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    5 - 2 Ranchu, 1 Oranda, 1 Ryukin, 1 Orkin in a 75 Gallon.

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  1. I'm going to keep looking for Romet B then. I pray somewhere somehow there is a store that has it. Sigh. Thanks man
  2. Just want to let everybody know that the 2 weeks antibiotic treatment of Lowry has finished, and sad to say, yielded no positive results. Maybe it's too late. I've also been keeping on eye on nitrate levels, making sure it never goes beyond 20 ppm. He seems to be getting worse, and is now upside down in the bottom of the tank or at the surface 65% of the time.
  3. Gorgeous indeed. Congratulations!
  4. Hahaha at this Your tanks is amazing.
  5. He's adorable. The video was worth the neck strain
  6. Beautiful! Congratulations! Snag is and will always be my favorite from your crew #partialtoranchus
  7. Hugo never fails to wow me. And Wakka is too cute! You're an excellent fish mother!
  8. I am officially Pep's biggest fan. Probably one of the cutest fish around here! I demand more pictures of Pep!! Gorgeous tank too!
  9. Does he bottom sit, even when the light is gone? My fish usually bottom sit at night, especially when the lights are off. I just assume its just them resting or sleeping during night time. During the day, they're very very active.
  10. That is one good looking oranda. Love the body shape, dorsal and the balanced distribution of wen. Just beautiful. When does he usually bottom sit?
  11. Very cute. They seem to have a lot of potential. Congratulations!
  12. I think I would kill for that SB oranda or orkin.
  13. Just finished the 2nd of back to back water changes a couple of hours ago. Nitrates are down to 10 ppm from 80 ppm. Will monitor and as of now, if it doesn't spike up, next water change will be on Monday. They seem much livelier now. Thank you.
  14. The black and white one is pretty unique! Your fish are gorgeous. Can we get a whole tank shot? Hehe.
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