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  1. Ahhh... yeah, I didn't want to go with two because of the dominance/subordinate issue with 1 vs. 1, I thought three would be okay since it'd mix it up a bit. Didn't think of them ganging up. Four females in a 20 gallon?
  2. Hey guys. I'm thinking about getting some betta fish. I saw some gorgeous coloured females at my LPS and am looking to keep a few of them. I've only ever kept one male at a time so this is different for me. How would 3 females in a 10 gallon sound? I know they can be aggressive towards each other but I'd like to try it out. Worst case scenario, I'll separate them. How should my setup be? Would live plants be better? I've never kept live plants before, are they difficult to keep? What about filtration? If you guys could give me some pointers, that'd be helpful.
  3. PS Have you ever seen a 44 year old goldfish? Look at this... (Sorry video is in Japanese)Shame about the setup they have... little guy must be immortal (or they're changing tank water with water from the fountain of youth)
  4. The oldest bunch I've seen lived to about 13 years(!!), then one got sick and it was a domino effect I think genetics plays a big part in this, making them more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. And these sicknesses being so transferrable between goldfish adds to their untimely demises. A lot of icky things can thrive in aquatic environments and its hard to keep your fish away from them since its so uniform and they are limited in where they can go. That's why proper filtration and clean water is so important... I lost one to a faulty swim bladder simply due to his morphology. *wags fist* stupid genetics!
  5. Thanks guys People think I'm crazy because every time I walk by the aquarium and have to stop and say how he is the most beautiful fishy in all the land and make crude kissy noises, bahhaa. And oh god, ashlee.. you're scaring me.
  6. Is there such thing as a non-colour enhancing pellet!? Haha. Here's a few pics for now. I can't find my camera, so here's some bad quality cell pictures! Its darn near impossible to get a good photo, he won't stop moving until I walk away My housemates went a little crazy with those Window Writer things
  7. So I haven't been here in about a year! I kind of abandoned this place after I lost Mr. Poh back in January... he was having swim bladder/floaty issues, which resulted in him getting caught in the intake tube and it was just all downhill from there. He wasn't able to make it through the winter I miss him a lot! But I still have my blue oranda, he's had so many names (Bilbo, Blue...) but now he's just referred to as Bobby Fischer. He's HUGE compared to when I last logged on!! And he won't stop growing!! But anyway, since the loss of Mr. Poh last year, he has been by himself in a 35 gallon tank. I've sort of been looking for a tank mate for him.. but I'm also wondering if this is a risky idea. I've been looking around for a calico fantail like I had before, but I haven't found any that really catch my eye. What make for good tank mates for orandas? I don't know how much smaller I should go, or if I should find fish of a similar size. I feel like if I got one as big as my current fish, then I'd need a larger tank. But at the same time I can't help but feel bad that he's been all alone in there for so long. Maybe I should forget the idea and just leave it as it is? He seems happy. Another thing! I'm feeding him Nutrafin Max sinking pellets. Says on the bottle that they are colour enhancers BUT I've noticed that he's kind of turning a bit brown on his fins. I don't want his beautiful iridescent silver colouring to disappear, so I was hoping someone here has had a Blue before and what I should be feeding him to keep his colours? I'm ranting here though I'll have to post some updated pictures for you guys.
  8. Yup they can definitely see through it! Sometimes when I come home, they're waiting on the side closest to the door and get all excited when I walk by. It's really cute! Begging at its finest.
  9. I don't understand how anyone could think that keeping a living thing (let alone TWO living things) in such a space is the right thing to do. This just breaks my heart.
  10. Fish development is not the same as other vertebrates. The way the central nervous system forms in fish is different, so the way they "feel" (I'm talking physical sensation) might be different as well. There's no doubt in my mind that they can feel it, they have obvious proprioception and sense of surroundings. If you compare a teleost brain to say, a mammalian brain, you'll see that the ratios in sizes to different areas of the brain vary. For example, the tectum and cerebellum are much larger in fish (in respect to brain size) compared to mammals. From my lectures, I know there's a lot of current research being done on whether there's emotional sensation, it's hard to say since the brain is such a difficult thing to study (and especially when we don't know all the marvels of our own!) I would say that they DO have emotions to some degree, but a lot of people like to argue with me on this one. I've seen pet goldfish come up and let people PET them, or cup in your hand like you say (Mr Poh likes to do that too) but I think as humans we like to link certain behaviours as "love" and "affection" when it could be something entirely different... it would be a nice thought, but its hard to know for sure. EDIT Jay, to answer your question, I think your oranda would be happy in the Rubbermaid. It's not as much fun for us, but I think it would be a much more comfortable living environment for him.. less of the clear sides, you know? It's sort of like a pond, except smaller
  11. I found a very interesting research article on this topic... I think it's worth the read. http://www.atol.com.br/artigos/Pain_perception_aversion_and_fear_in_fish.pdf
  12. Must say I'm pretty glad to have you guys here! The nylon is on.. looks pretty silly but as long as it helps. I tried to get some pics and after looking at them I've come to the conclusion that it's a minor injury after all. His tail is frayed, not shredded so he probably wasn't caught for too long. I'm sure everyone at the New Years party is going to love the reason why I'm late! You can see a little bit of frayage... And now he's been staring at me sort of like "momma, why me?"
  13. Ammonia and nitrites are 0 and nitrates normally around 10ish, pH reads at 7.5. I think he got caught because of his slow metabolism because the water is pretty cold, he doesn't seem sickly so I really hope that's not the case... he seems okay right now and not in any distress so I don't think a treatment would be necessary would it? His dorsal fin is erect and is swimming around slowly. I'll put the nylon around the tube now, I had a feeling I had to come check on them tonight. Weird, I could sense a disturbance, lol. I hope he'll be okay. EDIT: The cooler temps are because I've been away recently from uni and the heat is off in my apartment to conserve energy, I come in from time to time to check in, they've both been faring well until this little incident. I will be back for good next Friday
  14. Well I come home today only to find poor Mr Poh caught by the tail in the intake tube... both fish are sluggish lately because the temp of the aquarium water is much cooler (from my earlier topic). I don't know how long he was stuck there, but I managed to unplug it and he got free, his tail is shredded a little bit and can still swim but he doesn't seem too happy. The filter isn't very strong, but I definitely don't want this to happen again while I'm away but I don't want to keep the filter off. I was thinking about putting nylons or something around the intake tube just so nobody can get caught? I don't know.. any ideas?
  15. Thank you guys for the info. It makes me crazy because I worry a lot about stuff like this, I just need someone to tell me it's going to be fine! lol I'm hoping they'll be okay until I check on them again next week. My tank isn't heated, and my room was without heat. It was super cold when I got in. Someone must've thought I wouldn't be returning any time soon and shut it off to save energy.. but my poor fish! I'm not ballsy enough to try the months with no food thing, I'm just hoping they can go another week or two. I'll deffo be looking for a thermometer, odds are they're much cheaper than the heaters
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