio spira) and I'd like to add that too...is it ok to add that with the salt, or will the salt just kill the bacteria? Should I add the Cycle and just keep an eye on the tank, not adding salt until I'm sure it's ick? What is in Cycle anyway, does anyone know? It just says Nitrifying bacteria, I don't know if it's Nitrosomonas or Nitrobacter or what... I am about to do another water change, a smallish one, about 8 gallons. I'd appreciate any help, since I'd like to know for sure what to do tomorrow. Thanks so much for any advice...
  24. Yeah I was wondering about the Ammo Lock. If it slows the cycle or not...I have heard both, that it doesn't get in the way, that it is just bound up so that it can't hurt the fish, but I wonder if it is bound up in a way that the bacteria can't use it either. Which is totally not worth it... I am going to do a major change today, of 50 percent. I will not put any extra Ammo lock in there then, I will just use the regular water conditioner. I just worry about my fish, like an over protective mom. Like I was putting it in there "just in case"... They seem fine, they're just hungry I'm not feeding them like normal, they're like "MOM! Come on! Where's the grub?" haha
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