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  1. There is another way to remove one such as you have. It is called a legget, that is to tie off the thing so as to restrict the flow of blood into it. This causes it to wither away and finally just fall off . No sedates are required and no surgery. Needs a little patience but works.
  2. I too have a mouse problem but am working on it . What is a “Group home”? Something like an army quarters or Navy thing or a company contract site support? These I have done and know.
  3. Happy birthday!! Cheers am sending you a picture of a pizza and a little grill lamb as is best can do from here.
  4. Am watching it now ! Located in Italy I take what I can get , which is streaming a download.
  5. Interesting, I went to look and saw than Jason S. Is in it. I like him . I think I will check out on my Netflix. Was not interested before you posted as I have had an experience with one these monsters at sea.
  6. Actually she can clear the bed of BUGS , ( goldfish favorite food),you only have to place bed in tank and when done remove , dry and install.
  7. Ha! I follow them too. Actually I have a NFL subscription for all teams all games and watch all. But follow several with interest.
  8. So you have shirts from other teams? I follow NFL too.
  9. Nice shirt! Great team.
  10. Yes it would and in fact we have a good mouse cat , Armida, at our mountain cabin. She is even pictured on cover of one of wife’s book , pictured. But here at our home Beline and Masha , pictured, rule and they like very much to play CAT BALL , a deadly game in which the cat normally looses.
  11. Well yes also freaks out wife. Who is very nervous now as just finished publishing latest book and is a little uptight about reviews, etc. and When I bring up mouse problems begins to “freak “. That is because last year when we returned to home from mountain house found house full of UN invited guests. Made a grave error in the elimination works . I baited and as this does not produce a direct result but requires you to search for the bodies by oder. And I can tell no need of a special hound as we could not sleep in house until al bodies were located. Now have live traps for house and about 20 electronics devices to keeps them out! Hens are ok and one produces an egg of over 90 grams!! About 3 oz + I think. So they get all the dog food and scraps that they want!!
  12. OK , you asked for it!! Here they are: pictured is inside chicken house looking up at roof . Roof has a plastic lining , clear, then is covered with fiberglass panels and junk. So is unique in that the mice do not see or care about me and chickens but we can watch them. There are at least 4 colonies or nests that I can see. As chickens roost up near top of roof , they are disturbed by the rustling movements. Also pictured is my new “catch’em all” trap is has little one way doors where the mice pass through. Also my hen has found the sunflower seed bag and is filling up.
  13. No they do not directly, but they are for egg and meat production with weed control in garden . Just finish with the leaking lake and wife reports that kitchen sink is slow draining. And she is making Pastiera Napoletana today , so this is very bad news as clearing the grease clogged pipes can take up to two hours if really blocked up and screw up the kitchen operation. Well it was and it took two hours. I had put off cleaning it for a few months as it gets done every 6 months and then is quick as there is no block. As we know with chickens can come mice and chickens house is full. I have all sorts of things for elimination but it taking long time . Just got a super live trap which can and did catch an entire family in one go. Did not post pictures of the mice but it is interesting as the underside of roof is transparent plastic so I can watch them as the go about the business.
  14. Delighted to report that after re cementing filter box one and stream bed and repairing leak at pvc junction pipeline that little lake now holds its water. Remains only to replace waterfalls rocks and clean pumps . Pictured is sunset feeding with feathered friends helping to finish dinner .
  15. You could do both and wait until late night when you can not sleep!
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