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  1. That looks beautiful. I love the white rocks against all the black.
  2. What is milt? What does it look like?
  3. I came home from work today to find a bunch of eggs scattered around my tank. I'm assuming they came from one of my goldfish because snails lay eggs in a bunch, right? Also, are the eggs fertilized necessarily? If so, what do I do with them? I would like to try to hatch them and rehome the fry. Should I set up a tub with a filter for them or something? Sorry if these are silly questions, but I know nothing about this stuff.
  4. That's what we do too, but the flakes are still not that great for them.
  5. I work at Pet$mart. For the most part, my store's fish department is great. We seldom have sick/dead fish. But we feed the goldfish flakes, and I've told my manager several times that it's not good for them, but apparently we can't order store-use pellets. We have floaty goldfish often, and I usually bring in a can of peas once a week for them and fast them for a day, and that seems to work well, but I recently saw a thread on here saying epsom salt works well for floaty fish so I thought I'd try it.
  6. There is a ryukin at my job who is very floaty. He seems to be otherwise healthy though. I was gonna quarantine him and put in some Epsom salt, but I don't know how much to put in. He is qt'ed in a 20 gallon tank. What is the rule of thumb for Epsom salt?
  7. You're a stronger person than I am for rescuing fish like that. I would cry every time I looked at my tank if I had such unfortunate fish. #1 is looking good. I really hope #2 will do better in your care. I agree with Fang - you should complain to corporate. Regardless of whether it's the fault of the supplier or the store, it is unacceptable for those poor fish to be so damaged.
  8. I'm sure he'll improve significantly with just some clean, CYCLED water. I'm sure he's in good hands. Good luck with everything.
  9. Yeah, he is slowly but surely turning all orange. I love his mustache, but I wouldn't mind just having a "classic" orange goldie. I would have to change his name though, once he shaves the mustache.
  10. Well he seems to think so. He's still as happy and perky as ever. No mid-life crisis for him.
  11. Yes, I am really happy he still has the mustache. I will be very sad when it fades.
  12. So, my little oranda, Tom Selleck, had a nice full head of black hair and a black mustache when I first got him. Since then he has lost a significant amount of the black on his head. I guess I'm gonna have to dump some rogain in the tank pretty soon. When I first got him: Now: And a few with the others: And here is my snail. I've never had much luck with snails in the past, but I've had this guy for a month now and so far he's very active and healthy.
  13. By me, I mostly see the traditional orange fish, with lots of orange/white and orange/black combinations.
  14. Such a nice fish. I'm glad he's in better hands.
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