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  1. Oh wow! Look at them all bright and happy looking! HUGE difference! Way to go HR!!
  2. Well... The day has come for me to post this post. Migaloo was looking so much better... i fed her Friday in the morning and she looked great. I was happy to be nearing the end of the metro course. Then when i went to feed her that night, i suddenly found her turned upside-down. At that stage, i knew it was time to let her go, but as a last-ditched effort, i hand fed her some peas and denyfully hoped she had a blockage... All the while knowing it was sadly not the case. I wasnt sure she would make it through the night but because she still seemed responsive to me and ate the food, i let her be till the morning. This morning she looked worse. Just laying there, upside down, still breathing and noticed one of her eyes had blood in it. I decided it was time to say good bye to my beloved Migaloo and euthanased her with clove oil. It was aweful and im in tears, but she went peacefully. This is the first time i have lost a goldfish. It has been a lengthy battle and she faught a good fight. I have lost count now, but might be around 30 days or more in qt. Thank you to everyone here for your advice and support during this time. Out of all our fish, she was mine and my OH's one and only favourite.... Not to sound mean to the others, but why did it have to be her? The puppy dog of the tank. So friendly and responsive with such a happy-go-lucky nature.... and such a showoff. If you went up to the tank she would get so excited and start doing all sorts of summersults and tricks. She would always make us laugh with her antics and she will certanly be missed as part of our tank. R.I.P Migaloo. We love you x
  3. That is AWESOME horserider! Well done to you! Haha Im sure your husband will be happy for you to take them... That way he can still enjoy them without all the work lol. Despite their reputation, Discus are really so easy to care for (exept of course juvies). Anyone who has some knowledge about fish care and water quality could easily do it. Keep the water clean and warm and the pH stable and that's pretty much it! Its amazes me the way they repond to clean water. They LOVE water changes. I wormed mine with levamisole a couple of months back and my brown didnt react to it very well. He turned very dark and was hiding. All I did was a huge water change and Presto! he was instantly light, bright and hungry again! Horserider I got mine from Rod Lewis on the sponsor's page. He lives here in Australia, and is about an hour's drive from me. Probably not the same guy as your husband's guy LOL. I drove to his place to choose my discus and it was quite amazing... 2 large sheds of wall to wall, stocked discus tanks, HUGE plastic barrels of aging water for his water changes, hoses and equipment everywhere. He was so helpful and knowledgable and spent so much time with me going through all the discus strains and how to care for them. He was great! Even after I got them we emailed back and forth a few times where he helped me get them settled in. Am so pleased your discus are doing so well :-)
  4. Im sorry you lost the little guy :-( You did a great job trying to save him.... Poor little yellow discus..... RIP. An ammonia reading of 8 is just crazy!! With the ammonia so high, I find it incredible that all the others are looking ok. Just goes to show that Discus aren't the fragile things they are commonly thought to be :-) Yeah... Simply is really good. That is where i found my discus importer guy which is where i got mine from. Personally, i would do another water change and yes, still salt the tank. I'm sure that after being in such high ammonia levels they will apreciate the nice, clean water and adding some salt for a while can only help them feel better. Not sure how much % water changes you're doing, but try to do as large a water change as possible. If your ammonia is .5 and you change out 50% water, your ammonia will still be .25, so yeah... do as large as you can. Watch for any rising ammonia and nitrIte levels over the next couple of days to see what the cycle is doing. I have read on here people saying that Prime can give a false ammonia reading?? Not sure by how much though... I never really test for ammonia after a waterchange. Perhaps someone else knows this? If your OH has not changed the water in quite some time, then im guessing the filters must be pretty gunky too? Perhaps give them a good clean too (or make the OH do it!!!). So for now if you just add salt for several days, monitor their water quality and keep a close eye on them, they should be fine. Things to look out for are How is their colour? Do they look dark at all? What is their poop like? How are their appetites? Are they curious or hiding? Discus are prone to Hexamita and Hole In The Head Disease, so look out for poop that looks like mucus and any signs of HITH (like crators appreating on head or along lateral line. Good luck with them :-) PS... Sorry for any typing errors... find it so hard to type on this ipad and ALWAYS find typos in my posts!!
