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  1. Watch out! As you may be in deep trouble. once you are bitten by the Guppy bug there is no going back as you will now discover another world of “SHOW “ guppies. Oh yes you are in for it now!!
  2. Congratulations! Guppy is a lot of fun and soon give cause for more tanks as they reproduce plentiful,rapidly and often , perhaps because of their short lifespan.
  3. Congratulations!! Always a joy when they produce .
  4. Hi Hannah, if I understand right, you are located in a good climate for medaka , (such as Uk?), if so then no time to lose, just chuck them in and count to ten days! Seems they like warm weather. Lots of plants too.
  5. Baby spotted swimming with adults. hi Hannah , and congratulations on your Medaka with eggs. I too was feeling a little jealous when my group were only producing eggs and the guy I got them from had a big barrel full of them. I divided my 40 into 4 groups . The two inside in filtered aquariums made only eggs so far. The others went into one 500 liter, 2meter diameter static pond and have not seem much of them since. The 4th are the ones in this little , maybe 100 liters ( I forget exactly) pool with the bird bath on top . No filter mechanism. But there are piperis plants and a floating plant for witch I know not name but had beautiful long roots with hairs for the babies to hide among. I am enjoying a pint of good cheer while watching and trying to determine how many different hatchlings there are .
  6. Baby spotted swimming with adults. Had to throw some ants into pool in order to get them all together feeding. Pictured is pool with bird bath on top.
  7. Medaka eggs hatch in outside pool. Three months now since purchase of 40 medaka placed into four locations. This pool is only group to hatch so far and there are many little ones. Those inside only produced eggs and suspect that a lot more “weedy grass” and space to hide is needed for hatching.pictured will be-video of pool group if I can figure out how to post it.
  8. Have you tried live mosquito larva or small earthworms live. Most are also fond of fish eggs.
  9. Beautiful water, Beautiful fish.
  10. Wow! Sorry to hear that. But good that you share the information to remind us of the risk each time a new fish comes home from a shop. this week I have received the Covid vaccine and on way home stopped at a shop to have a peek and saw some beautiful fish . We were tempted but decided against it because of the amount of detailed time needed to insure that they can not infect the others. Glad that we chose that path after reading your post today. As now going through the after effects of the jab and have no energy to devote to such a project surely. Hope you have success with treating your fish . I found it very difficult to recover a fish from that one. Requires a long lucky treatment which usually as we know has a low rate of recovery.
  11. I don’t drink it either, just make it and serve as after dinner .
  12. For granita goggle “granita” lemon juice , sugar water , stir as it freezes . Simplicity but great! for limoncello there are many “kitchen wife’s” recipes on goggle but I give you mine which is very very well received and easy to make. limoncello , Mikroll style, To make 1500 ml : 500 ml alcohol 95% 10 fresh picked lemons ( no wax) old lemons change taste so get as fresh as possible. sugar or syrup 150 + grams ( very big coffee cup) water 100ml tools : zester to remove only yellow part as white will produce bitter . If a potato paring or knife is used the skins are too thick and can not extract the lemons oils in 3 day but need a month or more. wide mouth bottle or jar with good seal top strainer or funnel with cotton to strain out small particles. Pretty bottle to for finished product Work: remove yellow skin with zester and put in jar under alcohol for 3-5 days until yellow is bleached out then pour alcohol liquid through strainer into big bottle , add sugar and water to taste. Very good when served direct from freezer too.
  13. Sure , will provide both granite for kids and limcello for grown ups.
  14. YES , but we make a delicious treat called granite d’ limone , which is simply lemons juice , sugar , a little water mixed in a I cream maker or just put into freezer but continue to stir until it forms into ice crystals. Really good . I think nearest American thing to it would be called ( 50 years ago) a “slush “ or “ snow cone” but nowhere near the taste of fresh lemons!
  15. I agree with artic. Mama, until you can give pus some good pictures they are all female. But you know what fun it is to try to figure out what sex they are. What is problem with your camera phone? It seems as you are too close and so not in focus. Please retry with lots of light and get back a little. Check out before posting and I am sure that we will be able to ID you beautiful fish friends. Other tricks are to use a glass to keep fish trapped near glass of aquarium.
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