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  1. While you are shopping for treats have a look to Daphnia, mosquitoes larva, and baby brine shrimp, all very tasty and good. A note about gammarus , used to feed turtles, they have hard sharp legs and sometimes get stuck in fish throat causing bad things such as death.
  2. Fry in hatch tank at age day 3 ( eggs were 20 jan). They begin to search tank walls for food. Count is now about 30 +. I am happy will this as it is just for fun and no longer seek or need high hatch numbers.Pictured as they swim about and begin to feed.
  3. I am pleased to announce that my baby redcap now at age 13 months , has successfully spawned with parents . 13 months ago I purchased a few red cap oranda and had first spawn at Christmas 2019. Although very small we managed to get about a dozen to grow out. Now the biggest, baby fry has produced a few eggs .with her parents.These hatched 20 January and at todays count about 25. Pictured are Big Baby 1 (f1) and some of her parents. Small ones are siblings that never grew very big.
  4. YES!! That is the book and twenty years updated from my old worn out beat up copy. You will surely like it and find it to be very useful for your project. That is what I breed for , my pleasure. But with goldfish unless you be very lucky you will find that in a spawn of 1000 there might emerge 10 or 15 keepers. The rest surviving for the local fish store . Really when you get a good trio that produce repeated quality spawns then all the sweat and effort is worth it. Just remember to begin with the absolute best that you are willing to afford. I once brought “special “ group of fish from California to Virginia (two weeks stop) then to Italy, long before anybody was doing it to start with the right stuff. Much easier nowadays. Goldfish fry do very well on live food such as fresh hatched brine shrimp , mosquito larva, and worms. Also if you do repeat spawns baby brother is a super feed. Good water management is important but space is the most important part too, in a pinch kids inflatable pools are great. Here at head of this breed forum are several very nice articles are how others have managed. With all the research and preparation you should do well and thennnn when the breeding bug hits you will be ready for the other books. Regards, Michael.
  5. Hi Arco, That is a good book. Seems that you are well positioned for a great experience in fish as a paying hobby. Actually goldfish are not the best if you want to profit , at least here in Italy. Angel fish , guppy, and koi are better. Show guppy and gambusia are best. I have bred all of these. Now only play around ( too old). Now I have my red cap , black moor, koi and gambusia. No guppy . You will want to learn how to stimulate egg production ( hand spawn) , maximizing produce. Raise or make or obtain fry food and which food gives fastest growth results. As for health , you want a cheap effective protocol to keep your babes healthy.good source of water . A microscope is a handy aid. Breed stock is extremely important , minimum is two but 10-30 is much better. And sticking to one or two types . I breed only redcap oranda and black moor goldfish. Guppy require a lot of small tanks and heat. Koi need space , lots of it. So depends on what you have . Goldfish guide by Dr. Matsuri , pet library, 1972 is a great work even if very old and is full of good stuff. If you have trouble finding it I think I still have it in digital jpg somewhere and can share . Regards Michael
  6. Hi Arco, breeding fish can be a very rewarding experience. Backyard breeding for profit is possible but requires a few essential things. Good breed stock . Ample space to support several tanks and a few ponds if possible. Knowledge of how to maintain healthy environment and food supply. Market for the produce. I have been breeding fish for many years as a hobby and find it very enjoyable.
  7. Hi Arco, welcome to the wonderful world of fish breeding. You could begin by perhaps with an interesting book , Goldfish breeding and genetics by Smartt and Bundell.
  8. 1. Leak this morning is about 400- 500 l so seems to be less than the 1000+ that is driving we nuts. 2. Today rerouted with big hose (pictured) the pump bypassing the filter and the stream and falls to flow directly back into the pond. Looks like the big leak is again in the stream bed. Tomorrow will tell. 3. Now wil completely cement all of stream bed and filter tomorrow if weather permits. 4. Many thanks to al for the helpful suggestions and ideas .
  9. Hi Jordan , Hen is actually the gardener with her other mates. They are allowed out of hen house jail for a couple hours before sunset to pick bugs and weeds. Shepherds are locked in kennel for this event of course. By the questions you seem to know and have ponds too? Yes have tried closing the pumps (there are two independent systems) . This isolation technique found first leak in the stream of the falls unit. This time was more difficult as it seems to be in the actual filter unit . The two filter systems are connected by an overflow pipe witch allows excessive water from the fall filter to flow down to the secondary filter box serviced by its own pump. The filters are bio . 3-5 chamber full of plants that love fish S. This filters are around 15 years age And can support many fish. Pumps are economic 30 watt , washing machine units , made for Front loading units, Hoover, Candy. These suck the water and as they are located in a well below the pond surface level do the job very well , 24/7. They cost little and last a long time. No skim (except when adding water ) This pond has no drain, pond construction provides a stepped, sloped bottom . About 8000 volume. No vac , but sump pump 19000 evacuates quite well when needed.
  10. The leak is back!! Have worked hard trying to locate it by diverting water flow from the two filter units. Loosing about 500-1000 l overnight. Finally believe it to be in the first two compartments of the water fall filter. Last time it was the streaming bed of the fall that had holes in the plastic liner. Roots penetrated the foam sides and bottom of the filter box. That is now getting the super tile cement treatment. Pictured are view of filter and jungle that has grown in just shot time. Got so frustrated with the leak that I took it out on the park bench by repainting it green.
  11. Hi Dahling8. Thanks! And you too can sit on the bench and feed them if you ever make it to Italy!
  12. Finally got the second filter working again. Had a bad leak (1000+ liter a day) and could not find it. So after a month of screwing around just re cemented the entire filter and the water fall. Now works GREAT!! In just a week have collected many handfuls of mulm nasty stuff. ( so is working) pictured is the filter with now the plants being added .
  13. Thanks , and if you ever make it to Italy your welcome to sit on the bench and feed them too. Never tried swimming in that pond but I guess it can be done.
  14. That is interesting lighting. Can you change the colors too?
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