  5. Also wanted to add - dont mess with the pH. A stable pH is much more important than the pH itself. Just an exerpt from an article at http://forum.simplydiscus.com/showthread.php?86009-Beginner-s-Guide-to-Getting-Started-with-Discus pH Stability (Range of Acidity or Alkalinity) The vast majority of discus available today are farm-bred and raised, and can readily tolerate, if not thrive in, pH levels ranging from 6.0 to 8.0. Many of you will find that the pH of your tap water is in the 6.5 to 7.5 range, which is perfectly acceptable. The key to pH is to maintain a stable level at all times. Even moderate fluctuations in pH can be harmful, if not fatal, to your fish. This is why it is recommended that beginners not attempt to modify or alter pH levels by using chemicals. If the pH of your water is 7.7, then stick with that. Resist the temptation to change it! The first step is to test the water coming straight out of your tap. Then, fill a five gallon bucket with tap water. Let the water sit and ‘age’, aerated, for a 24 hour period and test it again. Tap water often contains a lot of dissolved carbon dioxide. When water is released, the carbon dioxide dissipates and the pH then rises. If the pH rises by no more than 0.3, then it should be safe for you to use water directly out of the tap for your water changes, or for topping up evaporated water if necessary, so long as that water is conditioned to remove chlorine, etc., and the temperature is within a degree or two of that in your tank. If the pH rises by more than this, then the water needs to be aged before doing your water changes. Otherwise, your fish can experience dangerous, or fatal, pH shock. Many aquarists maintain water ageing barrels of various sizes, usually in the range of 40 to 50 gallons or more to accommodate their water changes, thus ensuring stability of their pH. Ageing barrels are most often simply inexpensive food-safe garbage pails in which aquarists store, aerate and heat their conditioned water before doing water changes. Ageing also ensures the conditioner (or dechlorinator) has had ample time to work. The length of time needed to age the water varies, and it depends on how long it takes to gas off the carbon dioxide. If the pH in the barrel does not rise further after 12 hours, for example, then the water should be aged 12 or more hours.
  6. Hi Horserider - I just saw Koko's PM. Sorry your Discus is unwell. :-( Im no discus expert by any means. I have only been keeping them for maybe 6 months?? I only know what I have learnt based on my research. I would just get those water levels right down (as I know you are doing). Do back to back changes and get that ammonia down to zero and monitor it. Just be sure to match the temperature. As you alrady know, the ammonia is very high, but even Nitrates at 20 is quite high for Discus. I would also raise the temp to 30 C (I think that's about 84F?) Adding salt to the tank will help. You should definitely do this - Discus tollerate salt very well. Start with 0.2% (2 teasp salt per gallon) and increase to 0.3% the following day. Although you should remove the cories as they don't like salt. Do your have a spare tank/tub and heater you could move these guys to? Another option is a 30 minute salt bath for yout little yellow guy. This can be quite harsh on the fish, but will help to clean his gills up. You disolve 2 tablespoon per gallon of salt in a bucket of temp matched water with an airstone. Place the fish in the bucket and watch him for 30 minutes. You musnt leave him unattended. After 30 minutes, take him out and put him in clean water to let him recover. If he flips over before the 30 minutes, you must take him out immediately.You can do this for up to 5 days. I would try just the 0.3% salt at first and see if there's any improvement. We cam look at trying the salt baths later. Oh and have you noticed how their poops look? This site is great to have a read through. Lots of great Discus info www.simplydiscus.com.au Just like Koko's is the most knowledgable site for Goldfish - this site is fantastic for Discus!
  7. Thanks Koko! Yeah, i thought it was weird to only get one Baytril shot, but Migaloo has been on Metro gel food all week so no more Baytril. No epsom in the water for a while now. Quick update.... We're not out of the woods yet and although still pineconed, Migaloo is looking significantly better. The swelling has gone down alot compared to what it was. She looks nowhere near as 'round' and full as she was previously. Will post new pics as soon as I can. She ended up with quite a few of those fluid bubbles (as in above pics). They were everywhere on her sides, around the dorsal and even one right on her underbelly. She really looked aweful. One would burst then reappear within just a few hours. The good news is all bubbles have now gone and have not returned for several days now. I think the metro might be working. So far has been about 24 days in QT. She's still happily swimming around and eating well. Being hand fed twice a day. Definitely looking better..... But we're still fighting the fight!
  8. Thanks!! This is awesome! Clear, simple.... Just the info I need! Much appreciated!! Am off to make my gel food right now!! :-)
  9. Just thought I'd make a new thread as I cant seem to find a clear, simple answer fast enough and was hoping someone might see this and point me in the right direction. Sorry if there is already a thread about this on Koko's, but I couldn't seem to find it. I picked up a 100ml bottle of liquid metronidazole (Flagyl S Suspension) from the vet. Metro concentration is 200 mg/5 ml. The vet worked out the dosage according to my fish's weight (was weighed last week), but dosage is only for the water. My dosage instructions are "Give 1.25ml per 4.5L of tank water. Repeat after 3 days." However, i would rather put the meds in gel food, but don't really know what the correct oral dose should be. Can anyone tell me how many mg of metro i should feed should feed per day/per feed? Then I can dose each gel food meal accordingly? Thanks in advance :-)
  10. I agree amynmitchell.... I dont particulary like not having epsom in the tank atm, with the bloating so bad. The fact the 'bubble' came up during the 5 day epsom free period concerns me. Even though the first treatment of epsoms did not get rid of the swelling, i truly believe they slowed it down. Once the treatment stopped, the swelling became worse. I thought five days was a good enough break period before starting the epsoms again. If five days isn't enough, then how many days is enough?...... Particularly when time is not on your side. Ashlee... Thanks for that info. Will have a look at her gills. They look a normal pink colour from what I can see, but I will try to hold her and get a good look inside.
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone! I think they are pretty special! No, not aggressive at all. They are a schooling fish and one might have a little go at another occasionally, but that's it. They are a very peaceful fish and should not be kept with faster, aggressive fish. Thanks horserider! How did you end up with growing out your juvies? Do you still have them? Im so glad I didnt go the juvie route. The ones i bought were not quite full grown, but well past the juvie stage! Oh btw.... Nice horse in your avatar!! I have one too (thats my gelding in my signature) You should Fang! You really should :-) yeah, its not so much the PH level that worries discus, but they are sensitive to PH change. I know alot of discus people will only use aged water for their water changes. I am lucky as my tap and tank ph are very close, if not the same... always stable. Hi ashlee! They get along perfectly. In fact, before I started keeping discus, one of my angels was quite agressive to the other angels (you may remember). Since the discus have been in the tank, he is so placid now! A completely different fish. Guess they are bigger and he's not the boss anymore lol. But the discus and angels just hang out peacefully together.... I have never had an issue. Plus, they both like the warmer temps. Oh... Edited to add, the tank is 80 gal (300 litres) :-)
  12. Thanks guys for all you advice and support its much appreciated! Just a little update! There has been no change in Migaloo. Still bloated, but still bright and active and still crazy for her food! In the last day and a half (since I posted), the bubble on her side popped, filled up again and now popped again. Anyway, the good news is I am able to get my hands on some Metro from the vet without taking the fish in again so am picking this up today. I took the epsom salts back out with yesterday's waterchange. But when can I try epsoms again? How long is a long enough break between epsom treatments? So far I have done 8/9 days on, 5 days off and then another 24 hours on. Sakura, I too have been thinking more towards organ failure in this case as it just seems to fit the symptoms moreso than a bacterial dropsy, just going from what i have read.... But then again, perhaps its egg impaction, perhaps it is bacterial.... Guess i might never know... I know that metro will not work if this is the case, but while she's still happy and eating, its worth a shot! Anything worth trying is better than not trying anything.... Im not giving until she tells me she's ready to give up :-)
  13. You should so set up a discus tank Frederica!! Yes, you can mix any colours no problem! None of mine have paired off, which I am actually happy about as I didnt really want a 'pair' in case of breeding aggression. They are quite funny fish - they are quite a shy fish and can spook easily. They say you should have minumum 5 or 6 together (unless you buy a breeding pair) or they will stress out. Because of this it was quite expensive to start out - just 1 fish is expensive, so when you have to get 5 at once... Buying juveniles is of course much cheaper, however, they are much harder to care for. They need water changes every couple of days and can stunt very easily - I coudn't be bothered with that stress!! I would like to add just one more - would love a bright yellow one one day! It took several weeks for them to settle in their new home when I first got them. I had to remove most of my plants at first because discus will hide if you give them a chance to. These days they are very much at home and dont hide at all even with plants back in the tank. They will eat out of my hand and I have to gently push them out of the way when I siphon the tank!
  14. Frederica... sorry I was looking at your PP thread and saw you demanded pics of my Discus ages ago!! They are not too hard to look after - just more sensitive. If you have consistantly clean, warm water and a stable PH, you cant go wrong! I bought a new tropical tank several months ago now.... it is exactly the same as my 6ft goldie tank, only the 4 foot version, so now we have a matching set in our lounge room! Sorry.... better late then never though right?? - here they are!! I have 5 Discus and 3 angelfish in this tank. Blue Diamond Red Spotted Leopard Red Checkerboard Turqiose Lutino Pigeonblood Brown
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